The Tools Of Government

A Friend sent me this.  He found it on Ivor Cummins’s twitter account.

The Red line is 19/20 and the blue line is 2017/2018.  Ireland like many places in the world had a hard cold and flu season in 2017/18.  Until covid and the lockdowns hit 2019/2020 was trending below 2017/2018 in both respiratory and non-respiratory deaths.  After the lockdown both respiratory and non-respiratory deaths started to rise.  So did the lockdown prevent or cause deaths?

Governments want us to believe that we would have had even more covid deaths if it were not for the lockdown and it is true that by the end of the year Ireland saw 54 more respiratory deaths than they saw in the last bad flu season; a terrifying increase of 1.1%.  But, how do you prove a negative?  How do you prove that there would have been more respiratory deaths if we had not locked down?  Since deaths due to all causes increased during the lockdown it would be far more logical to conclude that the increase in respiratory deaths were due to the lockdown not the virus.  After all we deal with viruses every year; the lockdown is the only new variable.  There are a lot of things like hand sanitizer and masks that the government want you to use right now; logic is not one of them.

Since anything the government does not want us to do is likely the absolute right thing to do, let’s continue with logic for a little while longer.  Ireland like most insane governments imposed a harsh lock down and then gradually reduced restrictions.  As the restrictions were reduced respiratory deaths fell right back on to the 2017/18 trend.  Non respiratory did not go back to the trend.  For every week of the year from the lockdown to the end of the plot non respiratory deaths were higher than the 2017/18 trend even as restrictions were relaxed.  It turns out that panic, stress, unemployment, and lack of exercise have lasting long term effects.  Lockdowns truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

We have seen this deadly pattern in other countries.  In the US deaths from heart attacks, Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s are way up.  In Alberta our own Premier has acknowledged a link between the lockdown and increased Opioid deaths in the province.  My Brother sent me this video a few days ago.  I do not know who this guy is but he gives a very good summary of documented lockdown deaths throughout the world.

We are constantly told that Covid 19 is akin to the black plague.  The evidence we are given is the excess deaths but the longer this goes on the more apparent it is that the excess deaths were caused by government not a virus.  Why would governments do this?  The simple answer is “because they can”.  The more sinister answer is that this is not just depraved indifference it is a strategy.  The Moron in this next video has found it quite convenient to kill people.  Since he started his killing spree he has not had to show up for work, produce a budget, or explain why he stole tax money to give to his family.  He is also finding it much easier to do everything else that he wants.

The most dangerous thing in the world is not a virus.  There is nothing more dangerous than handing power to amoral people.  Especially ones that can’t acknowledge the depths of their own stupidity.

We Deserve Better From Our Institutions

In the Herald this weekend there were several stories about the US election.  Every story that mentioned that Donald Trump alleged voter fraud was careful to add “without providing proof”.  It is a shame that the media does not use the same degree of skepticism for the Covid lock down crowd.  The Herald gave almost a full page to Dr. Lynora Saxinger from the University of Alberta.  Dr. Saxinger used her pulpit to lie several times.  The Herald did not find it necessary to add “without providing proof” to anything she said.

The first lie was the very premise of the article.  The article was titled “There is a Third Option”.  The third option is a circuit breaker.  What is a circuit breaker?  It is harsh 2 week lockdown.  A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.  A lockdown by any other name would smell as putrid.  Renaming a lockdown a circuit breaker does not suddenly make it not at lockdown or any less evil.  This is not a new third option it is the old option that did not work last time, repeated with more desire.  Is there any doubt about which direction Dr. Saxinger’s leans in a stiff wind?

To convince us that this is somehow new and necessary Dr. Saxinger tells several supporting Lies.  Dr. Saxinger states that the first lockdown worked and that it bought us time.  What worked was the arrival of summer and we squandered that time planning another lockdown rather than doing anything constructive.

The good doctor was not content with just Lying about how well our lockdowns worked she found it necessary to lie about what is happening in Sweden and how herd immunity is not possible.  She stated that Sweden’s approach did not work because a lot of people died and that even Sweden is re-imposing restrictions.  I have a news flash for the Dr. a lot of people died everywhere not just Sweden.  Sweden is just about the only place where people are not dying with Covid right now.  Sweden also did not imposed restrictions.  They just issued new guidelines that still remain voluntary.  See the plot below and you tell me if you think the Swedes were wrong.

Sweden had a small blip of deaths at the start of influenza season that is already trending back down.  Sweden, with one of the oldest populations in the world has now fallen to 20th place for deaths/capita and will be passed by at least 3 more “younger” countries in the next few weeks.

Her “proof” that herd immunity was not possible was that we have seen re-infections.  I tried to find out how many and the highest number I could find was from this article.

The article is not specific but mentioned a couple dozen.  The only other article I could find from August put the number at 5.  55 million people have already been infected.  Two dozen is a 0.00004% reinfection rate; if you believe that they were re-infected at all.  Twice now these 2 dozen people have had flu like symptoms and a positive PCR test.  You know who else has had more than one positive PCR test?  Elon Musk, in the same day this week he had 2 positive and 2 negative tests.  The singer Erica Badu also had 2 tests from the same lab the same day.  Her right nostril was positive and her left nostril was negative.

Dr. Saxinger wants to lock you in your home for 2 weeks or 2 years, whatever it takes.  The only way she can justify her conclusion is to lie and the Herald is OK with this.  It looks like the only way the Herald will ever be skeptical about lockdowns is if Donald Trump comes out in favor of them.  Our society deserves better than Dr. Saxinger and we sure as hell deserve better than the Calgary Herald.

It’s Not About a Virus

Before writing my post yesterday I tried to find out how many people would normally be hospitalized with influenza.  I could not find the data so I thought that would be a good question for Deena Hinshaw.  After posting yesterday a friend sent me this:

On November 10th 2018 we had 205 people in hospital with influenza.  On November 10th 2020 we had 218 people with Covid and 0 people with Influenza.  We had just as many people in hospital with respiratory diseases in 2018 as we have now in 2020.  Do you remember all the stories of overrun hospitals and the lockdown in 2018?  Yeah me neither.

This “Reporter” even speculates that we are not seeing any influenza because of our covid reduction measures.  She is actually stupid enough to believe that restrictions that failed to prevent Covid, have eliminated influenza.  The number one covid comorbidity in the US was influenza.  Do you think after a positive covid test they bother to test for influenza?  Calling it Covid instead of influenza does not make it an emergency.  We are being played.

Under the fabulous leadership of Jason Kenney and Deena Hinshaw hospitals are now overrun trying to handle the same number of people that they did in 2018.  Hospitals did have an unfair advantage in 2018 that had nothing to do with covid.  In 2018 Jason Kenney was not premier and Deena Hinshaw was not our chief medical officer.  What a difference 2 years and 2 idiots makes.

I could believe that hospitals are overwhelmed right now.  Hospitals have a backlog of elective procedures.  In the spring and summer Jason, Deena, and their huge collective intellect would not allow empty hospitals to perform elective procedures.  Then as flu season arrived they allowed hospitals to try and catch up.  They created a crisis of incompetence but don’t worry they have a solution.  We can get through this as long as we don’t go to church or see out families this Christmas.

Every totalitarian government in history has tried to abolish religion and the family.  Religions teach that god provides, although he still expects you to put in a good days work.  Left wing lunatics like Jason and Deena want you to believe that the government provides and all you have to do is obey, work is optional.  Jason, Deena, and every other tyrant in history dislike the competition god presents.  They would rather you not go to church and learn dangerous ideas like independence.

Families are also quite annoying to leftist tyrants.  If they can separate you from your family support they can make you dependent on government.  That makes for a very compliant population.  Of course the best way to check for compliance is tell us to wear a veil mask.  Veiled Masked people don’t have any dangerous ideas; they don’t have any ideas at all.

Isn’t it interesting that the Covid 1984 virus is killed by exactly the same thing that sustains communism?  If I were cynical I might conclude that this has nothing to do with a virus.  No matter what name you give it.

Not Exactly The Blind Leading The Blind, The Same Net Result Though

If Dr. Frankenstein could distil and combine the pure stupidity of Ed Stelmach, the rotting corruption of Allison Redford, and the evil communist sympathies of Rachel Notley he would have an elixir to build a truly frightening monster.  Sadly this monster could not possibly cause more damage than Jason Kenney.  Yesterday, Jason Kenney solidified his position as the worst Premier in Alberta History by announcing his second lockdown, 1 week after admitting the first lockdown killed people.

We have been to this movie before.  The first 2 week lockdown instituted nearly 9 months ago is not over and we have started a new one.  Only 1 covid death happened prior to the lockdown and various restrictions.  392 people have died with covid since Jason decided to start protecting us.  There is no evidence the first lockdown worked and Jason wants to go back.  Jason took over Alberta with a huge majority based on all of his tough talk.  Since taking control Jason has shown that his tough rhetoric was empty.  He has accomplished nothing while he followed Deena Hinshaw and Justin Trudeau like a new puppy.

Mr. All Hat No Cattle didn’t even show up for his own press conference.  He was in contact with someone who tested positive so he was self-isolating.  He made a point of telling us that even if his test is negative he will finish the 14 day self-isolation as prescribed by Deena Hinshaw.  This is a page right out of Justin Trudeau’s play book.  Use Covid as an excuse to stay home and play video games.  Justin found the less Canadians saw of him the more they liked him.  Jason is hoping Albertans will appreciate his absence; I certainly would if it was permanent.  Jason is nothing more than a Justin Trudeau wannabe.

Deena and Jason were very concerned that cases and deaths are rising in Alberta.  As you can see below we are now seeing twice as many people die with covid as we saw in April.

Again they were careful not to put anything in context.  In April we are coming out of influenza season, deaths normally drop by 31 per week (7 per million).  If covid deaths were rising at a time when deaths should have been falling we should have seen excess deaths, yet we did not. Where were the 17 deaths per week of covid?  Now we are showing 39 covid deaths per week.  Deaths normally rise as winter approaches.  Even without Covid we should see deaths increasing by 66 every week (15 per million).  The deaths we are seeing now are not outside the bounds of what we should expect every November.  See the plot below

As per usual they took questions at the end of the presentation.  If I had been there I would have been thrown out for asking the following uncomfortable questions.

Questions for Deena Hinshaw

  • You have given us incomplete data. Are total respiratory illnesses outside the bounds of normal for November?
  • Almost every government in the world has now admitted that covid 19 is an airborne virus. All of your policies are just an extension of the old policies designed for infection from droplets.  Why are we still using the same policies when we have new information on how the virus is transmitted?
  • You mentioned masks several times. If masks are such a panacea why are most of the new infections in Calgary and Edmonton where masks have been mandatory for more than 3 months?
  • In 9 months the only medical advice you have dispensed is that we should be afraid and we need to hide from the virus. Shouldn’t you be more concerned with establishing treatment protocols and training AHS staff?
  • As our chief medical officer you have at your disposal the entire resources of Alberta Health services. AHS has 106 hospitals and over 100,000 employees.  Given those enormous resources why is it so difficult to treat the 225 Covid patients in the hospital right now?
  • Do you think someone who can’t figure out how to find space for 225 people in 106 hospitals should be our chief medical officer?
  • In what class in medical school do they teach that unemployed people are less susceptible to viral infection than employed people?
  • Can we see a copy of your medical degree and can you provide a list of people who will testify that you attended class?


Questions for Jason Kenney

  • You spent a considerable amount of time explaining how Alberta business owners have done such a good job that we have not seen any serious outbreaks due to the business resumption. Given that, how are we safer by now closing those businesses?
  • Nowhere in the world have lockdowns and restrictions flattened the curve in any way that could be attributed to the measures. Why do you think repeating these policies will work this time?
  • Corona Viruses are seasonal, a second wave has been anticipated for months. Why is our hospital capacity the same as it was 9 months ago?  What have you been doing for the last 9 months?
  • How has wringing your hands and lecturing Albertans for 9 months enhanced our ability to treat sick people?
  • What makes you think that a viral outbreak can be stemmed by government decree? Do you really think you are a God?
  • Do you have an accurate accounting of the people who were killed by your first lockdown?
  • Will you apologize to the families of the people who were killed by your first lockdown?
  • How many people do you expect to kill with your current lockdown?
  • Does being god mean never having to say you are sorry?

If there had been a real journalist in attendance some or all of those questions would have been asked.  Instead the first question came from the Edmonton journal.  The media personality (not to be confused with a journalist) pointed out that the new restrictions are similar to, but less stringent than the ones in Ontario that are not working.  Instead of coming to the obvious conclusion that these types of restrictions don’t work he asked why the Alberta Government was not going to go further.  Typical left wing lunacy; pick something that has not worked and advocate for doing more of it.

The subsequent questions did not get any smarter.  We are doomed.  Despite ample evidence to the contrary our decision makers believe they are gods.  The only people allowed to question these self-appointed gods are left wing lunatics, incapable of critical thought.  This is not the blind leading the blind.  It is the delusional being enabled by the deluded.

It is Cold and Flu Season, Time For a Lockdown

On the weekend Cochrane hit the magic number of 10 active cases which triggered their mask mandate.  This is all very reasonable because everyone knows that when 99.97% of your population is not sick, you are definitely in the middle of a plague.  The City Council of Cochrane voted months ago to set the 10-case limit, since that time they were given a presentation of data that showed how ineffective mask mandates have been.  They obviously ignored that data and were also not curious enough to check the province’s own website.  See the plot below.

The vast majority of the new cases in the last week in Alberta are from Edmonton and Calgary.  Both cities have had mask mandates for 3 months.  Neither the mayor or any of the 6 councilors in Cochrane could find the time to look at this data and come to the obvious conclusion that mask are ineffective at stemming the spread of the virus.

The 7 people being paid to manage the affairs of Cochrane either ignored or did not understand the mask presentation they were given.  Not one of them was curious enough to follow up and look at data that is readily available and updated daily.  Voters have handed the responsibility of managing a significant urban area to a group of people who are either stupid or lazy.  When the mask bylaw was voted on 2 councilors did vote against it.  Both men voted against it not because they thought it was wrong but because they thought it was the province’s responsibility.  So, 5 people opted for empty virtue signally and 2 opted for passing the buck.  Inspiring leadership don’t you think?

If there was only 1 poorly chosen city council in Canada the country could survive but sadly that is not the case.  As covid cases are rising elected officials and unelected heath bureaucrats all over the country are going full lunatic, again.  It is almost like the are having a competition to show who can be the least scientific while screaming the loudest about following the science.

The current leader in that bizarre competition is the Manitoba provincial government.  Manitoba has locked down the province tight including a 25% restriction on grocery stores.  I do not know how that works, I guess 75% of people are not allowed to eat.  Starving 75% of your population to death in the winter is one way to stem an epidemic but I do not recommend it.

A lot of really stupid people are enacting a lot of really stupid rules in a futile attempt to stop the spread of an airborne virus.  They are in a panic because covid deaths in Canada are rising see the plot below.

Covid deaths have increased from a low of 0.17/million in the summer to the current level of 1.34/million, an increase of 1.17/million; scary right?  No not really.  It is normal for respiratory illness deaths to rise as winter approaches.  It is called cold and flu season.  Below are the updated deaths in Canada.

The green line is the average of the last 10 years in Canada.  Deaths in Canada normally bottom about at bout week 30 and then rise to peak out the first week in January.  We are now in week 45.  Every year in Canada deaths per million increase by 12 between weeks 30 and 45 so the increase in covid deaths is only 10% of what we normally expect at this time of year.  What we are seeing is a natural endemic virus not an epidemic outbreak.

Covid 19 is a coronavirus.  Coronaviruses are seasonal.  We are going to see deaths from Covid 19 increase every fall.  Covid 19 is here to stay and now just another virus that we must deal with in cold and flu season; pretending otherwise is just plain stupid.

When a new virus first hits the death spike is much larger than when it re-appears each fall.  We can see that in Canada’s numbers, the spike in April was much higher and sharper than what we are seeing now.  To be clear there will be some communities that experience sharp spikes in deaths this winter.  That is because, due to our geography, some communities in Canada did not see the virus in April.  Their first exposure to this virus might be this winter.  This could be a very tough winter for those communities.  It is criminal that the government prevented their exposure this summer when things would have gone easier.  The body count due to government ineptitude is sure to rise this winter.

Nothing that is happening right now is out of the ordinary and we should have expected it.  Viruses do not disappear and seasonal viruses like coronaviruses cause increased respiratory deaths every winter.  It would be nice if we could prevent that but if we have not been able to do that with influenzas and pneumonia what makes us think we can do that with Covid 19?  In April I wrote a letter to the editor of the Calgary sun in which I asked, “are we going to shut down the economy every cold and flu season”.  The Sun mocked me for that comment and here we are 9 months later shutting down the economy for cold and flu season.  9 months ago, something that we mocked is now government policy.

AOC is Right We Need Nuremberg Type Trials, Just not for Trump Supporters

The news this weekend was full of panic inducing stories about the alarming increase in Covid 19 cases in Canada.  The Media turned to their stable of fake experts to declare that Canada needs a nationwide lockdown again.  Lockdowns have not worked anywhere they have been tried and have led to more not fewer deaths.  The data on this is becoming clearer by the day, our Premier just admitted to it on camera.  Clamoring for a return to lockdowns is just the lunatic left reading from the only playbook they have.  For the left the answer to every problem is to do what did not work last time we tried it.  They refuse to believe their lunatic ideas just don’t work.  Instead they choose to believe their plan is divine and failed due to the slovenly efforts of imperfect humans.  To the left millions of unemployed and a 350 billion dollar deficit is clear evidence we did not try hard enough last time.

There is nothing going on right now that we should not have expected.  Cases are surging in Canada now for 2 reasons.

  1. It is fall and this is a seasonal virus. Sorry Jason your yellow tape and closed restaurants had nothing to do with low cases during the summer.
  2. Canada simply did not have enough cases during the initial outbreak.

I wrote this for our old discussion group on August 12 warning about just that


Yesterday I linked a video that showed Sweden has gotten back to normal.  I have no video of Belarus but since they never left normal, I suspect it would be easy to find video of packed streets in Belarus (especially now when protests against the president have broken out).  Sweden and Belarus had the courage to let nature take its course and let people get sick.  The reward for their courage is that they have not destroyed their economy and terrified their population.  Right now, Canada looks very much like Sweden and Belarus, except for the economic destruction we insisted on in Canada.  Infections and Deaths have been dropping for weeks and are now at very low levels.

 Here are the deaths in Sweden

And here are the deaths in Canada


 They look quite similar and they both look like the outbreak is over.  So why is everyone running around wearing masks in Canada?  There is one worrying caveat I must discuss before declaring Covid over in Canada.  Not enough Canadians have been exposed to the virus.  Things are over in Sweden and Belarus; here is how they compare with Canada for infections/million.

Sweden and Belarus have very similar cases per million.  It is hard to tell on a logarithmic plot, but Canada has less than ½ as many infections/capita.  Sweden has done less testing than Canada, but Belarus has done more so this is not simply a matter of testing.  I am sure that when Theresa Tam or Deena Hinshaw see this plot, they will tell you that is because the restrictions worked.  That is an easy conclusion to make until you look at the time frame.  Restrictions were imposed in Canada immediately.  Canada hit 10 cases per million on March 11.  Most provinces had imposed restrictions within one week of that date.  In Alberta, the restrictions started March 17th.  If you look at the plot Canada tracked right on top of Sweden for 50 days and restrictions were in place for 6 of the 7 weeks.  The virus has a 4 to 5-day incubation period and a 14 to 17-day total life cycle.  If the restrictions worked, we would have shown a departure from Sweden within the first 2 weeks, yet we followed them for 4 weeks after that.  The lower cases in Canada probably have more to do with the nature of how people are spread out through Canada than any silly government regulations.  Canada is the least densely populated country on earth.  We have immense distances between settlements and our cities are newer.  The younger cities in Canada are built around the automobile.  We have sprawling cities consisting of mostly single-family homes.  Cities in Europe were already large before automobiles were common, so they tend to be more densely populated and have fewer single-family homes.  Sweden by European standards has a low population density but is still 6 times more densely populated than Canada (Belarus is 11 times).  58% of swedes live in multifamily dwellings (apartments and condominiums) where only 46% of Canadians live in multifamily dwellings.  The city of Stockholm is 3 times more densely populated as Calgary.  Our Geography makes Canadians naturally socially distant.  We should expect a virus to move more slowly through Canada than Europe or the united states.

 Our Geography gives us a natural advantage that we should have exploited.  We did not have to shut down.  As the virus moved from place to place, we could have used hospital space and other resources from places that had not seen the virus yet or who were already done.  We could have cooperated, like we do on pipelines; wait a minute I now see a flaw in that plan.  Canadian’s do not have a great recent history of cooperation with other Canadians, we save our compassion for non-citizens who break our laws.  We do have a long history of wasting money without producing any measurable benefits.  From that perspective our current Prime Moron is the quintessential Canadian Prime minister and his Covid 19 response plan would have to be his crowning achievement.  It is hard to imagine how we could have spent more money to get less accomplished.

 It might be over in Canada, but I fear not enough Canadians have been exposed to the virus and this fall we will see a second wave.  Since our politicians seem to be incapable of admitting mistakes, they are unlikely to learn from them.  We could see a return to the ineffective destructive restrictions we have not even worked our way out of in the first place.  I hope not.  I hope this time our political masters will have the courage to ride it out and let people get sick.  That means more people will die.  Restrictions or no restrictions this is going to happen so we should be prepared for it.  So how many people will die?  Not as many as you think.  Remember when I quoted the doctor who said in 29 years, he had never seen someone die of influenza?  His point was that these types of respiratory viruses only kill people who were on death’s doorstep, so it is incorrect to blame the influenza instead of the condition that caused them to be near death anyway.  That got me wondering.  I showed this plot in a previous rant 

It is very easy to see the big spikes in the bad flu years.  So does a bad flu season turn in to a bad year; no not really.  See below

The blue bars are flu season (the first 4 months of the year) the orange bars are the year average.  You can see that there is a large variation in flu season from year to year but not much change in the overall year average.  You can’t die twice; if you die in flu season you can’t die again later in the year.  This makes the doctors argument.  Most of the people who die with influenza would have died later in the year had they not contracted influenzas.  So how many people actually die from influenzas?  We are starting to see the same thing with Covid 19.  I showed you this for Canada previously

We started the year with a very low influenzas spike.  We had a sharp covid spike and then immediately fell far below average.  We are seeing the same thing in less dramatic fashion in other countries.  

Like Canada, Sweden and Germany entered the year well below average, saw a Covid spike, and then fell below average.  Sweden entered the year so low that even with their covid spike of 5774 deaths they are only about 3000 deaths above average for the year.  Now that they are running well below average, they are likely to end out the year not significantly different than any other year.  97.2% of the Covid fatalities in Alberta had at least 1 serious health condition other than Covid.  73% had 3 or more underlying health conditions.  We need to ask ourselves how many people really die from Covid and not from other causes?  Only 6 people in Alberta have died with no pre-existing health condition.  I know every life is precious, but we have spent billions of dollars in a futile attempt to save 6 people.  To make it worse I am aware of at least 2 people who have died due to the lockdown.  We have spent billions of dollars to kill more people than the virus did.  Remember that the next time you see Jason Kenney, Justin Trudeau, Deena Hinshaw, and Theresa Tam step up to the microphone to congratulate themselves on what a stellar job they have done.


As I explained in August, you do not need government intervention to keep Canadians apart.  Our geography does that for us.  This summer People should have been encouraged to go back to normal and let the disease circulate through the healthy population when the Terrain was the strongest and the virus was the weakest.  Instead the government closed fitness centers, locked you at home, and forced a mask on you.  Our government did everything in its power to compromise your immune system and delay your exposure to the virus until winter when the virus is at its peak.  In short everything our government has done seems to have been designed to maximize the body count.  How is that not murder?

I looked up the definition of Manslaughter in Canadian law.  Here is what I found.

Manslaughter charges

Any “culpable homicide” that does not meet the definition of murder is said to be manslaughter. Culpable homicide is defined to include when a person causes the death of another human being by:

(a) by means of an unlawful act;

(b) by criminal negligence;

(c) by causing that human being, by threats or fear of violence or by deception, to do anything that causes his death; or

(d) by willfully frightening that human being, in the case of a child or sick person.


I want to take a minute to comment on A through D.

  1. By means of an unlawful act

In my opinion nothing any government I Canada has done in the last 9 months is lawful.  How was suspending our rights lawful?  Most governments enacted restrictions under their public health acts which are arguably unconstitutional.  Then these governments kept restrictions in place after the emergency declarations expired.  How is that lawful?  Some businesses were closed while other competing businesses offering the same products or services were allowed to stay open.  Where in Canadian law does it say that governments are allowed to discriminate between business owners?  Governments at every level in this country have been disregarding the law since March.


  1. Criminal negligence

It was not hard to see that the actions the governments were taking would lead to deaths.  Many people, legitimate experts, warned them of this.  The government chose to ignore the voices of sanity and listen exclusively to the sky is falling experts who have never in history been correct.  I am no legal expert but I don’t know how you describe the willful ignorance displayed by governments as anything other than negligence.


  1. Threats or fear of violence or deception

People were threatened with fines for not wearing masks, businesses were threaten with fines for opening.  We are constantly threatened with a return to lockdown if we do not show 100% obedience to our government and bureaucratic overlords.  There has not been a single day in the last 9 months when the government did not issue some sort of threat.


  1. Willfully frightening a human being.

The government has done nothing but issue panic porn since March.  Even after Admitting lockdowns had resulted in increased deaths Jason Kenney still could not resist adding that anything other than 100% compliance would kill seniors.  The media has also taken part in spreading panic.  Panic kills and there are thousands of politicians, bureaucrats and media personalities that have done nothing other than stoke panic for months now.


The Covid crisis has been almost entirely man made.  The Government and their helpers took a bad flu season and turned it in to a killing machine.  Thousands of people have actively participated in creating conditions that have increased the number of deaths.  How is that not manslaughter?  Some politicians are waking up to the realization that they may no get away with murder.  Politicians like Doug Ford in Ontario are starting to introduce legislation to prevent their own prosecution.

In the US, AOC (Justin Trudeau’s ideological soul mate) wants Nuremberg style trials to purge the US of Trump supporters.  I agree with AOC, crimes on the scale we are witnessing now call for Nuremberg type trials.  I do not agree with AOC on who should be on trial.  Trump supporters have not killed anyone, many of them have been victims of government crime.  We have seen too many unnecessary deaths to let this slide.  This went past incompetence and crossed the line into criminality a long time ago.  Governments and their enablers in the media need to be held accountable.


Jason Kenney, Liberal Foot Soldier, or Smartest Kid on the Short Bus

I was sent this video a couple days ago.


Jason Kenney has had an epiphany.  After 9 months he has discovered that lockdowns don’t work and are more deadly than the virus.  It is too bad no one could have pointed this out to him earlier.  I mean someone other than me.  I sent the letter below to Jason in early April.


Mr. Kenny,

Let me start by saying that I voted for the UCP in the last provincial election.  Just a few months ago we were so optimistic with the promise that you could lead Alberta out of the morass that the provincial NDP and federal Liberals had plunged us into.  Then along came the covid 19 virus and we find you following rather than leading; following the lead of the federal government and their social distancing guidelines.  Seriously, if you are going to blindly follow couldn’t you have found someone more intelligent than Justin Trudeau?  In our country alone there are at least 37 million candidates.

I have a thought for you, why don’t you lead?  Why don’t you become the first Canadian, and one of the few leaders in the world to buck the trend and actually do something effective rather than trying to lock people in their homes.  I am not an epidemiologist but I am someone who knows how to plot data and is curious enough to look at the data for myself.  In case you have not seen it here is data from John Hopkins University up to April 10, 2020.

Nothing that I am being told about this viral outbreak is apparent in the actual data.  Countries that are practicing social distancing are actually doing worse than countries that are not.  Singapore started social distancing 13 days ago and their trend is unchanged from when they were not.  You only have to think critically about social distancing to understand that it won’t work.  People still have to go out to shop for necessities.  They will still contact the virus in the one place large numbers of people congregate regularly, the grocery store.

Even if social distancing were to work all it does is kick the can down the road.  The only way to stop a viral outbreak is to expose everyone to it, either through a vaccine or everyday life.  We don’t have a vaccine so your choice is very easy.  This might be a scary option but as you can see from the data, despite what the models predict, no country is trending higher than 1% of their population being infected.  It does not matter when you lift the restrictions the virus will still exist and people will still get sick, I am sorry but that is reality.

With each passing day we get more data, specifically data that shows hospital admissions and total mortality are not outside the bounds or normal.  There is a lot of creative accounting right now that makes covid 19 look scary but when we finally get the total mortality from all causes it will be evident that this year is not exceptional.  We cannot shut the economy down every cold and flu season.

The longer you wait to act the worse you will look in hindsight; so why not get in front of this now?  Here is some advice, take it or leave it.  Declare victory.  Tell people that because of the measures you have taken we can start to remove restrictions.  Anyone who looks at the data would know the part about the effectiveness of the measures was a lie but would support it whole heartedly.  There are a lot worse lies that you could tell right now, like telling people that social distancing works and keeping them terrified of leaving their home or even contacting another person.  Start phasing out restrictions over the next week while assuring people you are putting in new stronger protections for seniors and high risk individuals.  Then please actually follow through on that one.

I understand why we got here.  The media created a panic and you could not be seen not addressing a crisis, but enough is enough.  You are doing far more harm than good.  No one voted for you with the expectation that you would destroy our economy, we already had Justin for that.  Please don’t give me old tired line that you are following the advice of experts.  When all you have is a hammer everything that you see looks like a nail.  An epidemiologist only sees the epidemic he does not see the damage he is doing.  He does not see the whole picture that is what we hired you for.  I understand the need for the crutch of experts but if you are going to use experts couldn’t you seek out ones that did not have a history of screaming the sky is falling?  Seriously we have been to this movie before.  How many times does the sky not have to fall before you stop listening to these lunatics?  Your first clue that they were wrong was that Justin Trudeau agreed with them.  Here is another bit of advice when faced with something like this in the future, ask yourself “what would Justin do” and then do the opposite.

There are more people than just me who understand that we are headed in the wrong direction.  We have quite a large electronic discussion group.  We search out and discuss the real data, not the scary simulated data.  If you want to know how ordinary Albertans are thinking I would be happy to forward our discussions to you.  Here is my last bit of advice, instead of consulting “experts” why don’t you consult people like the ones in my discussion group.  They are not experts but they all possess something sorely lacking from your current group of advisors; common sense.  I will distribute this letter to them and encourage them to write their own, I have not cced them because not all of them have given me their consent.

Richard Suffron


In April I pointed out why what we were doing was ineffective and damaging.  Either Jason just got around to reading this letter or it took him that long to figure it out.  The past 9 months have shown that Jason is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree and yet he is the first Canadian Politician or Bureaucrat to realize the harm they are doing.  What does that say about the rest our country?

Is Jason the smartest of a very dull group or is there something else going on here?  Jason had his epiphany after the American election.  I had speculated earlier that many left wing government were destroying their economies in support of Joe Biden.  Biden was a single issue candidate and politicians in the west were OK with killing their own people as long as that meant getting rid of Trump.  Alberta joined the parade even though it hurt Jason’s polling numbers.

Albertans were an anomaly in Canada.  Everywhere else in Canada lockdowns boosted the local politician’s popularity, John Horgan rode his wave of popularity to a majority government.  In Alberta Jason Kenney saw his fortunes fall through the phony pandemic.  In contrast to the sheep everywhere else in the country Albertans were not happy with the restrictions but Jason persisted until the election was over.  The minute the US election was over Jason moved to try and recuperate his shattered popularity.  The timing is very suspicious.  Is Jason Kenney just another reliable left wing soldier supporting the cause any way he can?  Or is Jason truly the smartest kid on the short bus?




More Covid Politics

I was thinking about statistics and how they can often be contradictory.  Like how can such a high percentage of people be so concerned about a virus that threatens such a low percentage of people?  Shouldn’t the public concern about a virus be proportional to the effect that virus has on the population?  Because of the American election I was thinking about how Canadian’s are reacting to it.  Donald Trump is highly unpopular in Canada.  Even in Alberta where Trump has the highest support in Canada, 68% of Albertans support Joe Biden.  65% of Albertans have post-secondary education, which is high by world standards.  So that goes around right?  A highly educated population supports the candidate that would be best for them right?  God I wish it were so.

Alberta has been struggling in recent years.  We had not even recovered from collapsing world oil prices when a corrupt, anti-pipeline, anti-oil, imbecile took over our Federal government and promptly canceled 3 pipelines.  Those 3 pipelines would have allowed Alberta to sell more oil to Canadian’s and would have opened overseas markets.  Right now Alberta produces about 4 million barrels/day.  We sell 1 million to the rest of Canada, 3 million to the United States, and nothing to any other country.  Canada is only our second biggest customer and they are small compared to the United States.

Alberta is struggling because we are having problems with our second largest customer yet 68% of Albertans think it will be better if Joe Biden gets elected.  Joe Biden is a corrupt, anti-pipeline, anti-oil, imbecile.  Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are peas from the same pod.  Justin Trudeau is just a younger version of Joe Biden.  There is no way that having a corrupt, anti-pipeline, anti-oil, imbeciles in Ottawa and Washington at the same time can be good for Alberta.

With the 1-2 punch of Biden and Trudeau controlling our only customers and Jason Kenney whining impotently from the sidelines, Alberta is in for a world of hurt.  If Joe Biden takes over in January Alberta is set for declining population, boarded up buildings, collapsing businesses, and chronic high unemployment.  Why are 68% of Albertans in favor of that?  68% of a highly educated population openly supports their own destruction.

It is tempting to correlate level of post-secondary education with intelligence but Alberta proves that no such correlation exists.  The contradiction between the 2 statistics of education level and support for Joe Biden clearly demonstrates that.

So what does American politics have to do with covid other than demonstrating more contradicting statistics?  Joe Biden had only 2 planks to his election platform.

  1. Joe Biden is not Donald Trump
  2. If Joe was in charge no American would have died from Covid.

The second plank in his platform is impossible.  No one other than God can stop a viral outbreak yet Americans believed him.  The media has succeeded in panicking the population to the point that they believed Joe’s Messianic proclamations.  If you take away the covid panic you take away 50% of the reason for anyone to vote for Joe Biden and Trump wins in a landslide.

For 9 months now I have maintained that Covid 19 is nothing other than a run of the mill virus that in the absence of political dumbassery won’t be much of a problem.  Boy was I wrong.  If Joe Biden takes over the white house in January, Covid 19 will have destroyed Alberta.  All without producing a single excess death.

Covid 19 Ground Hog Day

2 days ago, Theresa Tam, the least competent medical professional in the country, finally acknowledged the bleeding obvious; The virus is airborne.

The implications of this I have discussed before but they bear repeating

  1. Nothing short of a perfectly sealed n95 respirator (not dust mask) will keep you from inhaling the virus.
  2. It is possible for the virus to enter through your eyes so a mask without googles is no guarantee
  3. Face shields do not keep you from getting or transmitting the virus
  4. HVAC systems in buildings can keep the virus aloft indefinitely so standing 6 feet away from someone indoors does not keep you safe

With an airborne virus wearing a mask into a restaurant and then removing it to eat really is like having a pissing section in a swimming pool.

Cloth and surgical masks are ineffective against an airborne virus.  This is the main reason masks have not worked anywhere they have been tried.  Tam as much as admitted this by now advising you to upgrade to a three-layer mask.  A 3-layer mask will be only marginally better; marginally better than zero protection is still basically zero protection.  Masks have never been about keeping you safe.  They are about keeping you scared and proving obedience.  Lack of a mask is an easy way for the government to identify anyone who is not swallowing their bullshit.  Surgical and cloth masks serve the same function in our society as veils do in Islamic societies.

We are 9 months into this farce, and nothing has changed.  Our governments keep intruding on our lives, incomes, and liberties in ways that only make things worse.  The simple truth is this, a viral infection only ends when herd immunity is reached.  You either do that naturally or with a vaccine and we do not have a vaccine.  The only reaction our government should have had to this virus was to invest money into our health care system so we would have been better able to treat sick people.  Temporary hospitals, extra staff, treatment coordination and research, these are ways government could have had a positive impact.  We did none of that, instead, we closed playgrounds and dance studios.

Politicians and health bureaucrats were quick to tell us that a herd immunity strategy was too dangerous.  That is a remarkably stupid thing to say for 3 reasons.

  1. You are going to reach herd immunity whether you like it or not. The virus is not going anywhere; it does not go away if you hide from it.  Herd immunity is a forgone conclusion so why don’t you take proactive steps to bolster your ability to handle the sick as you move towards herd immunity?
  2. Herd immunity is easier to establish than you think. We know now that due to T cell cross immunity that many people are already immune due to exposure to other corona viruses.  The science has confirmed this now, but we should have known this in April.  In April Japan quarantined the Diamond Princess Cruise ship due to a Covid outbreak.  3,711 people were trapped in a perfect petri dish for 19 days and 81% of them did not get infected.  This should have caused us to question the dire predictions in April.
  3. Sweden has already done it without overwhelming their health care system or trampling civil liberties.

It has been covid ground hog day for 9 months now.  We keep repeating the same things over and over with no end in sight. All the restrictions were designed to stop the spread of a close contact virus.  The high numbers of infected should have told us months ago that this was not a close contact virus.  We have finally admitted that it is an airborne virus, and we are still unwilling to let go of masks and lockdowns.  Even Though Sweden has provided a roadmap for us to follow we persist in doing everything that has not worked for the last 9 months.

There is one major difference between covid 19 ground hog day and the movie Ground Hog Day.  In the movie Bill Murray tried to learn from his mistakes each day and improve his outcome.  Theresa Tam, Deena Hinshaw, Justin Trudeau, and Jason Kenney have shown they are incapable of learning from their mistakes.  Thankfully, I am capable of learning from my mistakes.  I voted for Jason Kenney and the UCP; I can guarantee you that is a mistake I will not repeat.

Ivor Cummins Truth Bombs

I watched this Ivor Cummins video yesterday.

Ivor makes 4 very good points

  1. The UK government and media are duplicitous lying bastards that cherry pick data to justify immoral decisions.
  2. Covid-19 is a seasonal virus. We are going to have to deal with it every year until the end of time.
  3. There has never been a seasonal virus that was worse in the second year.
  4. There are now papers out confirming that lockdowns lead to more, not fewer, deaths.

I think it is important to step through each of these points; some of which we have discussed before.

Governments are lying Bastards

Ok, I admit I am paraphrasing a bit on this one but it is hard to find a charitable way to describe the level of dishonesty we have witnessed from western governments over the last 9 months now.  Here is just a short list of the lies we have been told

  • Covid 19 is a close contact virus. Even Theresa Tam has now admitted that is not the case.
  • We are all at risk from Covid-19
  • Masks are effective at slowing the spread of the virus
  • Governments are emphasizing the protection of vulnerable seniors.

Not one of these things is true; we know that because we have data to the contrary.  All of these lies resulted in policies that destroyed and even ended lives.  It is hardly surprising that governments lie.  I am not sure I can point to a time in my life when any Government told me the truth.  All the available evidence is that Governments are simply not capable of telling the truth.

Covid-19 is a seasonal virus

All over the world we saw the virus rise in winter fall in summer and then begin rising again as winter approached.  Corona viruses are seasonal viruses so this should not have been surprising.  Instead of admitting this, which would mean admitting that we would have to deal with this virus every winter, politicians told us infections fell because of the lockdown measures.  Anyone paying attention could point out that places that did not lock down also saw infections fall when summer arrived.  Politicians dislocated their arms patting themselves on the back taking credit for spring.  Someone needs to explain to them that just because the sun rises everyday after they get out of bed it does not mean that they are causing the sun to rise by getting out of bed.

Seasonal viruses do not get more virulent in the second year.

In March, all the brightest lights in government predicted that we would all be dead by now; last I checked that has not happened.  Now those same geniuses are telling us we need to lockdown again because the second wave is going to be far more deadly that the first wave that has already killed everyone.  We are being asked to accept this colossal lie even though it has never happened before in history.  When a new virus hits the most vulnerable succumb to it quickly while the rest of the population develops immunity with time.  That means that every virus gets less deadly with time even if it does not mutate.  Once again, the clearer the science is, the more we ignore it.

The Lockdowns increase the death totals.

Ivor points to these 2 recent papers

I must issue a caveat; they are both based on computer modelling.  Computer models are not science.  They are Engineering and you can not do Engineering before someone defines the science.  When a new virus is discovered it is impossible to simulate it because you do not know enough to correctly model what will happen.  Unfortunately, that did not stop some highly dishonest people (Neil Ferguson) from running simulations and declaring that Covid-19 will be the deadliest virus in history.  Despite his terrible track record the model output was not treated with skepticism, it was accepted as gospel.  Somehow, 9 months ago, he convinced governments he could predict the behavior of a virus that even now no one can say for sure is causing the disease.

You always need to take models with a grain of salt.  The better the information the better the model.  We have a lot more information on the disease now and the models have been updated.  The models now predict that lockdowns will increase the size of the second wave and increase the overall death count.  We are already seeing that in the data; Sweden is still laughing their asses off at the rest of the world.

Maybe this will be the first virus ever to have a larger second wave.  That is not because of the virus though; it is because of the lockdown.  Politicians have spent Trillions of dollars to make a problem worse.  Now they want us to thank them for escalating the body count.  I wish I lived in a world where I could say people were too smart for that, but I cannot.  I must go where the data leads me.  Recently some of the most dishonest, destructive politicians the earth has ever seen were rewarded with big election victories.  The data is clear there is no evidence of intelligent life on earth.