Canada is Enacting Martial Law After a Normal Cold and Flu Season

5 weeks ago, Stats-can put out a report saying in the first 51 weeks of 2020 Canada saw 13,500 excess deaths.  At the time I expressed my skepticism.  Based on the last 10 years of data, StatsCan had underestimated the number of expected deaths.  They had also adjusted the death numbers higher than I thought was justified.

The death numbers are always low, especially in the most recent weeks, due to late reporting.  I always adjust them up before using them, as did StatsCan when they published their report.  StatsCan publishes death statistics every 5 weeks.  So how does the current release compare with the numbers StatsCan adjusted up 5 weeks ago.  See the plot below.

StatsCan just released data that is significantly lower than the data they used to produce the scary 13,500 excess death report.  This is exactly what I predicted in my post.  After generating the headlines that the Prime Moron wanted, StatsCan adjusted the totals down.

On the same day that StatsCan published their paper I posted that Canada had about 7,400 excess deaths based on how I had adjusted the death estimates.  So how did my estimate compare to the April 16th release?  I was low by 0.007%.

It is not that I am capable of a higher degree of accuracy than StatsCan.  I am just capable of a far higher degree of honesty.  StatsCan lied because the Prime Moron told them to Lie.

So, this is what 2020 really looked like.

From week 33 to week 50 Canada had above average deaths but only one week in October was outside the bounds of normal.  So, if we look at our official COVID deaths then we must conclude the following.

Canada has had very few excess deaths since mid-June 2020.  Canada is a large country so not every part of the country is like this.  In Alberta there were no excess deaths until this season and now we have significant excess deaths.  That means that some parts of Canada are experiencing lower than normal deaths right now.

The Covid epidemic essentially ended in Canada 10 months ago.  So, why are we under martial law?  Martial law has not yet been declared but 4 provinces are now closing their borders.  You must apply for permission to enter New Brunswick.  Effectively New Brunswick is issuing visitor visas to Canadian citizens.  Was I napping when New Brunswick issued their declaration of independence?  If New Brunswick is now its own country, can we stop sending them equalization payments?

What is going on in Canada right now is insane.  The Premiers are carving out their little Fiefdoms and are ruling like dictators.  Some like Alberta’s evil troll are acting as if they never have to seek re-election.  There are only 2 reasons they would do this.

  1. They are making so much money from the lockdowns that they do not need to stay in politics.
  2. They do not plan to ever call another election. At least not one they do not control the voting machines for.

I do not know about you, but either of those explanations scare the shit out of me.  Both mean that the lockdowns will never end.  We will never get back the rights that we rushed to give up.  The country is splitting up and turning in to 10 different Venezuela.  These evil Tyrants need to be stopped and removed from our country while we still have one.

Canadian Judges Going Rogue, Again

We have not had rule of law in Canada for a very long time now.  We have rule of Judge.  That would be OK it the judges chose to follow the law but, alas, they do not.  Left wing politicians from all parties have for decades only appointed left wing judges.  To the left the law should only apply when it favors them.  Left wing judges use the law when convenient and ignore it when it is not.  Last week some left-wing judges in Alberta decided that a government persecuted preacher could not use his planned defense.

Court Grants Alberta’s Request To Forbid Jailed Pastor From Challenging Health Order During Trial | The Daily Wire

The judge ruled that a defendant can not use a defense if the government does not think it has time to counter that defense.  That pretty much says you are not allowed to defend yourself in a way that might be inconvenient to the government.

So, what was this inconvenient defense the government could not possibly prepare for by May 3rd?  The Government has denied the pastor his CONSTIUTIONALLY GUARANTEED rights to hold church services.  Their justification for suspending rights is that it was necessary due to a public health emergency.  The pastor simply asked for the government to produce their scientific evidence that this was necessary.

The public health emergency was, of course, COVID.  13 months ago, the government suspended religious and other rights after declaring an emergency.  They have now admitted they have no evidence that we have an emergency.

If we had rule of law this case would have been immediately dismissed.  Then, if we had a functioning media every headline in the country would read. “Government forced to admit there is no emergency”.  That would happen some places in the world, it just will not ever happen in Canada.

In Canada we are moving the other direction fast.  It is not enough for judges to ignore the charter of rights.  Now the federal government wants you to understand you have no rights.  If you go to this government website,

and click on the option for Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; this is what you get.

They apologize that sometimes a document gets deleted.  No problem all they deleted was the charter of rights and judges were not using it anyway.

Soon the largest industry in the country will be tin foil hat manufacturing.



It is Time to Don the Tin Foil Hat

Jason Kenney and other public figures love to smear Lockdown Protesters as conspiracy theorists.  This is how the left always approaches arguments.  Do not address the arguments or the data, just smear the speaker.  The left’s favorite smear is calling someone a racist.  I mean why would any decent person listen to a racist?

Initially the left defaulted to their old standby of racism.  Lockdown opponents were racist because COVID hit Black and Brown communities disproportionately.  The argument was that White People would risk their own health just to see nonwhites get COVID.  This really was not more ridiculous than most of what they said about race, but this time it did not stick.

When racism accusations did not work the government was desperate to find a smear that would work.  They seem to have settled on Conspiracy theorist.  Why would anyone listen to the person in the tin foil hat?  Our governments want you to know anyone who points out the rules seem to have objectives unrelated to a public health crisis, is unhinged.  Politicians have been open about seizing the opportunity to reset our economy, or build back better.  But let’s be clear; anyone who points out that has nothing to do with public health, is a conspiracy theorist.

By now everyone has heard about the great reset.  Our own Prime Moron can’t stop talking about it.  The great reset is a plan to consolidate ownership and control.  It is just a re-branding of communism.  On paper under communism everyone is equal.  In practice the leaders become enormously powerful and wealthy.  Everyone else becomes poor.  The average Venezuelan is starving but Maduro’s entire family are billionaires.  Castro died a billionaire.  Every communist leader dies a billionaire.  All animals are equal.  Pigs are more equal than other animals.

Most politicians have made public comments in support of the great rest or the fake ideals disguising it.  Some, like Alberta’s evil troll, have spoken out against the great reset.  Do these people support or oppose the great reset?  Because actions speak louder than words, I thought I would take a look at what politicians are doing rather than what they are saying.  Are COVID protocols effective public health measures or do they have other more important economic objectives?  Here is what I come up with.

Overall effect on public health. How it facilitates the great reset
Work from home orders Positive effects – Minor.  Keeps virus out of office tower HVAC systems.  This only changes where you encounter the virus


Negative effects – Perpetuates fear and the isolation produces anxiety; both lower immune health

Keeps people apart and less likely to encounter non-believers.  Government control goes unchallenged
Closing small business while leaving large business open Positive effects – none


Negative effects – Increases stress levels on business owners and unemployed which comprises immune systems


Funnels large groups of people together at the same spot to facilitate viral transfer.

Destroys small business.  NAZIS/Chinese style socialism still requires independent business but it must be consolidated in to large corporations in league with the government.


Produces high levels of debt causing people to divest property.  This effectively consolidates property ownership with the same group that consolidated businesses.

Mask Mandates Positive effects – none.  Most masks cannot filter particles as small as a virus.


Negative effects – The detrimental effects of Hypoxia are well documented.  This causes a general decline in immune system response.


Harmful bacteria from the nasal cavities can be re-inhaled and cause lung infections.

People who will not conform to government can be easily identified by the absence of mask.  They can be shunned in to obedience or removed.


Social distancing Positive effects – Minor.  Some transfer is due to droplets.  Most transfer is airborne which is unaffected by distance.


Negative effects – Minor.  It gives people a false sense of security which can cause them to ignore the real risks.

It divides people and keeps them fearful of each other.  No government has enough soldiers to keep a population down against their will.  The key is destroying their trust in one another.
Closing fitness facilities Positive effects – Very little effect.  Contract tracing shows that fitness facilities accounted for very few new cases.  Closing businesses that have a track record of good safety does not in any way increase the level of safety.  If people were not so afraid they would realize that


Negative effects – Fitness level directly correlates to overall health.  Making people less fit and overweight increases susceptibility to the virus and increases the severity of infections.

Encouraging obesity Increases the overall infection and death numbers.  That keeps fear levels high.  The high level of fear keeps people from thinking rationally.  It is far easier to lie to irrational people.
Stay at home orders Positive effects – None.  Welding people in their homes would be highly effective.  Since it is not possible to do that, stay at home orders do not work.  People still congregate at large stores and encounter the virus.


Negative effects – T cell function is affected by low vitamin D level.  Low vitamin D levels are from staying indoors.


Immune systems need to be constantly challenged by encountering new pathogens.  Use it or lose it.  Prolonged isolation is detrimental to immune system function making people more susceptible to viruses when the encounter them

Again, this is simply divide and conquer.  People cannot get together and share information or plot against the government.


Information can be spread through the internet but the government uses the tech giants to control and monitor those communications.  This makes it easy to identify dissenters.

Restricting travel Positive effects – Effective if implemented immediately.  If not, it has no effect. Once a virus is already established in an area it is too late to keep it out.


Negative effects – increases overall stress especially due to family isolation which negatively impacts health.

If perpetuated long enough it destroys family bonds.  Karl Marx recognized that family ties need to be broken to institute communism.  People’s only source of support needs to be government.
Vaccines Positive effects – If they work highly positive


Negative effects – Minor. Vaccines are medical treatments with side effects.  Low risk people can develop serious and even deadly complications to the vaccine.

Vaccines can be powerful tools of population control.  Governments can link proof of vaccination to resumption of rights which effectively eliminates rights.  Rights would be privileges that can be taken away at any time.


When it comes to public health everything that Government in the last 13 months with the exception of vaccines has been clearly detrimental to overall public health.  We don’t yet know about Vaccines.  They could be the solution or they could be a calamity.  Only time will tell.

Everything on the list is, however, highly effective at creating the conditions needed to impose the great reset.  Even the Vaccines.  Is it just me or does this list look highly slanted towards the reset?  I guess I am just one of those conspiracy theorists you should not listen to.

It is Time to Start Shunning Health Inspectors

There is a small café near me that has been defying the latest shut down tyranny.  This morning the Evil Troll sent his Brown shirts to deliver a message.  If he continues to defy the government he will lose his health license.  He would no longer be able operate a restaurant, ever.  For the crime of not following the evil, illegal, dictates of government he would receive a life sentence.

Omar Khadr killed Sergeant Christopher Speer, he tried to kill many others.  He built and set bombs all over Afghanistan.  It is likely that his bombs killed several people.  Since he set his bombs where Canadian Troops operated it is possible he even killed Canadians.  We only know about the one he killed with a grenade.

Omar Kahdr is not guilty of serving people soup and sandwiches.  He is guilty of the most heinous crime.  He should have been imprisoned for life.  Instead our government lobbied to get him back to Canada so that he could be released and compensated for his inconvenience.  The Canadian Government considered his crimes to be trivial.

In Canada right now there is no greater crime than disobeying government.  Murder does not even come close.  If Omar Kahdr opposed lockdowns or carbon taxes he would still be in prison.  Instead he is a millionaire while the government threatens to impoverish a small businessman.  Our government is deeply concerned about the long term prospects of murderers.  They have no regard for businessmen or the people they employ.

Have you had enough yet?  You might be asking what you can possibly do about this.  The answer is plenty.  The evil Troll does not go out himself to threaten businesses.  He is far too fat and lazy for that.  He sends his henchmen at Alberta Health Services (AHS) to do his dirty work.  The people who politely threatened this businessman, with a lifetime of poverty and unemployment, live in this community.  It is high time they paid a price for their participation.  They need to be shunned.

If an AHS inspector shows up at any business for personal needs they should be turned away.  Anyone who has participated in this tyranny should be shunned.  If they want to buy anything, a sandwich, tires, or home renovations they should be forced to drive miles to where no one knows them.  They should not be welcome anywhere for any reason.

But they are just following orders right?  So were the guards at Auschwitz.  I know many people will think that comparing AHS to Nazis is unfair hyperbole but I don’t see it that way.  The Nazis did not start big.  They started by seeing what the public would let them get away with.  Right now we are letting AHS get away with anything they want.  Do you really think allowing them to threaten business owners will not escalate?

The policies handed down and enforced by AHS have already killed people.  Governments all over the world are guilty of the same crime.  The Nazis terrorized and killed.  AHS terrorizes and kills.  Right now the only difference between the Nazis and AHS is the speed at which they are killing.

The Hard Truth is, The Flu by any other Name is still just the Flu.

The symptoms of COVID are identical to the symptoms of Influenzas.  The only difference between COVID and the various strains of Influenzas is that COVID is far less deadly for young people and far more deadly for seniors.  So how does a doctor know if you have COVID or influenzas?  That’s easy, everything is COVID now, even car accidents.

The plot above is from the WHO.  You can see that since COVID arrived last spring there has been no other respiratory diseases.  That may or may not be true.  To me that is not the important part of the plot.  The important part is that the total number of respiratory diseases, since the advent of COVID, is completely within the bounds of normal.

Does the 2020/2021 COVID season look any different than the 2017/2018 influenzas season to you?  We had a heavy cold and flu season in 2020/2021 but that was it.  No hospitals were over run and we had very few excess deaths.  Of course our politicians and bureaucrats want us to believe that without their heroic efforts things would have been much worse.  It was necessary to force unemployment on millions so that we could have an absolutely normal cold and flu season.

Am I the only one that finds that hard to swallow?  If I took the legend and the dates off that plot do you think anyone could spot the pandemic?  If this past winter was so normal why do so many think that it was so abnormal?  Politicians and Media.  That is why.

For 13 months now Politicians and their cohorts in the media have cultivated and fertilized fear.  Daily we were bombarded with case and death numbers.  Not once did anyone stop to explain that the cases and deaths were just on the high side of normal.  When the case numbers were not scary enough our politicians resorted to outright lies.

The Evil Troll of Alberta told the sad story of a child’s illegal birthday party that became ground zero in the COVID apocalypse.  We are all going to die because some selfish parents would not obey government.  It was quite a cautionary tale about the dangers of independent thought and action.  Too bad it wasn’t true.

I find that story shocking.  It is not shocking to know that Jason Kenney is lying.  The past 13 months has shown that Jason Kenney is incapable of telling the truth.  What I find shocking is that we have finally found a government sponsored lie that the media is not willing to support.

Maybe the media will finally tell the truth about COVID.  Call it what you want COVID is nothing other than the Flu.  We shut down our society causing enormous hardship over cold and flus season, and we did it twice.  With luck the truth will prevail and these evil tyrants will be deposed before we are shut down again next fall.

If by some miracle we get out from under the government jackboot we need to ensure the truth is spread widely.  I mean the whole truth.  It is simply not possible that everyone in government is this stupid.  The information I present on this blog is readily available to anyone.  Government must also have it.  I want to know what information they had and when.  I want to know how actively they worked to suppress the truth.  The truth might set us free but it will surely imprison politicians.  That would be the only good thing to come of this.

John Horgan is Unfit for Office

John Horgan and Justin Trudeau got together and agreed that the Charter of rights does not apply.

New Brunswick has closed their borders and that has caused John Horgan to consider ramping up the Tyranny in BC.  Here is what the Carter of rights say about restricting movement of a Canadian.

Mobility rights

Canadian citizens have the right to enter, remain in, and leave Canada.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents have the right to live or seek work anywhere in Canada. Governments in Canada can’t discriminate based on what province someone used to live or currently lives in.

However, laws can set certain rules for when people are able to get social, health and welfare benefits. For example, you may have to live in a particular province for a certain length of time before getting health benefits from that province. Also, provinces with an employment rate below the national average may create programs that are only available to its own socially and economically disadvantaged residents. These programs encourage the residents to stay in the province and contribute to the workforce.

The Charter is clear.  John Horgan can deny you welfare but not access.  Yet here we are.  The prime Moron agrees that there is no reason to follow the charter of rights his own father produced.   For 39 years the Charter of rights was considered the crowning achievement of Pierre Elliot Trudeau.  Now Justin Trudeau has revealed he thinks the charter is a nuisance and should not apply.

Desperate times call for desperate measures though, right?  I am sure it is way less fun to be Premier if you cannot trample rights during an emergency.  So just how big of an emergency is John Horgan facing?  It is true that cases are rising in BC.  See the plot below.

If you look at the last 2 months you see exactly what I have already discussed for Alberta.  Deaths are no longer following cases.  Here is the period from July 1st to April 14th with cases shifted ahead 17 days to match deaths.

In Alberta deaths followed case identification by 16 days.  In BC it is 17 days.  The 2 curves follow each other perfectly until mid-February.  Cases are now taking off, but deaths are not.  If I look at deaths per 100 cases using the 17-day lag this is what I get.

The surge in cases seems to be from the variants which are more infectious.  They are thankfully way less deadly.  In previous posts I have discussed data from Europe and Canada that shows precisely the same thing.  Cases are rising but deaths are not.  Even the media is starting to notice the variants are not that scary.

Another illustration of how ridiculous a border closure would be is that the surge is already over.  Here is the 7 day % positivity in BC.

The variant surge looks like it peaked one week ago.

Even if the variants were not so benign and already done, closing borders would make very little difference.  The plot below shows that travel accounts for less than 3% of new cases in Canada.

Closing the border will not have much effect on the virus but it will have a large effect on unemployment.  Someone should remind John Horgan that tourism is 10% of BC’s economy employing over 160,000 people.  Forcing unemployment on 160,000 is a small price to pay to keep us safe right?  I am sure it sounds like a great idea if you are not one of the 160,000.

Despite that travel is not a significant problem, and the variants are far less deadly, John Horgan wants to close the border.  He wants to eliminate the charter and throw 160,000 people out of work to solve a problem that does not exist.  John Horgan is either severely mentally handicapped or abjectly evil.  Those are hardly the qualities we should look for in a Premier.

Are You Happy with the Control You have Given Government?

This is the most shocking video I have seen in quite a while.  We are now living in some sort of dystopian science fiction movie.  People must be smuggled across borders to avoid arrest and detention for not respecting their own government.  Canada still allows non-citizens to walk across our international border with the United States.  Yet Canadians cannot cross provincial borders.


What has become of Canada?  I do not live on the east coast, so I do not recognize the government official in the video.  In a way her identity is irrelevant.  They are all the same.  They are all clones.  Clones that have had all empathy and common sense removed.

Did you know that the government of New Brunswick has a “process” for determining if you can visit your family?  The bureaucrat tries to fake sympathy by stating that Covid has caused so much heartbreak to Canadians.  This, like everything said by government for the last 13 months, is a bold face lie.

I want to be clear.  This needs to be Repeated often and loudly.  COVID has caused very little heartbreak for Canadians.  It is the Federal and Provincial governments that have caused all the misery.

The lying must stop.  COVID has hastened the demise of elderly and sick people.  This is sad, unavoidable, and completely normal.  COVID is not the first virus, and it will not be the last.  The virus is a small manageable problem.  Government on the other hand is a large and seemingly unmanageable problem.

People need to understand that government only has the power that we allow them to have.  In 2020 we allowed government to have far too much power.  Evil, small-minded people are now deciding if you can visit your family.  It is way past time to take that power back and purge ourselves of these petty tyrants.

The Public Mood is Changing

I am sure that most politicians are pleasantly surprised how easy this has been so far.  No matter how Tyrannical and ridiculous their edicts have been people have readily complied.  This has been a godsend for Politicians.  They can do what they want.  All they must do is tell us it is for our protection.  These tyrants need to understand you can have to much of a good thing.  They are playing with fire.

The mood in many parts of the world is starting to turn.  Here is another video of customers turning their ire on health inspectors trying to harass a shop owner.


Politicians need to pay attention because when the mood turns it can get ugly fast.  This Video from Poland shows people chasing down and cornering police.


Our evil premier has been using police to harass church goers.  He needs to remember that not all people are willing to do the Christian thing and turn the other cheek.  If even 5% of people decide they have had enough, there are not enough police to keep this farce going.

Some Albertans are not as pacifist as the Grace Life protesters.  A few showed up at a lockdown protest in Edmonton.  Deena Hinshaw came out to explain to the protesters just how stupid and unimportant they are.  The crowd would have none of it.  They voiced their displeasure with Denna Hinshaw by chanting “lock her up”.

The COVID restrictions she has advocated are unconstitutional, that makes them illegal. People have died because of her policies.  I must agree with the protesters.  I do not see how she is not guilting of criminally negligent homicide.

Jason Kenney saw it another way.  This is not that surprising since he carries even more guilt for the same crime.  The evil Troll thinks it is “beyond the pale” to question Deena Hinshaw or anyone else in government.  Yesterday he doubled down on stupid.  See his press release below.

What a remarkable press release.  It is incredible how much stupidity Jason was able to pack in to one short paragraph.  This is Trudeau level stupidity.  Let us start at the Top and work our way down.

I do not know how a protest at the legislature amounts to trespass.  Don’t those building belong to the taxpayers?  How can you trespass on a property that you own?  Jason Kenney is a career politician.  As such he has never really paid taxes.  Taking $100 out of the public purse and then returning $30 is not paying taxes.  You are still a $70 drain on real taxpayers.  Since Jason has never paid taxes in his life, he cannot claim any ownership of the place.  Jason was the trespasser not the taxpayers who are upset with him.

Jason thinks it is OK to disagree but not to believe he might have motivations unrelated to the virus.  Realizing that Jason does not have your best interests at heart, makes you a conspiracy theorist.  These conspiracy nuts spread “misinformation”.  Jason defines misinformation as anything that contradicts what he wants you to believe.  It is misinformation to point out his information is false.

He ends by rushing to the defense of Deena Hinshaw.  In his opinion Denna has offered the best possible health advice.  Again, I must call bullshit.  All Deena has done for her $330,000 salary is spew the same pablum you can get from any news broadcast.  If the best possible health advice comes from a vapid talking head, we are doomed.  Jason likes Deena’s advice because she always tells him to trample rights.  He likes trampling rights and loves the encouragement from his dominatrix.

Deena Hinshaw has not earned her salary in over a year now.  She probably does need to see the inside of a prison.  As for medical advice we can get that anywhere.  If we want good advice though, maybe we should listen to these two.


We have at Least 200 Cops More Than We Need

Saturday a small Café near my home decided to defy Jason Kenney and remain open.  I went for breakfast and lunch.  There was no one either than my friend and me there at breakfast.  At lunch there were people going in and out for takeout.  No one sat down until my family sat down.

The place was very quiet.  Most people were dutifully obeying the government and staying home.  I hoped that it would be busy, but I knew it would not be.  As I discussed yesterday compliance to tyrannical dictates has been quite high through this entire farce.

While I knew there would not be customers, I was not sure about health inspectors and police.  Thankfully, they were also absent.  I thought that meant the Evil Troll had decided to turn a blind eye to rule breakers.  I was wrong.  The only reason there were no cops at the café is that they were all up in Edmonton.

The Evil Troll decided to make his stand at the Grace Life church.  He sent 200 police, 40 cars, and a helicopter.


Overwhelming police presence was absolutely needed to keep these lawless Christians in check.  Things got crazy they brazenly carried crosses and sang hymns.


Can you imagine the courage it took for those 200 officers to stand fast while the crowd sang “yes Jesus loves you”?  That is a battle cry if I ever heard one.  Without the presence of these officers there is no telling what mayhem would have ensued.  I mean what if they had set up tables and started feeding the homeless?

Even under the watchful eye of those brave officers, some of the protesters did get a little randy.  They tore down some of the fence.  Then they quickly apologized and help put the fence back up.

I do not know about you, but I feel much safer now.  Socially responsible behavior from Christians just cannot be tolerated.  This is just another good example of how the UCP does such a great job allocating my tax dollars.  Really, why would I want cops wasting their time arresting criminals when there are so many Christians to persecute?

We Need More People like Dr. Grant to Counter Government Propaganda

Maybe for the last time, I read the Calgary Sun this morning.  I have subscribed to the Sun for years.  I used to think of the Sun as the last major media outlet clinging to journalistic principals.  The Sun had columnists that came down on both sides of the political spectrum.  That made the Sun very different than any other publication in Canada.

Journalism is like politics and government bureaucracy.  It is an occupation that appeals strongly to left-leaning people.  The ability to spread propaganda is irresistible to them.  Right leaning or even centrist journalists are such a rare bread that it was remarkable that the Sun found any to hire.  Unfortunately those days are over even for the Sun.

My subscription to the Sun is expiring and I won’t be renewing it.  COVID was the final straw.  For the last year the Sun has been a relentless lockdown cheerleader.  In April of last year I wrote a letter to the editor asking whether we were now going to lock down every cold and flu season.  The Sun did to me what they have done to everyone questioning the government narrative.  They mocked me.

The Sun Editors commented that if I thought this was just the flu I was not paying attention.  Well the Sun and I were both paying attention.  I was paying attention to the data.  The Sun was paying attention to their government paymasters.

How prophetic my words were last April.  Here we are in the very next cold and flu season locked down for a third time.  The data also shows that for people under 60 COVID is LESS dangerous than the flu.  COVID really is just another flu.  So far only one Sun writer, Anthony Furey, has dared to question lockdowns.  Even this morning the Sun was again berating letter writers who opposed these ridiculous restrictions.

The Sun like any publication is not perfect.  Every now and then they make the mistake of allowing someone to go off script.  This time their mistake was Allowing Dr. Jennifer Grant to write a column.  You can see that column here.

Dr. Grant points out the obvious.  Viruses have evolved to infect animals and people.  No amount of government regulation will prevent a virus from being a virus.  Dr.  Grant points out how high our compliance has been, and that it has made no difference.  Every time Deena Hinshaw or any other government Bureaucrat steps in front of the camera to blame people for the latest outbreak they are lying.

I really would like to find out who taught Deena Hinshaw that if you hid from a virus long enough it would get lonely and go away.  I would kick that person in the groin as hard as I can.  That kick would be the single largest contribution to science this century.

Everything that the government has inflicted on us over the last year has done nothing other than made things worse.  We have piled a large social economic problem on top of a small virus problem.  Now the government wants to save us from the problem they created with a Vaccine.  The Vaccine is very similar to the virus.  It comes with its own publicity department.  I cannot explain it any better than this Woman.


Unfortunately, this incessant barrage of propaganda works.  The government has already been able to convince otherwise intelligent and rational people to believe absurdities.  In 2019 if you tried to convince people of anything on the list below, you would be branded a lunatic.  Now this is considered to be conventional wisdom.

  1. My safety is someone else’s responsibility.

Someone that I have never met.  Despite our estrangement that person needs to be unemployed for my protection.  Their life is completely subservient to mine.

  1. My safety varies with location.

Being among hundreds of people at Walmart is safe.  Being with dozens of people at church is not.  If church services are held at Walmart the virus must get very confused.

  1. The Dietary preferences of Chinese people caused this.

The fact that the first infections occurred within blocks of a lab with shoddy safety protocols is just a coincidence.  It is an even bigger coincidence that Anthony Fauci and the NIH have been funding them for years to do research on corona viruses.  The biggest coincidence of all is how the Chinese communists used this lab for germ weapons research.  Now if we can just get the Chinese to stop eating bats this will never happen again.

  1. The COVID virus is afraid of cloth.

The virus could not be contained in a secure medical research facility but a piece of cloth held on your face will thwart it every time.  Any piece of cloth will work.  Even cloth with a weave hundreds of times larger than the virus.

  1. The SARS CoV-2 virus reacts to intent.

If I choose to protest the death of a career criminal in another country I make everyone safe.  My moral righteousness will form an invisible barrier that the virus cannot penetrate.  I will be safe, everyone around me will be safe, and all of society will be safe.

If on the other hand, I choose to protest the government violating my rights, that safety evaporates.  My stubborn refusal to recognize the divine wisdom of government will have disastrous consequences.  Thousands of people who did not attend the protest will get infected and surely die.


We should be very concerned how easy it was for the government to make us accept this.  The French philosopher Voltaire once said, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”.  We need more sane voices like Dr. Grant to counteract the never ending barrage of government bullshit.  If we don’t wake up soon the government will move on to the atrocities part of the program.