Will we ever Cure COVID Psychosis?

I started this blog with the hope that someday people would see the light.  They would realize the size of the lie being told and finally get angry.  I hoped that I could be part of that dawning awareness.  That I could present data in a clear and logical fashion so people would finally understand.  I found this article today and now I think I was horribly Naïve.


You only need to read the first line of the article to feel intense sympathy for this poor deluded woman.

A woman’s fully vaccinated father died from COVID-19, with her saying she “can’t imagine how much more he would have suffered if he had not gotten the vaccine.”

She is happy her father was vaccinated because it could have been worse.  Worse than death.  This woman thinks the purpose of the vaccine is to provide a more peaceful death.  Apparently vaccines are just another tool for euthanasia.  How many euthanasia methods do we need?

The journey back to sanity is going to be a lot longer than I hoped.

What Obama’s Party Tells Us about Making Vaccines Work.

Obama held a large mask free birthday party recently.  I have not commented on it before because I was not sure how to feel about it.  Was it Obama telling us it is OK not to be afraid?  That we should start living life again and do ordinary things like celebrate birthdays?  Or was it Obama just rubbing it in our faces?  Was he just reminding us that the rules are for the little people?  That some people are above the rules?

So was the celebration a positive or negative sign?  I simply did not know.  It did not become clearer when this news Broadcaster tried to help.

Apparently if you are both sophisticated and vaccinated large gatherings are completely safe.  This just confused me even more because the vaccines on their own don’t seem to make people safe.  Hospitals are full of vaccinated people.  All I got from this were more questions.

  • What is it about being sophisticated that makes the vaccines effective?
  • Does this mean the vaccinated people in hospital are all unsophisticated?
  • What level of sophistication do you need to achieve before the vaccines work?
  • How do we measure sophistication so that we can predict who the vaccine will work for and who should not bother to be vaccinated?

This perplexed me for days until I saw this interview.

Through personal experience this man knows that if you fly commercial you are susceptible to COVID.  If you fly on private planes you are immune.  So maybe personal wealth is the key to vaccine effectiveness.  The people at Obama’s party were all certainly wealthy.  Maybe the reporter just confused wealth with sophistication.  To us Peons they look the same.

If it is wealth and not sophistication the renders the vaccines effective that is good news.  Wealth is far easier to measure than sophistication.  There must be some net worth threshold we can use to determine who to vaccinate.  Vaccinating only the super wealthy is easy.  There are not that many of them.

At this point it would be easy to recommend that we determine what that threshold is and only vaccinate those above it.  There is only one problem with using that simple benchmark.  There is another variable that could be in play.

Barack Obama is enormously wealthy.  His wealth cannot be explained by his salary as a public servant.  Obama has never founded a company or produced a product.  In 60 years he has never done any sort of Value add work so that also cannot explain his wealth.  There is only one explanation for his wealth.  Good old pork barrel corruption.  There were many politicians at the birthday party so it is safe to say that corruption was just as prevalent as wealth.

So which is it, wealth, corruption, or some combination of both?  I just don’t have enough data points to know for certain.  Until that can be ascertained I propose that we only vaccinate the wealthy and corrupt.  Leave poor honest folk alone to get on with life.


Don’t Double Down on Vaccine Madness

The world’s most famous liar just gave us great news.  If enough people get vaccinated the virus will just disappear.


He is not sure what percentage of people need to be vaccinated to achieve this.  But rest assured, if we hold down and inject enough people at gun point we will surely get there.


So what is the number?  How many people do we need to forcibly inject so that we can all be safe?  As an Engineer I am always interested in whether we might already have data that we can use.  There are some countries that have very high vaccination rates.  Countries like Iceland that is over 80% vaccinated.  Surely at 80% the virus will disappear right?  See the active cases below.

So 80% is not enough.  What about Gibraltar then?  They are almost 100% Vaccinated.

Even small island nations with high vaccination rates have not seen the virus disappear.  As Dr. Scott pointed out, no virus with an animal reservoir ever disappears.  Fauci knows he is lying but he has a problem.  If he stops lying the media will stop interviewing him.  I need a little help from my readers.  What is Anthony Fauci’s least desirable quality?  Is it the dishonesty or the pathetic attention seeking?  Seriously how can any sane person believe anything that little weasel says?

Vaccines are failing all over the world.  The longer this goes on the more apparent this will become.  Thanks to their fish heavy diet Icelanders had very little trouble with COVID.  They did not need vaccines but they decided to use them anyway.  Iceland aggressively vaccinated people and now they have an explosion of cases in the middle of summer.  Last summer with no vaccinations Iceland had about 100 active cases.  This summer they have 13 times as many.  What will the winter look like?

Iceland went hard for Vaccines and they failed.  Recently their Chief medical officers mused that Iceland must learn to live with the virus.  He expressed doubt that they would recommend booster shots.  He must be very new to government.  An experienced bureaucrat like Fauci would never make such a rookie mistake.  Fauci knows the best way to succeed at government.  Do something destructive and later do more of it.  Smear anyone who disagrees as a right wing extremist or science denier.

We really are at a crossroads.  The Vaccines are not working.  We can abandon them or double down on stupid.  Since our country is infested with career bureaucrats like Fauci I know where we are headed.  Vaccine mandates and yearly boosters until enough people die.  Now quit squirming you science denying right wing extremist while I jam this needle in your arm.

The Bells of Freedom are starting to Ring, Just not in Canada.

In the past week we have seen 2 very eloquent speeches by politicians calling out their governments over COVID Tyranny.

First I have a 2 part video from Australia, home of kangaroos and some of the biggest COVID tyrants on earth.  Thankfully Australians have Senator Malcolm Roberts to speak for them.


In the US they have Senator Rand Paul


Maybe that is why Dr. Hodkinson believes the dominos are beginning to fall.


I would love to believe that this madness is about to end but I can’t.  We have seen light pour through cracks before only to see the crack quickly plugged by politicians and media.  If the dominos do fall, I fear they will fall everywhere but Canada.  Did you notice that I did not include an eloquent repudiation of COVID Tyranny from a Canadian politician?  That is because there aren’t any.

In Alberta we had 2 MLAs (Members of the Legislative Assembly) who stood up and spoke out.  They are now nowhere to be seen.  They were quickly and effectively silenced by Jason Kenney and the Canadian Media.  The success of these Tyrants and their evil media minions has been stunning.  The mass Psychosis in Canada is so deeply rooted, I doubt we can recover.

A few days ago I implored sane people to be loud.  I took my own advice and spoke to a shop keeper who told me the government had no choice.  Government had to strip our rights to protect us from ourselves.  To his credit he was willing to listen he was just not willing to think.  I showed him data demonstrating the lockdowns led to more deaths not fewer.  He thought that meant the countries with fewer restrictions had somehow done a better job of applying their restrictions.  The higher deaths in countries with more restrictions were due to people refusing to follow the restrictions.

That was the overall theme of his argument.  People will always choose to do the wrong thing.  The only solution is for government to force people to do the “right” thing.  When he asked me what I would do I replied I would let people make their own decisions and get on with life.  That was of course diametrically opposed to his world view.

At that point the conversation devolved in to a replay of a night news broadcast.  He told me about how terrible things were in Alberta and Florida where people were allowed to make their own decisions.  Albertans have only been allowed to make their own decisions for one week in the last 18 months.  In that one glorious week COVID in Alberta is doing the exact same thing it is doing everywhere in Canada.  It is infecting vaccinated people.  Likewise Florida does not have any more viral problems than any other state.  But facts don’t matter to this poor man.  Only fear matters.

Dr. Dan Stock, Another Doctor Who Obviously Reads my Blog.

This video is incredible.  This is a video of Dr. Stock addressing the Mount Vernon School board.  All I can say is wow.  In 6 minutes he calmly and concisely lays the lie bare.  Enjoy.

As the good doctor points out, this virus is going nowhere.  Anthony Fauci and corrupt governments want you to believe that the virus will disappear right after everyone gets vaccinated.  Even without a medical degree you know that is a lie.  After all these are the same people who told us that if we hid from the virus long enough and made enough people unemployed the virus would disappear.

Dr. Stock explains exactly why the vaccines cannot eradicate this virus.  He then makes a very important point that should be getting more attention but is not.  COVID cases are low right now but they are not as low as they should be in the summer.  See the % positivity in Alberta below.

This is happening everywhere with high vaccination rates.  It is obvious the vaccines have made things worse.  The solution to a failing vaccine, we are told, is to force everyone to take them.  Typical government, find something that does not work and do more of it.  Not to worry though all you need is the first 2 shots plus a booster.

Except that does not work either.  How long are we going to continue with this lunacy?

With COVID Government is getting exactly what they wanted

I came across this paper a few days ago.  Once again Researchers have found the SARs CoV-2 virus to be airborne.


This is from their conclusions.

Fine aerosols produced by talking and singing contain more SARS-CoV-2 copies than coarse aerosols and may play a significant role in SARS-CoV-2 transmission.

To this I say NO SHIT SHERLOCK.  It has been blindingly obvious from the start of this farce that the main transmission method could be nothing other than fine aerosols.  The sheer number of infections and how rapidly it spread should have told us that.

Contact tracers were often unable to find a direct contact to explain many infections.  Most respiratory viruses are airborne.  The lack of direct contacts is consistent with airborne transmission.  That should have been the conclusion.  Instead we blamed asymptomatic transmission.

There is a principal called Occam’s razor.  I have discussed it before.  Here is the definition from the Meriam Webster online dictionary.

The simplest of competing theories be preferred to the more complex or that explanations of unknown phenomena be sought first in terms of known quantities

To paraphrase; we should believe simple answers over complex answers.  The simple answer was always that the virus was airborne.  It explains how the virus spread so quickly and why none of the mitigation measures worked.  Masks, social distancing and surface sanitizing will have zero effect on an airborne virus.  That is exactly what we saw.  Lockdowns could only work if they were complete.  No one could leave their home for any reason for a period long enough to kill us all from starvation or thirst.  There is not a single piece of data contradicting a conclusion of airborne transmission.

Asymptomatic transmission is a very complex explanation.  For starters it does not explain how the virus spread so quickly.  With airborne transmission dozens of people can be infected at the same time just by breathing the same contaminated air.  Asymptomatic transmission still requires person to person contact.  It is one to one.  That is very slow especially when we are standing 6 feet apart.  That is the kicker, if it was asymptomatic transfer masks, social distancing, lockdowns; it all would have worked and it did not.

The problems with asymptomatic transfer do not stop there.  Even that weasel Fauci admitted asymptomatic transfer has never been a significant factor in any previous outbreak.  So to believe that it was significant this time we must believe this virus is very different than any other virus that came before it.  That could be true but then we also must believe in something that is complete irrational.

Asymptomatic people have very low viral loads.  That is why they are asymptomatic; they are infected but not sick.  This is confirmed by the PCR tests.  It takes a much higher cycle threshold to identify and asymptomatic case.  This poses 2 very problematic questions for those who tout asymptomatic transfer.

  1. If the Carrier does not have enough virus to make them sick, how do they release enough virus to make anyone else sick?
  2. If the Carrier does exhale enough virus to infect others why is it so hard to find? Why must you shove a swab into the nasal cavity far enough to touch their brain?  Shouldn’t you be able to find it on a swab they simply breathe on?

To believe in asymptomatic transfer we don’t just need to believe that this virus is very different from all others.  We also need to suspend logic and reason.  I will agree that this virus is very different than most.  After all most viruses are not manmade.  But I will not accept an explanation that forces me to suspend logic and reason.  Especially when there is a simple explanation that is consistent with ALL OF THE AVAILABLE DATA.  THIS VIRUS IS AIRBORNE.

I have posted about this before so you might be wondering why I keep coming back to it.  I believe that the fallacy of asymptomatic transfer is centrally important to what is going on.  Countries are still threatening to go back to masks, lockdowns, and business closures.  If we had made the logical conclusion we would have abandoned those policies over a year ago.  We have spent and continue to spend billions on mitigation measures that do not work.  Measures that are highly detrimental to human health and the economy.

Had we made the logical conclusion that the virus is airborne we would have realized the only impactful measure would have been better building ventilation.  Draw in fresh air from outside and discharge contaminated air outside where sunlight will destroy the virus.  The more times a day you completely turn over building air the better.  The government could have offered grants to upgrade ventilation in public buildings.  This would have been expensive but it would have worked.  It also would have created rather than destroyed jobs.  The improved ventilation would have been beneficial during every subsequent influenzas season.

This is a no brainer so why did we not do this?  I mean, besides the obvious answer that brains are not common in government.  The government could have enacted a single program that decreased viral transmission and increased employment.  Instead, government chose an explanation and multiple mitigation measures that led to;

  • Little to no decrease in viral transmission
  • Poor overall public health
  • Business bankruptcies
  • Unsustainable levels of public debt
  • Increased financial dependence on government
  • Cessation of human rights

To answer this we should turn again to Occam’s razor.  The simple answer is that our governments wanted all of this.  They wanted to make us sick, strip us of our rights, and destroy wealth.

Are you starting to get it now?  This is not about a virus.  It was never about a virus.  Wake up before it is too late.

OMG you Must Watch This Video

In 21 minutes they describe completely what is going on and they don’t even mention COVID once.

This is not about a virus.  Email or link this video to everyone you know.

Are Variants Caused by the Unvaccinated or Government?

Even before vaccinations began there were real experts warning that it would lead to vaccine resistant variants.  We were making 2 fatal mistakes.

  1. Vaccinating during the pandemic.

Vaccination programs should have begun in the summer not the winter when the virus was spreading freely through the population.  Anyone Vaccinated in the winter was likely to encounter the virus before the vaccine was fully effective.  This means the virus would have time to mutate and find a way around the vaccine.

  1. Using a leaky vaccine.

The COVID Vaccines are not Vaccines.  That cannot be said enough.  They do not provide full immunity.  You can still get infected.  Once you do, again the virus will have time to mutate.  Only the mutations that are unaffected by the vaccine will survive and those are the ones you will spread.

Unfortunately the media made sure that the people issuing these warnings were just voices in the wilderness.  They simply were not the kind of “experts” the media turns to.  The media never interviews real experts.  Real experts know what they are talking about and therefore can’t be trusted to stay on script.  The Media prefers experts like this guy.

Someone who they can count on to further the narrative with lies.

The narrative in this case is that without vaccines and vaccine passports, extinction is imminent.  Despite being repeatedly splashed across news screens, this failed to frighten everyone.  Many chose not to be vaccinated.  Unvaccinated people threaten the narrative.  If they survive, the vaccine house of cards comes crashing down.  So, like the virus, the narrative had to mutate to stay alive.  The Narrative now is that the vaccines can only work if everyone gets vaccinated.

It is bizarre that anyone actually believes this.  It is like saying if someone in another car does not wear their seatbelt your life is in danger.  You may as well not wear your seatbelt.  We all must wear seatbelts or no one can benefit from a seatbelt.

Unfortunately for us Politicians and their evil minions in the media understand human nature.  It is the only thing they understand but for their industry it is the only thing that matters.  They understand that most people prefer not to think.  If they can be given an easy explanation for what is going on they will accept it without analysis.  The easy answer is that unvaccinated people are causing the variants.

Politicians use this tactic all they time.  Violence goes up it is because of guns.  A nice simple answer that no one needs to think about.  It also has a very simple solution, take away guns.  Anyone inclined to think knows this is stupid.  There is no correlation between levels of gun ownership and violence.  History also shows this can’t be true.  Societies that existed before the invention of guns were far more violent than our modern gun owning society.

So the simple answer to variants is that misguided people will not trust the government and get vaccinated.  If that were true than it is really hard to explain this plot.

Since the start of vaccination programs the number of Variants has exploded.

Correlation is not causation.  That is something you may have read on this blog before.  Just because 2 things are happening at the same time does not necessarily mean that one thing is causing another.  You can argue that it is a coincidence.  The explosion of variants is unrelated to the Vaccines.  I could accept that argument if you could explain the following to me.

  1. Why should I ignore the good science that says the type of vaccine and the poor implementation will lead to variants?
  2. If the Variants are caused by unvaccinated people why didn’t we have more variants when we had more unvaccinated people?

For nearly a year everyone was unvaccinated and we had very few variants.  Now we have far fewer unvaccinated people and we have far more variants?  How does that compute?

I have said this before we are on a vaccine treadmill.  We need boosters because of the variants.  We have variants because of the boosters.  The more the government gets involved the worse this gets.  Had we just said no to the government last spring we would not have such a mess.  This is our fault.

Yearly Toxic Injections or Vitamin D supplements, I know which one I would Choose

Previous studies have shown that COVID patients and fatalities typically have very low vitamin D levels.  The criticism of those studies was that COVID could be the cause of the low vitamin D not the other way around.  This is a valid criticism.  Correlation is not causation.  2 things occurring at the same time could be a coincidence or one could be causing the other.  In the latter case it is a chicken and egg question.  Which one is the cause and which is the effect?

Some enterprising Israeli researchers tried to answer that question using old blood test data.  They used blood tests done before the patient developed COVID to determine if their levels were low historically  or if the onset of COVID caused the low levels.  They just published their data, you can see it here. https://www.timesofisrael.com/1-in-4-hospitalized-covid-patients-who-lack-vitamin-d-die-israeli-study/

3 out of 4 COVID hospitalizations and 7 out of 8 fatalities were people with low vitamin D levels.  These numbers are incredible.  That is an 87.5% reduction in fatalities.  Vitamin D is more effective than most of the COVID Vaccines.

There is one problem with Vitamin D.  It is temporary.  A change of season or Diet can affect it.  That still makes it equivalent to the vaccines.  They are proving to be very temporary.  Below is more data out of Israel.


After only 6 months the vaccines are far less effective than vitamin D and it is only going to get worse.  Without yearly boosters the Vaccines provide no protection.  10s maybe even 100s of thousands of people have already died from the vaccines.  How many people will die from yearly injections?  If vaccines and yearly boosters are mandated the death totals will be staggering.

Why are we mandating lifelong injections of a proven killer when people can just take Vitamin D supplements?  Our society has gone insane.  We may as well line up for the boxcars.

Main Stream Media is Ignoring a Humiliating Government Defeat.

Last week Jason Kenney abruptly announced then end of almost all the remaining COVID restrictions.   COVID will now be handled the same way as influenza.  No more quarantining healthy people just concentrate on helping the sick.  This sudden re-surfacing of sanity in Alberta triggered instant condemnation from all the insane parts of the country.  That would be the rest of the country and entire federal bureaucracy.

I was not surprised by the ridiculous response from the media and other governments.  However I was surprised that Jason Kenney did this in the first place.  It is completely out of character for him.  As I have pointed out multiple times, Jason Kenney is an evil p%#&k.

At first I thought this was just part of the same great reset plan.  Give us a little freedom, ramp up the testing, and then blame rising cases on the unvaccinated.  Lead the public to demand vaccine mandates and passports.  Viola, we now surrender our freedoms forever and all it took was for us to get a taste of freedom.  Ironic right?

To me this was the most plausible explanation until a friend sent me this video.  The video is an interview with Patrick King.  Patrick received a $1200 fine for believing he had rights.  Patrick decided to fight the ticket by challenging the emergency declaration.  The first video is the whole 17 minute interview.  The second 2 minute video I found this morning.  It has been cropped to show only the bombshell part.



Wow, am I relieved.  I thought I might have been wrong to call Jason Kenney as an evil p$&@k.  I was not wrong; Jason Kenney is still an evil p&$#k.  He is just smart enough to know when to run and hide.  The restrictions were only dropped after the Alberta government was forced to admit there is no justification for the emergency declaration.  Dropping the regulations is a smoke screen to cover guilt.  Jason hopes people will be so happy about regaining their freedom than they will not care why they lost it in the first place.

He might be right, some Albertans are very happy about this turn of events.

I am sorry but I think the celebration is a little premature.  Why we lost our freedom is just as important as re-gaining our freedom.  The people who did this are still in charge.  They still have the power to do it again.  If you think they would not dare you are sadly mistaken.  They have been dealt a setback but they will learn from it.

The Alberta government lost this case because they were arrogant.  They did not prepare a prosecution.  The plan was to rely on the judge to ignore the law.  Ignoring the law is something Canadian judges do regularly.  The government was certain they could count on the judge to support COVID tyranny.  After all this was not the first time an Albertan challenged the emergency declaration.

Weeks ago I discussed how John Carpay was representing one of the Christians Jason Kenney is persecuting.  John Carpay’s plan was to challenge the emergency declaration.  The government lawyers told that judge 6 weeks was not enough time for them to prove there was an emergency.  The crown lawyers should have been told to prove the emergency or drop the charges.  Instead the judge did what most judges in Canada would do.  He ignored the law and all common sense.  Mr. Carpay was told he could not challenge the emergency declaration.  That defense was just way too inconvenient for the government.

Patrick King deserves a lot of credit.  He has done more than most against overwhelming opposition.  But the reality is that luck was the deciding factor in this case.  Patrick King walked into court that day and discovered a unicorn.  He found a Canadian judge more concerned about upholding the law than advancing a totalitarian agenda.

Determination and incredible luck won a great victory for all Canadians.  But one battle does not win a war.  It is not enough for Jason Kenney to cut and run.  He needs to be punished.  And what about Deena Hinshaw?  She was so arrogant and dismissive of Patrick’s rights she did not even appear in court when subpoenaed.  Her Medical license needs to be pulled and she also needs prison.

Every politician who did not speak out against the COVID tyranny needs to be punished.  Any government bureaucrat that had a hand in drafting or enforcing COVID regulations needs to be punished.  Even then we would not be finished.  I have left out one very important co-conspirator; the media.

This verdict was over 2 weeks ago. A bombshell admission like this should have been the lead story in every newspaper and on every TV broadcast.  Yet it wasn’t.  It did not get reported until an independent journalist picked up the story.  The media can’t argue it was not important.  The federal government certainly thought it was important.  Why else would they send the DOJ 3500 km to intimidate Patrick over a $1200 fine?

They can’t even claim they were not aware.  Chris Sky posted it on twitter the day of the trial.


Chis Sky even correctly predicted that the government would resort to intimidation and procedural tricks.  Chis Sky is some sort of COVID Nostradamus.  He is batting 1000 while Deena Hinshaw is 0 for 18 months.  Maybe Chris Sky should be our Chief Medical officer.  I might be giving Chris too much credit.  His predictions were not that hard to make.  All you need to do is start with the assumption that Politicians, bureaucrats, and media are evil and you can’t go wrong.