Destroying Young Minds, one Virtual Lecture at a Time

Anthony Fauci just delivered a virtual lecture to the students of McGill University in Canada.  There was one very important message the high priest of COVID had for these students.


“There comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision for the greater good of society.”


Presumably this lying little weasel wants you to give up your rights to the government and permanent bureaucracy.  In a democracy the government serves the people.  The people decide and the government carries out their wishes.  If people hand over decision making to the government you no longer have a democracy.  You have stepped back hundreds of years into feudalism.  The king will decide what is best for the king, and the rest of us will obey.

With the decline in educational standards I doubt any of the McGill students will notice this very important point, so I will be more direct.  If you give up your decision rights to government you will be giving them up to the people who fired this doctor for trying to help his patients.

You know the same people forcing unknown chemicals in your arm.  Jabs for the “greater good” that correlate to deaths spike all over the world.


Giving up your rights means allowing the government to choose who lives and who dies.  Go ahead if you want.  Just pray the sociopaths holding your rights don’t put you on their To Die list.


The only thing the Jabs do effectively is Kill

I found this new study on vaccine effectiveness.

The Researchers tried to correlate vaccination rates with new COVID infections.  If the vaccines work there should be lower infection rates in highly vaccinated countries.  At some point you should see the percentage necessary for herd immunity.  Countries that reach herd immunity levels should have near zero infection rates.  This is what the researchers found.


“At the country-level, there appears to be no discernable relationship between percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases in the last 7 days (Fig. 1). In fact, the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people.”


The translation is that the jabs do not work.  They actually make things worse.  The researchers found only marginal detrimental effects but this is misleading.  The missing element is time.  The jabs do provide some temporary benefit so it really depends on when you started the 2nd shots.  The more time it has been the worse it gets.

The Jabs kill therefore vaccine mandates kill, therefore people enforcing vaccine mandates kill.  There are murderers walking among us.  Lots of them.  The biggest murderers do not walk among us they are cloistered behind security our tax dollars are paying for.  So when do we stop paying?

Spartacus Implicates Fauci and Moderna

There is an anonymous letter going around the internet.  The author calls it his Spartacus letter but it is not.  The whole point of “I am Spartacus” is people willing to take punishment to do what is right.  An anonymous letter hardly qualifies.

Despite not really being a Spartacus moment the letter can stand on its own right.  The writer obviously has detailed scientific knowledge of most things COVID.  So detailed in fact that the letter is often hard to read.  The original has already been scrubbed from the internet but you can find a re-print here.

There is some very good information in the letter.  Things like why Ivermectin must be used early and how antioxidants like vitamin C help later in the infection.  It was not the science information that caught my eye though.  It was this point he made.


The lab-leak theory has been suppressed because pulling that thread leads one to inevitably conclude that there is enough circumstantial evidence to link Moderna, the NIH, the WIV, and both the vaccine and the virus’s creation together. In a sane country, this would have immediately led to the world’s biggest RICO and mass murder case. Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric, Shi Zhengli, and Stephane Bancel, and their accomplices, would have been indicted and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Instead, billions of our tax dollars were awarded to the perpetrators.


The people who financed the development of the virus are the same people that are pushing the vaccines.  Do you need any more reason not to be Jabbed?

COVID 19 is a Criminal Conspiracy and Fauci is in the Middle of it.

When COVID started a few scientists stepped forward and offered their opinion that the virus was manmade.  This caused an immediate reaction.  If the virus was manmade then this whole thing was a criminal conspiracy.  An investigation should have been opened.  Instead all that happened was Anthony Fauci started working the Phone.  The high priest of COVID phoned the top doctors in several governments to make sure they would stay on script.  Just like that the virus came from Bats that were never in a wet market.

As part of his campaign of disinformation, Fauci wrote a series of emails to medical officials in England.  The Daily Mail wondered what was discussed.  These officials were government employees and as such their communication should be public record.  The daily mail sent a freedom of information request to get the emails.  This is what they received.

Almost every word has been redacted.  Normally you only redact matters of national security and information of ongoing criminal investigations.  Even though it would be entirely appropriate, I sincerely doubt anyone is investigating Anthony Fauci.  There can be no legitimate reason to redact a single word in these emails.  It was obviously done to cover Fauci’s efforts to obscure the real origin of the virus.

Go ahead.  Tell me this whole thing was not a conspiracy.  This ends when we stop complying and throw these bastards in prison.  Arresting Fauci would be a good start on our road back to normal.

It is not often we get honest journalism.  Take the time to read the article.  You can find it here.

When Bribes don’t work all that is left is Threats.

From the beginning of this my wife has been saying this makes no sense.  In her words people have either been bribed or threatened.  We saw in Australia that politicians were bribed.  But you can’t bribe everyone.  What is the point if 100% of your profits go towards bribes?  You need to only bribe those with the power to threaten the rest.

With doctors there is the implied threat of losing their medical license and income.  When that does not work more overt threats are necessary.  The 2 videos below are 2 different doctors being interviewed.  Both interviews are lengthy and have very good medical information.  To me the most important part of both interviews is not the medical information.  It is that both Doctors have been threatened for not staying on script.  In one case a suspicious fire started near the doctor’s clinic that burned down the entire town.

The First interview is a Canadian doctor who was searching for ways to treat patients that have been injured by the vaccines.  He performed D dimer tests before and after on his vaccinated patients.  You know actual science.  He found the jabs caused blood clots in 62% of his patients.  He has been persecuted for performing useful but inconvenient science.  Sorry I can’t embed this one you must follow the link.

The second interview is an American doctor being interviewed by some sort of Israeli committee.  The Doctor is very blunt.  The vaccines are unnecessary and dangerous.

Both of these doctors have taken great risk to point out that none of this has been done for your safety.  Quite the opposite in fact.  What Governments have done in the last 2 years is nothing short of mass murder.  How many people need to die before the average person wakes up and sees this?


Has the Other Shoe just Dropped?

One thing that has really bothered me lately is that many of the world “leaders” are behaving like they will never need to seek re-election.  Take Jason Kenney in Alberta, 2 years ago he won a huge majority with 55% of the popular vote.  He got nearly twice as many votes as his nearest rival.  His popularity now sits in single digits.  There is no way that he will be elected for anything again and he does not seem to care.

Jason like almost every other politician in the world did not enter politics to help anyone other than himself.  That is why politicians are normally hypersensitive to polls.  If they lose re-election they lose the only thing they profit from; their influence.  Yet now we see many politicians like Jason disregarding polls.  Either they think they can ride COVID into a dictatorship or they are making so much money off of this that they never need to work again.  Evidence out of Australia indicates that it is the later.


The Australian Premier of New South Wales has resigned over a corruption investigation.  It is alleged she took millions from Pfizer and AstraZeneca to keep people locked down until they could get a needle in every arm.

I have no doubt that you will find the same thing in every western country.  What is a few million to a few greedy politicians when there are trillions of profits to be made with Mandatory vaccinations?  You get turned in to a pin cushion, they get turned in to a millionaire.  This is so not about a virus.

It is not Possible to Reconcile with Government. At this Point it is not even Desirable

Yesterday was national truth and reconciliation day in Canada.  It is a new national holiday to acknowledge the victims of the residential school system.  The residential school system was a system of government sponsored boarding schools exclusively for natives.  The system ran from 1880 to 1996.

Government were concerned natives were not integrating or sending their children to school.  The decision was made to forcibly remove native children from their families and confine them in residential schools.  The human rights of natives were systematically violated by the Canadian Government for over 100 years.  This was justified because it was for the “greater good” of society.

Most Canadians now recognize this system to be evil and are ashamed of it.  There can be no reason to single out people and remove their rights.  We are so ashamed we have set aside a day to remember what happened and ensure it does not happen again. This would be ironic if it was not so tragic.

Yesterday 100% of Canadians are under some sort of COVID restrictions.  The Canadian Government is not restricting itself to only violating native rights this time.  They are systematically violating the basic human rights of every Canadian citizen.  Canadians are stupid.  We are unable to learn from our own history.  We have not learned a Damn thing since 1996.