We are in a War that only one side is Fighting

In previous posts I showed Pfizer’s own trial data proved the vaccines should never have been approved.  40% more people died in the vaccine group than in the placebo group but they did not die of COVID so the trial was deemed a success.  That is insane.  The Pfizer vaccine kills more people than it saves and it got approval?

I did not go in to detail on all of the trial data, something that the COVID Care Alliance has done.  A friend of mine sent me a video produced by the alliance that clearly shows how criminally fraudulent the Pfizer vaccine trials were.  You can go here


Or here

The Pfizer Inoculations For COVID-19 – More Harm Than Good –


To see the video.

The Pfizer vaccine is all pain for not gain.  It is debatable if it has any effect on COVID.  Pfizer did not test regularly.  They left testing up to the discretion of the researchers.  Officially they were to test only if the subject displayed symptoms of COVID yet they somehow failed to test more than 3,000 subjects that had symptoms.  This is more than 20 times the number of confirmed cases.  Pfizer claimed over 90% efficacy using data that cannot even be used to calculate efficacy.

One thing is certain from the data.  The Pfizer vaccine is not safe.  Not only did it produces more deaths it produced thousands of less serious events.  Events that are being systematically suppressed by government.  In the trial 70% of the participants reported some sort of event yet the Canadian government reports only .07%.  Our government wants us to believe that the vaccines are producing 1000 times fewer events in the general population than they did in the trial.  This is simply not possible.

The Pfizer data squares with my own personal observations.  I know many people who have taken the vaccines.  Most of them had some sort of event ranging from mild to severe.  With a brand new medication even the mild events need to be documented.  We have no way of knowing if that event was truly mild or a harbinger of some serious future event.  5 years from now this data could be very important and we are not even collecting it.  We are not even documenting the severe events.  I know of 2 deaths, one almost certainly from the vaccine and one where the vaccine was a significant contributing factor.  Neither of these deaths was investigated.

Events and deaths are being systematically under reported.  In previous posts I have shown data from Euromomo that clearly shows deaths spike for each age group right after vaccinations begin for that group.  This doctor took the time to run the numbers and found that vaccine deaths are being under-reported by a factor of 20.

Jesse Santiano M.D.Don’t Get Sick!Vaccine-induced deaths in the US and Europe are way higher than the CDC reports! (drjessesantiano.com)

The Vaccines are now killing at a rate similar to the virus with one big exception.  Not everyone will get COVID but if our governments get their way everyone will get the vaccine.  If this was just one and done it would be bad enough but we have years of boosters ahead of us.  Australia, the Netherlands, and Canada have pre-purchased booster for the next 7, 6, and 5 years respectively.  Even if we stopped now the deaths will not stop.  20% of the myocarditis victims can be expected to die in the next 6.5 years.  Our governments are killing their citizens and they have no intentions of stopping because as Dr. Malone points out this is not about the vaccines.


To our governments the vaccines are a means to an end.  They are not trying to end the pandemic.  Their objective is to end human rights and usher in the great reset.  Our leaders do not care if hundreds of thousands die from the vaccines to achieve that goal.  To them we are all just collateral damage in the war against liberty.  We are in an undeclared war, don’t you think it is time to fight back?


Omicron is not a Pandemic of the Vaccinated it is a Vaccine Pandemic

Look at this smiling buffoon delivering what he thinks as an uplifting new year’s message.


According to our prime moron we will defeat COVID together and this is his understanding of togetherness.


I don’t know about you but demonizing people who don’t agree with government is always my favorite team building exercise.  The gas lighting of Canadians continues.  We have never “all been in this together”.  The Governing elite have always been exempt from the COVID restrictions and the nation has devolved in to 2 camps.  There are those who obey government and those who see our government as the enemy that it is.

You would think by now I would be used to it, but I am not.  I continue to be amazed that anyone in our country still listens to that moron.  Even if your willful ignorance allows you to believe a virus can be “defeated”, the very fact that it has been 2 years and it has not happened should raise questions.

Not to worry though Justin has a new plan.  It is identical to the old plan but it is a new year so in government circles that counts as a new plan.  The Plan is to keep destroying lives with nonsensical restrictions while we vaccinate our way out of this mess.  This plan is indorsed by the liberal part of Canada and the omicron variant.  The vaccines are catnip to Omicron.


In Germany 96% of all omicron cases are vaccinated.  Germany has a lower vaccination rate than Canada.  I don’t know, maybe I am not the one to ask because I have a hard time seeing how this plan will work.  It is not just that it has not worked for the last 2 years.  I just struggle to explain how a vaccine that makes infection more likely will solve our problems.  Could someone from the liberal party, trolling the internet for sites to blacklist, leave a comment and explain it for me?

Another pillar of the federal COVID control plan that Justin does not mention is border controls.  These controls of course form an impenetrable barrier keeping out what is already inside.  We have not started anal swabs yet but I expect that to happen this year.  As comforting as it might be to know that returning Canadians will need to bend over and spread em, we need to re-think border controls as well.  The Belgians were using everything they could think of and they still could not keep COVID out of the Antarctic.


Everyone was tested, quarantined for 10 days, and then tested again before flying directly from South Africa to the Antarctic research station.  Now 2/3 of the people there have COVID.  100% were vaccinated.  We need to ask how the hell COVID evaded the vaccines and restrictions.  I mean if you can’t protect the most isolated place on earth why do we bother with any of this?

It is way past time for us to re-engage our brains.  I know that this might be painful for any COVIDiot who stumbles across my page, but let’s do a little logic experiment.  You may be tired of my stubborn insistence on logic but hey, I gotta be me.

The COVID vaccines are not vaccines, they are gene therapy that teaches your body how to build the spike protein.  The spike protein is the lethal part of the virus.  On its own it produces all of the symptoms of the disease.  So we injected everyone we could hold down with chemical that causes their body to produce a toxin.  Now we have sick people all over the globe; even in the most isolated locations.  Why are we surprised?

I don’t know about you but when my gratingly rational mind sees 1+1, I always arrive at 2.  All of these things are adding up and my mind is seeing the answer.  Isn’t it time for us to consider that all of these “breakthrough” infections are nothing more than vaccine adverse events?

The COVID pandemic ended 12 months ago.  We now have a vaccine pandemic.  The first voluntary pandemic in medical history.