COVID showed the corruption runs Deep.

The SARS COV 2 virus is an engineered bioweapon that did not leak from a lab it was released.  It is an unlikely bioweapon because the virus is really not that good at killing.  For months I doubted that anyone would design a bioweapon that was nothing more than a bad flu.  Then one day I realized my perspective was wrong.  The purpose of this bioweapon is not to produce fatalities, it is to produce fear.  The SARS COV 2 virus is a weapon of terror not a weapon of mass destruction.  Government is the weapon of mass destruction.  I can’t sum up this attack any better than Dr. Hodkinson.


Of course terrorism does not work without a media campaign.  Shooting up a market only works if people know you shot up a market.  The SARS COV 2 terror attack was completed with the cooperation of a compliant media and government agencies.  The most important government agencies were those disguised as scientific organizations like the CDC.  Most people believe that the CDC exists to collect and disseminate the best available scientific knowledge.  That is not correct and you need not take my word for it.  Here is the head of the CDC explaining that CDC health guidance is not based on science.  They make their recommendations based on hopeful optimism and wishful thinking.


I mean really, who could have known a treatment that only produces a limited antibody response would wane when the antibodies disappear?  You would need to be some sort of scientist to understand something that complicated.  The CDC does employ many PHDs but they do not function as a scientific advisory board.  By their own admission the CDC is really just a lavishly funded make a wish foundation.

So why did our governments deploy a terror weapon and enlist the aid of agencies like the CBC and CDC?  For the same reason every terrorist kills noncombatants; to scare us in to compliance.  Fear produces a fight or flight response.  It does not lend itself to deep contemplation.  Fearful people are ready to act not think.  Once the fear sets in it is easy for the government to tell us how to act.  They kept us occupied sanitizing surfaces and screaming at anyone not consumed by fear.

This busy activity was used to distract us from their true intentions.  While we were busy debating the best way to euthanize unvaccinated people our governments were eliminating democracy.  The destruction of democracy and rule of law is somewhat of an open secret within government circles.  Here is Russel Brand quoting a Canadian Government official.


Canadians are such rubes, some of them still think they live in a democratic society.  While we were sleeping our government took our rights and democracy from us.  We surrendered them without a fight in return for a promise of safety.  So the people that manufactured the crisis in the first place promised us safety and we believed them.  You truly cannot fix stupid.

This was not a small mistake to make.  Our government has no intentions of giving back our rights that they have stolen.  The Freedom convoy found out the hard way that there are more than enough corrupt police officers in Canada to deal with any protest.  Unfortunately, corruption does not end at Canada’s border.  This video is from France yesterday.


Emanuel Macron tore a page out of Justin Trudeau’s playbook and unleashed uniformed thugs on peaceful protesters.   Emanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau behave the same way because they trained at the same school.  They are both graduates of the world economic forum young global leaders program.  It is shocking how many national leaders graduated from this program.

Western Governments are completely infiltrated and controlled by Klaus Schwab acolytes.  Schwab even brags about it on camera.  These people truly believe that they are elite and superior to us.  They manufactured the COVID crisis to take our rights from us because they believe we should not have rights. Their right to rule is divine and we exist only to serve them.  These tyrants will not give back what we gave up without a fight.  If you think this is over because the mandates have been temporarily lifted you are delusional.

This has only 2 possible outcomes.  Either we force these sociopathic tyrants to return our rights or they succeed in taking everything from us.  You will own nothing and Justin will be happy.  Very happy indeed.

COVID is not over until the guilty are Punished

Dr. Peter McCullough gave a short speech at CPAC in which he declared the COVID emergency was over.


I have a slight disagreement with Dr. McCullough on this.  I would have chosen different wording.  The emergency is not over the pandemic is now over.  Thanks to omicron most countries have now reached herd immunity.  COVID is no longer pandemic it is endemic.  As for the emergency being over; how can something have ended when it never started?

The sad fact is that we never had a health emergency.  A new respiratory virus in cold and flu season does not constitute an emergency.  It is a fairly common occurrence.  It would have been an emergency if we had an unusual number of people dying and that did not happen.  A few places did have a high number of seniors die but in every case the death total was more due to political meddling and medical malpractice than the virus.  COVID was not an emergency if you did not do the following things.

  • Ventilate patients
  • Refuse to treat patients until they were struggling to breath
  • Use Remdesivir
  • Place infected seniors back in to facilities with other seniors

The emergency was manufactured.  All it would have taken to avoid it was common sense, which sadly in our modern woke world is not very common.

Regardless of how we got here the future, in any place not called Canada, is starting to look brighter.  Not only are most places dropping their mandates the taboo is suddenly no longer taboo.  People are finally willing to admit that our sainted health officials may have been mistaken and that the fear was largely due to media misinformation.


This sudden willingness to discuss what really happened is not good news for the people who participated in this scamdemic.  That is why politicians are racing to remove restrictions while the media is focused on the Ukraine.  They hope that if the restrictions disappear so will the conversation.  They have even done a soviet style history re-write with the high priest of COVID.

For 2 years Anthony Fauci was on television multiple times per day.  Now he has disappeared and no politician dares quote him.  We are to believe that he and his ridiculous edicts never existed.

We cannot let this all be brushed under the rug.  If we do they will do it again.  COVID was not an emergency but the government COVID response was.  Everything the deep thinkers in government forced upon us made things worse.  None of the COVID policies had even a marginal effect on viral transmission but they all came with serious health and societal problems.  Lockdowns killed, masks and isolation caused serious child developmental issues.  The restrictions did nothing other than increase the fatalities but the biggest blunder of them all was the vaccines.

The vaccines made the problem much worse.  Not only have millions of people suffered vaccine injuries but the vaccines actually prolonged the pandemic.  Multiple times I have linked studies that showed most people already a high level of resistance due to previous corona virus exposure.  Just today I found another article that links even more studies.

Prior to the vaccines most people were not at risk of serious infection, the vaccines changed all of that.  In order for the mRNA to work your immune system must be suppressed.  It is a feature of the vaccine.  That is why so many people become infected right after injection.  The vaccines made more people susceptible to the virus and caused infections.  If we had done nothing the pandemic would have been over a year ago.

The people who designed these treatments had to have known this would happen.  Even if they did not it was very apparent early in the vaccination programs that the vaccines were suppressing natural immunity.  In May 2021 the Red Cross stopped using blood from vaccinated people to produce convalescent plasma because of suppressed immunity.


Then nearly 6 months ago Dr. Ryan Cole disclosed evidence of immune system suppression.

Even though the vaccine manufacturers concealed this information it still was in the public realm 6 months ago.  That was before many people had taken their second shot and long before anyone had taken a booster.  In fact it was before a single country introduced either a vaccine passport of mandate.  It was clear the vaccines were increasing the number of people who got sick and they were mandated anyway.

The conversation about the proper response to COVID should have happened 2 years ago.  Instead we were told to shut up and listen to “experts” with a long track record of failure.  The conversation has finally started, 2 years too late, and we cannot let the media distract us with Ukraine.  The conversation must continue.  People need to know what the government did.  They forced people to take a treatment that made them more likely to become ill.  Then they used the case numbers to justify more restrictions that did nothing to limit the spread of the virus.  It was a perpetual motion machine of tyranny.  Politicians and their sycophantic followers need to be held accountable for the damage they have done.

Europe turns back from Feudalism as Canada Embraces it

Now even France is dropping their Vaccine passports.

That leaves Canada as one of the few countries in the world still using Vaccine passports.  Most provinces have stopped using them.  That is to say that they have stopped forcing business owners to break the law by asking customers to disclose personal information.

The Federal government under Justin Trudeau is a different story however.  Vaccine passports are still needed for any federally regulated travel.  Unvaccinated Canadians cannot leave the country by plane, train, or boat.  Justin Trudeau also managed to convince Joe Biden’s care takers to institute vaccine passports for cross border land travel.  Of course this does not apply to the 2 million people who walk across the Mexican border illegally every year.  The policy seems to be specific to Canadians.

Unvaccinated Canadians are effectively prisoners in their own country.  This is a clear violation of the Charter of rights.  Unfortunately by now Canadian’s are painfully aware that our charter is not worth the paper it is written on.  Politicians can ignore it any time they want with no pushback from the police or judiciary.  They need only scream “the sky is falling” for laws and common sense to be suspended.  Incredibly they don’t need an actual emergency, just an emergency declaration; the sky can stay right where it is.

But Trudeau is a globalist right?  A lover of all things not Canadian.  Surely he would care about treaties drafted by the UN right?  Especially treaties that Canada help draft and sign like the universal declaration of human rights.  Here is Article 13 of that treaty.


(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State.

(2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.


So according to the UN I have the right to leave my country.  According to Justin I do not.  It is not correct to call Justin Trudeau a globalist.  If he was he would abide by this international treaty that Canada signed in 1948.  Trudeau believes in Feudalism.  He believes he is a king.  He and his friends have a divine right to rule therefore he is not bound by laws or treaties.  Feudalism died in Europe with the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215.  It is shocking that it has been revived in Canada in the 21st century by the imbecilic son of a communist dictator.  Even more shocking is how Canadians allowed this to happen.

The Mandates are dropping but this is not over

March and Vladimir Putin provided a miracle cure for COVID.  Mandates are disappearing everywhere even in the most irrational countries like Canada.  Politicians would like you to believe that they have carefully studied the data and the mandates can be lifted because the danger has passed.  Some like Alberta’s demonic dwarf, Jason Kenney, are taking victory laps while patting themselves vigorously on the back.  Jason wants us to believe that he has single handily defeated COVID by arresting Christian preachers.  So is it true?  Did COVID disappear by applying just the right amount of tyranny?  Well of course not.

COVID is not over.  The Mandates are dropping for 2 reasons.  Intelligent countries like Iceland have finally realized that nothing, including the vaccines, have worked and it is time to move on.  Tyrannical countries like Canada are moving on because the public is no longer in a mood to cooperate.  So is the death of the mandates the end of this?  Not by a long shot.

The Freedom Convoy sparked protests all over the world.  Canadian Truckers inspired far too many people to question the narrative.  People were starting to ask how cold and flu season could result in a suspension of human rights.  The most dangerous thing to politicians is a well-informed public.  If people turn their TVs off and their brains on, the cult of COVID collapses.  Every day more information surfaces detailing just how many lives were damaged by the lockdowns and vaccines forced on us by politicians.

The Freedom convoy placed politicians in an uncomfortable position and then Vladimir Putin threw them a lifeline by invading the Ukraine.  There is a race now to drop mandates while the worlds’ attention is focused on the Ukraine.

Has Putin’s imperialist aspirations saved us from the downward spiral of COVID Tyranny?  I doubt it.  The mandates were never abut COVID.  COVID was just a convenient excuse to usher in the great reset.  This is just a reprieve.  As soon as politicians feel the public has calmed down they will do it again.  We have been to this movie before.  Remember last summer when Jason Kenney triumphantly claimed that with a 70% vaccination rate Alberta was now “open for the summer”?  What did that get us?  A couple months of reduced restrictions and then the tyranny was ramped up even higher.  All that followed were vaccine passports and imprisonment of more Christians.

This was never about a virus and the people who caused this are all still in power.  We have not even managed to get rid of the federal mandates.  We will be locked down again next winter and there will be a new vaccine for the newly discovered/released variant.  The question is not whether these evil bastard will do it again, the question is will you roll over and accept it again?


If the Courts were going to save us they would have already

Last week I arrived in Ottawa too late to register my disgust with Justin Trudeau and the people who support him.  By the time I got there Justin had already turned the police loose to beat peaceful protesters.


While it is depressing to live in a country with so many people wearing police uniforms but so few actual police officers, the trip was not a complete loss.  I met a very interesting young woman.  She is a Physician who lost her job for refusing to be vaccinated and acting as a whistle blower.  A dyed in the wool science nerd just like me.  A kindred spirit so to speak.  I am pleased to say she has become another one of my friendly helpers who feed me interesting information.

A couple days ago she sent me an Affidavit from Dr. Byram Bridle.  Dr. Bridle filed the affidavit in support of Adam Skelly.  You might remember him as the owner of Adamson Barbecue.  Mr. Skelly ran afoul of the law in Ontario by daring to think that a fake emergency is no reason to close businesses.  I would post the affidavit but it is 253 pages long.  Remarkable the first 100 pages is just a list of Dr. Bridle’s qualifications.  There can be no doubt he is an expert in the subject matter.

Over the next 153 pages Dr. Bridle addresses and dismantles every single COVID mandate and restriction.  The whole thing is very interesting but frankly there is nothing in the affidavit that it has not already been discussed in this blog.  My comment to my new science nerd friend was that either Dr. Bridle reads my blog or I have been shamelessly plagiarizing him for over a year.  To me the most interesting thing about the affidavit was the date.  It was filed with the courts on April 13th 2021.  For 10 months Canadian courts have possessed expert testimony that not a single COVID mandate has any basis in science.  How much does it take for the courts to tell the premiers to cease and desist?

Another Win for Ivermectin and Loss for Canadians

On December 26th, 2021 I posted a video of Dr. Byram Bridle speaking in front of a small crowd.

Masks the Enduring Lie. – The Truth About Covid

Dr. Bridle touched on a number of COVID topics.  At one point in the presentation he lamented that COVID politics had damaged science.  He remarked that you can no longer read the conclusions of a paper and believe them.  You need to take the time to check the data yourself because it is now common for papers to be published with conclusions that are unsupported by the data.

That is certainly the case with the latest paper comparing the effectiveness of Ivermectin to The COVID vaccines.  The paper concludes that the COVID vaccines are superior to Ivermectin for preventing COVID fatalities.  Unfortunately, as Steve Kirsch points out, their data does not support that conclusion.  In fact the data shows that Ivermectin is far superior to the vaccines at preventing deaths.  It is not even close.  Ivermectin is 300% more effective.

The researchers were obviously paid to produce a paper supporting vaccine mandates and they were not about to let integrity get in the way of a paycheck.  In their veal to discredit Ivermectin the researchers also glossed over another troubling conclusion that falls out of their data.  The vaccines are more dangerous than the virus.

To be fair the vaccines did reduce risk of dying from COVID by 25%.  If COVID really was a great plague and the vaccines were safe that would be a very good thing.  The problem is that neither of those conditions is true.  For most people COVID is less lethal than influenzas and the COVID vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines ever allowed for use.

The risk of dying of COVID is so low that a reduction of 25% is not significant.  25% of a very small number is an even smaller number.  The risk of dying from the vaccine is higher than the protection offered from the vaccine.  This is hardly surprising.  In Pfizer’s own trial data more people died in the vaccine group than the placebo group.  Every life saved from COVID came at the cost of more than one life lost due to the vaccines.

More than 5 billion people have been vaccinated and we still can’t find a reason to use these vaccines.  Some countries such as Iceland and Japan have returned to sanity and moved away from the vaccines.  I wished that I lived in a sane country.  Trudeau’s Canada is neither sane nor lawful.  Now that the Prime Moron has gotten away with trampling protesters (literally and figuratively) I expect the vaccine tyranny to be ramped up.  Prior to the Freedom Convoy the federal liberals were working on a plan to ban unvaccinated from inter provincial travel.  A ban on inter provincial travel would be completely illegal but then so was Justin’s emergency declaration and everything he did under its umbrella.

Someday Justin Trudeau will stand trial for what he has done even if only posthumously.  His callous disregard for human life is almost as shocking as Canadians’ blasé acceptance of it.

Tyrants don’t need Tanks to kill citizens

The New Zealand High Court has ruled that Jacinda’s Vaccine mandate is illegal, that it is a gross violation of human rights.  The sad reality is that Jacinda Ardern has not done anything in the last 2 years that was not a gross violation of Human rights.

Did it take a war in Europe to remind the New Zealand courts that Tyrants need to be stopped before the killing escalates or was it just the latest vaccine report?

The plot below is from the linked article.  In January Vaccinated people were twice as likely at unvaccinated to get COVID; by February they were almost 4 times as likely.

It appears that as the vaccine wanes the person’s immune system is left compromised and less able to fight infection.  Is there weakened immune system permanent?  No one knows and that is the scary part.  If this trend continues millions of people could die indirectly from the vaccine.  Jacinda and Justin’s mandates are not just gross violations of human rights, they are government sanctioned murder.