A win for rule of Law

A federal judge in the US has struck down mask mandates for travel.  People on airplanes and buses no longer need to wear masks.  Immediately the media pointed out that Donald Trump had appointed this judge.  With the media when the left gets what they want it is science but when the right prevails it is dangerous right wing extremism.

The science is clear masks do not prevent the spread of airborne respiratory viruses but this is not what influenced the judge’s decision.  The Judge ruled that the mandate overstepped the law.

The law says the agency may take such measures as it deems “necessary,” and provides a list of examples, like “sanitation.” The judge wrote that this power was limited to things like cleaning property — not requiring people to take hygienic steps.

Of course this ruling caused hysterical fits among the left who are worried about bureaucrats losing their power.  This is the fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives.  Liberals believe that the power should reside with unelected technocrats like Rochelle Walensky and that it is a judge’s responsibility to confer as much power on them as possible.  Conservatives, on the other hand, believe people have the power and elected officials are supposed use the bureaucracy to enact the will of the people.  Judges should not confer power on anyone.  A judge’ job is to interpret existing laws as narrowly as possible, just as this Trump appointed Judge did.

When a conservative judge narrowly interprets a law the politicians are forced to act.  If the Biden administration wants a mask mandate they must draft a new law that allows one.  A judge will then makes sure that the new law is consistent with existing law i.e. the constitution.  When the system works this way no single person or entity has the power to just do what they want, and elected officials make the law.

The left abhors this model of government.  Most of what liberals want cannot stand up to scrutiny and debate.  The last thing the left wants is for anyone to see what they are doing until after it is done.  That is why the left much prefers Judges to constantly broaden the interpretation of laws.  That way they get what they want without any debate or vote.

There are many examples of this in Canada, the best one that comes to mind is assisted suicide.  The left wanted assisted suicide but they knew it was a contentious issue that might not pass a vote in parliament.  That did not matter because the left does not rely on parliament to do their dirty work; they have a much more reliable partner in the judiciary.  Groups supporting assisted suicide financed a challenge in the supreme court and a lunatic left judge, unfortunately the only kind we have in Canada, ruled that assisted suicide was covered by the charter of rights.

I have no opinion on whether we should or should not have assisted suicide but I strongly disagree with how we got it.  No sane, rational, person can read the charter of rights and conclude that the law covers assisted suicide.  The mental gymnastics the Supreme Court went through to somehow find this in the Charter is worthy of a gold medal.  This decision is especially galling when you consider what has happened to our Charter rights for the last 2 years.

Canadian Judges somehow found assisted suicide in the text of the charter yet they now cannot find Freedom of speech, association, or movement.  Neither can they find the right to equal treatment under the law.  All of these “freedoms” are expressed in clear language in the Charter but somehow they don’t count.  You can ask the government to inject you with a lethal toxin but you cannot prevent the government from injecting you with a potentially lethal mRNA vaccine.

That is the problem with appointing left leaning liberal judges.  When you have liberal judges laws are not worth the paper they are written on.  Our Charter has certainly been worthless in protecting us from government tyranny.  Canada succumbed to the left long ago.  Canadians are powerless.  Voters can change the government but they cannot change the decisions because the decisions are not made by government.

Although there are still pockets of resistance in the US, like this Trump appointed Judge, I don’t hold out much hope.  The levers of power in the US are also firmly in the grasp of bureaucrats.  The plandemic and 2020 election have made that painfully clear.  Joe Biden was installed as a figurehead and obviously is not the one in charge.  I don’t know who is in charge but there is a hierarchy.  Jen Psaki is allowed to answer questions and Joe Biden is not so Jen is more powerful than Joe.  I am not sure if Biden is even on the hierarchy.  If he is he is below the Easter bunny.


Politics makes strange bedfellows, the media now likes Jason Kenney

Voltaire was not questioning the existence of God.  With this statement Voltaire was simply observing that people need something to believe in.  We need to believe in good and evil and most want to believe that they are on the side of good.  That makes the opposite of this statement also true.  If the Devil did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.  A more modern version of that would be that if the devil did not exist, the media would invent him.

Currently the world is firmly in the clutches of evil and I am not talking about Vladimir Putin.  I am talking about Klaus Schwab, Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden, Emanuel Macron, Boris Johnson, Jacinda Ardern, Bill gates, etc.  These left wing globalists are perpetuating evil on a daily basis yet we allow them to run amok virtually unopposed.  Why is that?

We can thank modern media.  We don’t focus on actual devils in our midst because the media has succeeded in inventing and even bigger devil.  That is their job after all, supporting evil and manufacturing opinion.  They don’t even mind telling you so.

The devil the media has invented is right wing extremism.  We are told evil that our left wing masters commit is necessary to keep right wing extremism at bay.  The grass is more evil on the other side of the fence.

This is no small task for the media, right wing extremism barely exists in most countries so the media is forced to convince us that even the slightest resistance to government control is dangerous right wing extremism.  Nowhere is the task more difficult than in Canada.  It is exceptionally difficult to find right wing extremism in a country where there is virtually no right wing.  Unfortunately the truth has never constrained Canadian media.  If the right wing does not exist they will invent it.  The Canadian media is always able to find a dangerous right wing politician like Jason Kenney.

Jason Kenney is a career Ottawa politician that moved back home to Alberta to take control of the only even marginally conservative movement in Canada.  Jason came on like a house of fire saying all the right things about freedom and self-reliance.  He was elected with a huge majority and then Albertans found out the hard way that Jason Kenney can’t even spell Libertarian.

Jason Kenney in theory is a conservative, in practice he is a Trudeau fan boy.  A big spending, big government, authoritarian control freak.  But still Jason was the only devil the media had so they still portrayed him as a dangerous right winger.  Throughout the plandemic Alberta was held up as an example of how not to handle an epidemic.  We were told that Jason’s non-existent libertarian instincts meant that Alberta always did too little too late.  The media reported Albertans were dying because of a selfish few who would not relinquish freedom.

This of course was a lie.  Jason slavishly followed his orders and did just as much damage to Alberta as any other Premier.

Jason Kenney did the same thing as everyone else and got the same results.  For the plandemic to date excess deaths in Alberta are 10% over the country average and below Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec.  All that non-existent freedom in Alberta didn’t kill anyone.

But still Jason was the devil until now when somehow he isn’t.  Now the national media is producing puff pieces on this former devil.  Jason Kenney is facing a leadership vote and suddenly the media likes him, the surest sign ever that Jason is simple part of the plan.  The media needs a devil but not a real one.  They know if Jason loses this fight a real conservative might emerge to take control of an important province.  They would of course demonize that person but they are still not willing to take the chance.

Look what happed in the US when Trump took over.  An outsider walked in and had things running better than they had in years.  All of the problems the media assured us could not be solved without the steady hand of government disappeared when the government interference disappeared.  It was that simple.  Just stop the government form doing stupid things.

Trump was dangerous and had to be eliminated.  Too many people were realizing that individuals can make better choices than government.  The American media and bureaucracy went to great lengths to get rid of Trump.  Now the Canadian media is pivoting and trying to prop up Jason Kenney.  That should tell Albertans how important it is to get rid of Jason Kenney.


Far less people would die if Government would just stop Helping

I found this article today.  The author took a detailed look at all cause mortality for the state of Massachusetts.  The author compared 2020 and 2021 to the previous 5 year period and found some interesting things.  Below are a two plots from the article.

This plot compares actuals from each year.  The author took this plot and flattened it by showing the weekly deviation from average for 2020 and 2021.

The black line is then deviation from average.  You can clearly see the impact of COVID starting in March of 2020 and then the smaller impact in the 2020/21 winter.  The Author makes a few very important observations from this plot.

  1. The COVID Epidemic was completely normal. The sharp peak in March 2020 and the smaller peak in the following winter is exactly what you expect as a new virus passes from epidemic to endemic.  You can see the 2 peaks match perfectly with the theoretical peaks presented in the lower plot.
  2. There was no 3rd, 4th, or 5th peak as the media would have you to believe. COVID was essentially over by March of 2021; before most people were vaccinated.  That led the author to make this statement.

The second wave blew itself out by the end of February 2021 before the C19 gene modification could be delivered to a significant portion of the population and take credit for stopping the deaths. Most of the vulnerable had already died or recovered with natural immunity. The great lie is that seasonal diseases like these can be anticipated, vaccinated against, and linger more than a couple years. None of that is true of the C19 type of disease. Everything government did was late and useless.

  1. The slow steady deviation from average that starts in June of 2021 is not normal. Waves of infections from new viruses or variants sharply deviate from the norm and then quickly fall back to average exactly the way the first 2 waves did.  A slow steady departure from normal is not due to a virus.
  2. The people who died during the first 2 waves of COVID were already past average life expectancy. The people who died during Q3 and Q4 of 2021 were much younger than average life expectancy.  As a result the anomalous period at the end of 2021 resulted in more years of life lost than the 2 waves of COVID.

It is well documented that COVID 19 can cause clotting and circulatory problems.  When the author looked at causes of death indeed he/she (I do not know the sex of the author and that is not due to my lack of a biology degree, I simply do not know who this person is) did find increased deaths from circulatory issues in 2020 likely associated with the epidemic.  2020 was higher than the 5 year average but of even more interest is that 2021 was significantly higher than 2020.  Gee I wonder what could have caused all of those blood clots and heart attacks after the epidemic was over.

If Government had done nothing this would have been over 13 months ago.  Instead Government blundered in with a mandatory solution to a problem that no longer existed.  The duration and impact of COVID 19 was increased by government stupidity.  Once again we see perfectly this simple truth.  There is no problem that Government cannot make worse by intervening.

Parents have failed their Children

The data in Ontario continues to get worse.  Triple jabbed are now twice as likely to get infected.

The only age group that the vaccines seem to be effective on are people over 60; the only group that should have been vaccinated in the first place.  In the 40 to 59 age group triple jabbed are nearly 3 times more likely to get sick than un-jabbed.  Across the board for every age group, except over 60, double and triple jabbed are far more likely to get COVID.  I don’t feel sorry for these people.  They chose to take part in an experiment without any due diligence.

There is one group that I do feel sorry for, however.  For some bizarre reason some Ontario parents have had their children vaxxed and boosted.  The results are no better for children.  For the age group 12 to 17 triple Jabbed are 30% more likely to get COVID and in the 5 to 11 group it is even worse. Triple jabbed children are 18 times more likely to get COVID.

What were these parents thinking? Children were never at risk from this virus.  No child needed these jabs.  The Jabs have already killed more children than the virus ever would and more children have been infected because of them.  Now we have this report showing prepubescent girls are getting painful vaginal lesions from the Jabs.  Rare medical conditions are no longer rare thanks to the jabs.  Why the hell can’t we just leave kids alone?  What government has done to children for the last 2 years disgusts me; almost as much as the parents who chose government over their own children.

Ukraine and the Great Reset

Why do media and western governments care so much about the war in Ukraine?  Unfortunately war even in 2022 is not uncommon.  The maps below shows countries that were at war before the Ukraine conflict began.

Mexico’s ongoing drug war has killed far more people than the Ukrainian conflict yet no one in the media is urging NATO to get involved.  So really what makes the Ukraine so special?  The only answer I can give you is Vladimir Putin.

The west caused this Ukraine war.  For 30 years we have been ensuring perpetual conflict between Russia and the Ukraine.  Any time the Ukraine got too close to Russia the west intervened to stir up hostilities.  War was inevitable and setting 2023 as a target date for Ukraine to join NATO guaranteed a war no later than 2022.

Quite obviously the west does not care about Ukraine or its borders.  Why would they?  The Klaus Schwab acolytes in charge of most western countries don’t believe in borders.  They believe in governance by appointed international bureaucrats like the ones in the WHO.  Intellectual midgets like Trudeau, Johnson, Macron, and Biden want to erase borders.  Their problem is that Russia and China have no desire to be ruled by such enormous nitwits.  You can’t have a global community when Russia and China still have borders.  The west views the Ukraine as an opportunity to remove Putin and Russia’s borders.

The media wants us to believe that the Ukraine is just the first step as Putin rebuilds the Soviet Union.  Despite Putin lamenting the collapse of the Soviet Union there is no evidence that he is trying to re-build it.  Putin intervened in the Syrian civil war but Syria is not now part of the new Soviet Union.  Syria is still an independent country.  They were a Russian ally before the civil war and they continue to be a Russian Ally not a client state.

Since taking power Putin has ruthlessly pursued policies that strengthen Russia.  Putin gets criticized because his personal wealth and his friend’s wealth have increased dramatically.  This is absolutely true but it is also true that life for average Russians has also improved under Putin.

Russia is still a poor country but their % change in GDP per capita has been better than Canada’s over the same period.  Vladimir Putin always puts Russia first.  The moron running Canada calls this over nationalism and it is not compatible with globalism.

The west wants to get rid of Putin for the same reason that they wanted to get rid of Trump.  Both men put their nation’s interests first.  Getting rid of Trump was easy.  All that was necessary was for a few thousand people to cast, or create out of the ether, 81 million votes.  Getting rid of Putin will be much harder.  It might require sacrificing thousands of Ukrainians.  Sadly, this is not a problem for the globalists who value no lives other than their own.

Vladimir Putin is one of 2 big stumbling blocks for the globalists and he is the important one.  China is larger and more powerful but they are also more vulnerable.  China does not have enough domestic oil production.  If the globalists can get rid of Putin and control Russia’s energy production they can strangle China.  Contrary to what the environmentalists tell you, the world can’t run without oil.

President Xi of China presents the same problem for the globalists as Putin.  The WEF treats Xi like a rock star.  They believe he is all in on the great reset since the reset is global communism and China is already communist.  Klaus Schwab is in for a nasty surprise.  China might be communist but Xi is not a globalist.  Xi is a nationalist who puts China first.  Xi is smarter than the leaders in the west and he has been playing them for fools for years.  Canada’s Prime Moron loves all things communist and this is what he had to say about China in 2013.

“There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime and say, ‘We need to go green, we want to start investing in solar’.”

Trudeau said it so you know 2 things; it is not true and it is incredibly stupid.  China did not turn their economy on a dime and embrace solar.  China made a lot of money selling solar panels to stupid people like Barrack Obama but they did not embrace or use solar.  Coal and oil continue to be China’s main energy sources.  During the Paris Climate accords China pledged to increase CO2 emissions until 2050 and then start to curb them.  Sane analysts pointed out that this matched the do nothing forecast for China.  China promised to do nothing about CO2 emissions and morons like Trudeau applauded them for it.

Like I said China has been playing the west for fools or a very long time.  The Chinese must laugh about how easy we make it for them when we elect lightweights like Trudeau.  China has no intentions of seceding their borders to the west.  That is why they are backing Putin.  As long as China has access to Russian energy China will dominate the west through trade.

We are witnessing a dramatic shift in Geopolitics right now.  The globalists are backing the Ukraine because it is an opportunity to complete the great reset.  Countries like China and India who are not willing to erase their borders and national identity are backing Russia.  I have no desire to see any more Ukrainians perish as pawns in this proxy war between the globalists and the nationalists.  But I also have no desire to live in a world that the globalists control.  I will not be happy when Klaus Schwab and his friends own everything.

The western globalists are playing a dangerous zero sum game right now.  It is all or nothing.  They either get rid of Putin or they lose everything and I do mean everything.  They thought they could cripple Putin by kicking Russia out of the swift financial system.  This system allows countries to trade internationally using the US dollar as the base currency.  Kicking Russia off this system might have been a fatal mistake by Joe Biden.

This swift system is the only thing propping up the US dollar.  The US gets away with massive deficit spending because printing money does not hurt them as long as the whole world is using US dollars.  If other countries stop using US currency for trade there will be trillions of US dollars floating around that are worthless outside of the US.  Money is like any commodity when there is an oversupply the value goes down.  Forcing Russia and their allies to set up a parallel system that uses other currencies will ultimately devalue the US dollar.  The globalists have painted themselves in a corner and everyone will pay for their hubris.

Are you following science or are you following Government?

In 2019 the science and Engineering about masks was clear.  They are ineffective at stopping the spread of airborne viruses.  You simply cannot stop a 0.1 micron virus or a 1.5 micron droplet with an 80 micron filter.  You need to be ignorant or stupid to think masks would make any difference.  Unfortunately for civilization, in 2020 ignorance and stupidity made a big comeback.

For 2 years masks have been forced on almost everyone.  The CDC even claimed that masks were the most important of all the public health measures.  No one questioned why, if masks were so effective, that we need to stand 6 feet apart or close any businesses.  Thankfully stupidity is not uniformly distributed.  It tends to be concentrated in left leaning areas.

Canada tilts so far left we always fall in to stupidity; masks were mandated everywhere.  The US on the other hand still has pockets of sanity; some areas used masks while others were too smart for that.  So what happened?  Was the pre 2020 science wrong?  Were masks as magical as the CDC said they were?  Well of course not.

The science said masks would not work and they did not.  Go figure.  Apparently science does not change just because people prefer stupidity.

There is nothing virtuous about willful ignorance and blind stupidity.  The people who loudly and sanctimoniously declare that they are follow science are not following science they are following government.  Government has more than its fair share of ignorance and stupidity yet they still know they are not following the science.  If they thought they were following the science they would be disseminating information rather than suppressing it.  No government has done a worse job at “following the science” than the Trudeau government.  That is why they go to such great lengths to suppress information.


Misinformation and disinformation is Orwellian doublespeak.  When a leftist tyrant like Trudeau uses those words they are synonymous with truth.  Justin just said that he will not deal with media who insist on telling the truth.  In Trudeau’s Canada media that insist on the truth are persecuted.  Media willing to repeat government lies are rewarded with money stolen form tax payers.  When you turn on the evening news or pick up one of the larger daily newspapers in Canada remember that all of these organizations have a “Qualified Canadian Journalism License”.  That means that every one of them has agreed to suppress the truth in return for cash payments from the government.

The last 2 years have conclusively proven Canadians do not value truth even when it can be backed with science.  Our country is broken beyond repair.  The last straw was a moron with great hair and a famous name.

In New Zealand the courts are now dispensing erroneous Medical Advice

A New Zealand court has ruled a father cannot see his children until he has been vaccinated to protect his children.  The judge also went on to rule that the youngest child must be vaccinated to protect his older sibling.  This is what happens when you appoint unintelligent, partisan political hacks to the bench.  It is hard to tell if this judge is a good party soldier or just plain stupid.  I can make this very simple for him.

  1. There is no such thing as a vaccine that protects other people. Vaccines protect the person who takes them.
  2. You cannot spread a disease that you do not have. It is not dangerous for vaccinated people to have contact with unvaccinated people.  It is dangerous for them to be around sick people, both vaccinated and unvaccinated.
  3. For Children the vaccine is far more dangerous than the virus.  The Judge forced the youngest child to take a treatment that will not protect his sibling but could well end his own life.

In his decision the judge lamented about vaccine misinformation.  He is correct vaccine misinformation is a serious problem and the judge himself is proof of that.  It is impossible to be more misinformed than this judge.

The prevailing narrative is that the vaccines are 100% safe but unvaccinated people are not.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If the vaccines were 100% safe how do you explain the 1000% increase in vaccinated athletes dying from heart attacks?

2 years ago this whole farce started when the government convinced us that seniors dying during flu season was somehow unheard of.  Now they want us to believe it is absolutely normal for young athletes in peak physical condition to drop dead on live TV.  No one of even average intelligence should believe this yet, incredibly, the only people questioning it are sports broadcasters.


It is always a toss-up for me.  I am not sure if I am more amazed that government even tried this or that we are letting them get away with it.  How the hell did humans ever climb down out of the trees and accomplish anything?

You can choose Life or you can choose Lockdowns, You can’t have Both

Canadians are sheep, we are blindly obedient to the Shepard of government.  The media pretends that there is a right and a left in Canada but there is not.  Politicians like Jason Kenney and Stephen Harper get labelled as far right but they are center left at best.  They are both big government, big spending leftist.  Canada is a country where all that exists is 50 shades of left.

That uniformity of thought brings uniformity of action.  Contrary to what you hear from the media Jason Kenney was not slow to implement COVID restrictions.  Jason along with the other premiers basically did the same things at the same time.  That means there is very little useful data coming out of Canada.  How do you compare the effectiveness of different mitigation programs when everyone used the same program?  You cannot prove a negative.

The US on the other hand is one big glorious mess.  There really is a left and a right and no uniformity of thought.  There was a spectrum of responses in the US that varied by state.  On one extreme is South Dakota that opted for 100% personal responsibility on the other is New York utilizing 100% government control.  This makes data from the US useful when trying to evaluate the effectiveness and damage from lockdowns.

A new paper has been published that does just that.  They ranked each state on economic, education, and mortality impacts.  For mortality impacts they did not just use COVID deaths they also factored in age adjusted excess deaths.  They found that higher economic impact from lockdowns lead to worse health outcomes (mortality).

So shutting down your economy made things worse and not better.  They did find, though, that shutting down schools gave better outcomes.

There is a big caveat on that finding however.  Take a look at both plots, Hawaii (circled in red) is anomalous on both.  If you remove Hawaii from the mix it makes the slope of the line change on both plots.  Shutting down the economy looks even worse and the slope on the education plot changes completely.  Instead of showing a decreased mortality by closing schools it shows increased mortality from school closures.

Hawaii is an island state that can easily control their borders.  Harsh lockdowns can work if you close your border.  We saw this in New Zealand as well but all you are doing is postponing the inevitable.  The virus will find its way in just as it has now in New Zealand.

Even when lockdowns work they don’t work.  Theoretically a lockdown would work if you stopped all movement of people; if everyone was imprisoned in their own home.  But then the lockdowns would be the same as the mRNA vaccines; you will not die of COVID but you will die.  This is something the people of Shanghai are finding out the hard way.


The Chinese Communist Party has no regard for human life.  By some estimates the Chinese Communist Party has killed more than 100 million Chinese citizens.  The idea for lockdowns 2 years ago came out of China.  Why on earth would we follow their advice?  A better question is why would 32% of the adults in Canada vote for a moron who openly admires Chinese dictatorship?

I think the study authors summed up their results perfectly.

The states that tilted this balancing act toward more individual freedom and choice had far superior outcomes than states where politicians, government agencies and courts made these decisions for them.

Imagine that, individual freedom is the answer.  It seems that using your own judgement is superior to following edicts issued by unintelligent sociopaths in government.  This is something I am sure most Canadians will find very difficult to understand.  They just might take that lack of understanding to their graves next winter as Justin Trudeau emulates his Chinese communist heroes again.

The first 3 shots failed so of course it is time for Another

There is a new Israeli study out that shows the efficacy of the 4th booster starts to wane almost immediately (the blue dots).

The study was only 8 weeks and the good news, if there is any, is that after 6 weeks there was still protection against severe infection (the red dots with error bars).  Unfortunately I don’t know if that finding is even significant.  The dominant strain now is Omicron.  Omicron produces cold like symptoms so I guess taking the 4th shot ensures the cold you get is not as bad.  I really don’t know why you would take experimental medication to reduce severity of the sniffles.

No one knows how long the protection against severe sniffles will last.  That is what is so obscene about this whole process; this is an experiment and governments have coerced billions to participate without informed consent.  This experiment is 16 months old now and has not produced any positive results.  The Jabs have not reduced infection, transmission, or deaths.  We should have called a halt to this long ago.

The first 2 jabs provided 4 to 6 months of protection, the third shot gave 3 to 4 months.  That trend suggests that the 4th will be less than 3 months.  Each jab wanes more quickly than the last.  Unfortunately the opposite is true of vaccine injuries.  The risk of myocarditis doubles with each jab.  Preventing severe COVID would require multiple shots per year, perhaps even monthly.  That would guarantee we would all die from vaccine injuries long before we die of COVID.

I am 100% certain that we will be locked down again next winter.  Once again the carrot will be dangled in front of us.  We will get our rights back only after we have all received our 4th shot.  Everyone I speak to tells me there is no way they are taking a booster but I don’t believe it.  When faced with the ultimatum again next winter they will all line up to be injected.  We may as well get used to it, this is our future thanks to our obedience.


Coming to a Canadian city near you, sooner than you think.

The problem is Obedience

A friend sent me this article 2 days ago.   The article takes data from New Zealand’s latest COVID surveillance report.  New Zealand employed aggressive lockdowns, restrictions, masks, and vaccination.  Overall their vaccination rate is slightly lower than Canada but their % of boosters is slightly higher.  So what did New Zealand get for denying citizen’s their rights and enriching pharmaceutical companies?

Vaccinated people are far more likely to fall ill.

And far more likely to be hospitalized.

There still appears to be some benefit from boosters with respect to deaths which is odd that you can become sicker yet not die.  The “death benefit” so to speak is only with people over 70.  It is possible that this is real or it is also possible that the seniors dying without a booster may have been too sick to get a booster.  It would be senseless to give a booster to a senior on their death bed.

At best this data indicates that vaccines and boosters should have been targeted for high risk seniors only.  At worst it says the vaccines and boosters only made things worse.  If I was a betting man I would put my money on the latter since New Zealand also has a high number of excess deaths that cannot be associated with COVID.

New Zealand is just another glaring example proving;

  • Lockdowns don’t work.
  • Masks don’t work.
  • The jabs make things worse
  • Government Tranny results in excess deaths.

No country that employed these strategies can show success yet there is a continued push to repeat the same things that have not worked in 2 years.  People just will not let go of the fear  and politicians will not let go of the power.  Politicians will always have that power as long as we have the fear.  So why can’t we let go of the fear?  Well as JP Sears points out at the end of this video the world has 2 types of people; critical thinkers and obedient.


JP is hopeful that the obedient will eventually become critical thinkers.  I hold no such hope.  The obedient far outnumber the critical thinkers and most of the obedient simply are not capable of critical thought.  I have a friend who puts it this way.  Modern society is an inverted pyramid.  At the bottom of the pyramid is a small group of people who develop, implement, and maintain new technologies.  Everyone above that benefit from this but do not contribute to it in any meaningful way.  If the bottom group of critical thinkers performing all the value add work were to disappear society would come crashing down.  We would be back in the Stone Age within a few generations.

We are victims of our own success.  Technology has made it possible for large numbers of people to survive without contributing.  That was OK until those people started driving the bus.