The escalation Continues

The COVID vaccines provide no public health benefit.  They do not prevent infection or transmission.  This may be hard for the virtue signaling COVIDiots to hear, but your vaccine does not protect others.  In fact the overall impact of the COVID vaccines, and in particular the mRNA vaccines, is negative.  Our health care systems will be busy treating vaccine injuries for years to come.  Unfortunately this obvious lack of public health benefit has not kept COVID vaccines from becoming public health policy.

Germany just tried to make COVID vaccines mandatory for people over 50.  Thankfully that vote was lost by a significant margin.  I doubt this will deter the German COVIDiots because direct legislation is not the only way governments get what they want.  Vaccine coercion is much more prevalent that vaccine legislation.  Governments are very adept at using corporations to do their dirty work.  Denying medical services to unvaccinated has been used but this story takes it to another level.  Hospitals are now denying medical treatment because someone else is not vaccinated.

The Cleveland clinic is refusing to perform a kidney transplant for a sick 9 year old because the donor (his father) is unvaccinated.  The father does not need a vaccine.  He has already had COVID and even produced a T cell test to prove it.  The clinic is not swayed by science, because this is not about science, public health, or even the personal health of their young patient.  This is about compliance and the message is clear.  Get vaccinated or watch your child die a slow death.

Two years later, 2 weeks to flatten the curve evolved in to threatening the lives of children to force capitulation to government.

The Best COVID Jab is not the one we are using

A few months ago I saw Dr. Peter McCullough testify before congress.  During his testimony he asked a very important question.  If we want everyone to take the Jab why is no one trying to determine if one Jab might be superior to the others?  If the only solution is the Jab shouldn’t we be concerned about which jab to take?  After all not all treatments are created equal.  Well someone has finally done that research and the clear winner is Johnson and Johnson.

The study followed nearly 200,000 people split almost evenly between vaccine and placebo groups.  Johnson and Johnson was the only vaccine to have no COVID deaths in the Vaccine group but that is not the most important part.  The important part was that the Johnson and Johnson Jab eliminated COVID deaths without increasing deaths from other causes.  That did not happen with any other manufacturers.

The mRNA vaccines were the worst.  Both Pfizer and Moderna did reduce COVID deaths but every COVID death prevented came at the cost of a death from another cause, usually heart attack.  This terrible performance is not at all surprising.  Pfizer’s own trial showed more deaths in the vaccine group than in the placebo group yet somehow a vaccine that increased overall mortality got approved because it decreased COVID mortality.  Apparently the FDA views a COVID death as somehow more tragic than any other death.

Incredibly, this study still makes the mRNA vaccines look better than they really are.  We are only one year in to this and new research shows mRNA vaccines significantly increase risk of future heart attacks.

The mRNA vaccines are not done killing yet.  People will continue to die from vaccine induced heart disease for years to come.  The final tally on the mRNA vaccines will show that every COVID death prevented came at the cost of more than one cardiovascular death yet this still does not paint the full picture of the carnage.

Not all vaccine injuries result in death.  Heart attacks, strokes, and nerve damage that do not kill can still produce permanent life altering disabilities.  Thousands of these types of injuries have already been reported.  The study showed that for an mRNA vaccine to prevent a single COVID death, 12,500 people must be jabbed.  That is 12,500 people who must take the risk of death or permanent disability to prevent a single COVID death.  How can a vaccine that does not prevent a single death (overall) and puts thousands at risk of permanent disability be approved?

I wish this was as bad as it gets but sadly it is not.  We must consider that COVID deaths occur in elderly ill people.  People who are unlikely to survive the next flu season, especially when you consider the flu vaccines are as ineffective, but thankfully less deadly, as the COVID vaccines.

This is what makes mass vaccination with mRNA vaccines such incredibly poor public health policy.  The number of years of life preserved is far lower than the number of years of life lost.  Even if these jabs prevented transmission, which they definitely do not do, this would still be a poor trade.  The jabs should have always been voluntary.  High risk seniors may still have accepted the risk for the chance of one more Christmas with their unjabbed family.


The Great Reset is moving ahead at full Throttle.

A necessary condition for the great reset is elimination of private property.  They don’t even try to hide that goal.

So exactly why is private property “unsustainable”?  The sustainability argument has always been misleading.  How do you determine what is and is not sustainable?  Since the earth is 4.5 billion years old doesn’t that tell us everything that has happened up until now has been sustainable?

If private property is not sustainable does that mean property is rapidly decreasing?  Will eliminating property rights result in a rapid rebound in property numbers?  Of course not, that is absurd.  There will always be property and it will always be owned by someone.  Klaus is really saying property will be owned by government and you will pay rent just as the King owned all land and serfs paid him rent to use it.

The great reset is not a jump forward it is a step back in to feudalism and Klaus Schwab acolytes are busy working to confiscate private property.  The Ontario government is ushering in a police state to facilitate confiscating private property at any time for any reason.


I really like how the government minister justified this unconstitutional law.  Remember this is a government that shut down the economy and caused irreparable damage for 2 years, but the real problem to them is protesters who disrupted commerce for a few days.  According to Doug Ford the constitution must be violated to ensure that negatively impacting the economy is exclusively the domain of government.

It is not just in Canada where the government is openly discussing confiscating property.  This is from Ireland.

Now who could object to that?  Giving up your home to house Ukrainian Women and Children displaced by war is virtuous isn’t it?  Well I would like to introduce you to these unfortunate Ukrainian refugees.


The war in Syria produced real refugees along with a flood of fake ones.  Now we are seeing the same with the Ukrainian war.  The fake refugees are predominantly military age men from the Middle East.  They are obviously not refugees yet the first time they were all allowed to stay just as these fake refugees will be allowed to stay.

When the Government takes your home and gives it to a group of military age men from an indeterminate country do you really think you will ever get it back?  It started with cold and flu season and now has progressed to property confiscation.  Remember when the government takes your property that you have no one to blame but yourself.

Pockets of Truth still exist, just not in Canada

The following video is full of so much truth that it is a miracle it appeared on a major news broadcast.


In 8 minutes they managed to hit every important point of this manufactured crisis.


I envy a country that can have an intelligent discussion like this on a major network.  Of course this could never happen in Canada where Justin Trudeau is busy buying off the networks again.  Canadian’s will never see anything on the evening news that has not already been approved by the people behind the sock puppet that is Justin Trudeau.  The first casualty of war is the truth.  When will Canadians finally admit we are at war with government?

Denial is facilitating a very bleak Future

As long as people hold on to their irrational fears this will never end.  There will always be another virus.  That statement has always been true.  The only thing that has changed is that viral outbreaks are now very predictable.  They can happen any time a politician needs one.  All they must do is instruct the lab to release another one.


After all what is the sense of paying for a virus if you never use it?

While the engineered and released virus can be deadly, in the grand Scheme of things that is not the problem.  The problem is how the politicians use it and the collateral damage along the way.  In the cradle of fascism they are still discussing violating the code developed because the Germans did the same thing nearly a century ago.  The Alberta government has opted for a different order of events.  Jason Kenney has decided to postpone mandatory vaccinations until after he eliminates free speech.

Eliminating free speech was the higher priority due to the upcoming UCP leadership convention.  Now when Jason Kenney produces thousands of fraudulent mail in ballots to retain power, no one will be allowed to complain about it.  The law will also come in handy when Alberta’s Communist in conservative clothing turns his gaze back towards forced vaccinations.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of vaccine failure these tyrants won’t let up.  The vaccines are obviously making things worse so we must admit that making things worse is their objective.  Once people are too ill to work, or have no job prospects within the collapsing economy, there will be no option but to submit to complete government control.  Government will once again appear in the role of savior.  A white knight saving us from the dragon they unleashed themselves.

Their goal is complete control and they do not care how many people die for them to achieve it.  The destruction has only just begun and one of the early casualties looks to be professional Tennis.  We are watching vaccine injuries manifest in front of our own eyes on national television yet people still refuse to believe.  The public’s stubborn refusal to acknowledge reality is exactly why governments are able to get away with this.

The Sheep are to blame for the destruction of Canada

None of this would have happened if we had just said no in March 2020.  When the government told us there was a new virus and we must protect the hospitals we just should have said no.  We should have demanded that the government explain why we spend billions every year on a health care system that we cannot use when we need it.  Had we done that we could have gotten to the root of the problem much sooner.

Despite the fact that Canada spend as much or more than every other country on this list we are at the bottom for system capacity.  Where the hell did all the money go?  The sad fact is that our governments destroyed lives and the economy to cover up their gross mismanagement of health care, and we let them do it.

The root of the problem is government incompetence.  This is a problem that will never be solved because government will always be incompetent.  People do not go in to government because they are having too much success managing large complex organizations.  Those people are all I n the private sector making too much money to be bothered with a career in politics.  We are not governed by the best and brightest.  We are governed by sociopaths with no marketable job skills.  Our problem was never a virus, it is that government manages hospitals, a task they are completely unqualified to for.

The solution to government incompetence is not more government yet that was the solution proposed in March of 2020.  Government mismanagement of health care would be overcome by surrendering our rights and giving more power to government.  Only an idiot could agree with this yet most Canadians did agree.  We handed unprecedented power to some of the most disgusting people our country has ever produced and look where that got us.  Doug Ford is moving to make his new power permanent and Jason Kenney is arresting more street preachers.


It has been 2 years and some of us still have not learned our lesson.  This idiot thinks the solution to government mismanagement of health care is to centralize and give government even more control over health care.

Just as the solution to a bad vaccine is not to use more of it, the solution to bad government is not to have more of it.  The world needs far fewer COVID Jabs and far less government but that is unlikely to happen because of our cowardice in March of 2020.  The world is now facing food shortages and we have no one to blame but ourselves.  Anyone who wore a mask, used a vaccine passport, watched friend’s businesses be destroyed and said nothing is to blame for all of this.  You caused it, it is time you shoulder the shame for it.

Our descent into Stupidity is Accelerating

CUPE local 4400 just lost their fight with the Toronto District school Board in arbitration.  The Union was fighting mandatory vaccination.  The Union argued that the mandates violate the charter of rights and are unnecessary because unvaccinated staff can simply be tested with rapid antigen tests.  Below are the Arbiters reasons for ruling against the union.

  • The policy did not violate anyone’s life, liberty or security of person and, accordingly, there had been no s. 7 Charter breach
  • He preferred the TDSB’s expert’s opinion that RATS do not provide the same level of protection
  • Arbitrator Kaplan found, as agreed by both parties’ experts, that vaccination is the best way to prevent transmission of COVID-19

This decision is stunningly stupid and easily makes Arbiter William Kaplan the COVIDiot of the week.  Let’s just recap his decision.  In a nut shell this is what he decided.

  • Being forced to take a treatment with well documented side effects of permanent disability and sudden death does not violate the security of your person.
  • A test proving you are not sick is insufficient. Apparently the risk that you can transmit a disease THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE is just too high to accept.
  • A medical treatment that, by design, cannot prevent infection or transmission is the best way to prevent transmission.

In fairness to Mr. Kaplan the union for some bizarre reason presented expert opinion that the vaccines prevent transmission.  Why the hell would they submarine their own case by doing that?  They paid an “expert” to destroy their own case when all they had to do was present Ontario’s own data.

Ontario’s own public data shows the lowest risk of infection comes from being unvaccinated.  How can the lowest risk of infection also be the highest risk of transmission?  I feel compelled to point out, again, you cannot transmit a disease you do not have.  Exactly when did our collective IQ drop so far that we can’t understand this?

COVID 19 policies are an IQ test and we are failing it miserably.

The media and Fake “Experts” will never let this go

The COVID media fear porn continues.   According to this “expert” now we even need to fear mild cases and the best way to avoid the sniffles is to shut down the economy again.  There is a small problem with his plan though.  Even the media is starting to notice that lockdowns do not work.

Things must be really bad if the New York post is getting this close to the actual truth.  This will never be over until we round up every one of these fake “experts” along with the corrupt journalists who broadcast this nonsense and get rid of them.  I vote we give them a rifle and drop them in the middle of the Ukraine.  They can explain to the Russians how dangerous a case of the sniffles can be.

Seriously all it takes to stop this is for us to stand up and say no.  A group of terminated employees filed a human rights complaint and the University of Toronto dropped their mandate.  Governments and corporation know what they are doing is illegal.  They only get away with it because we are letting them get away with it.  If we continue to roll over and accept this it will never end.  It is not and never has been about a virus.  This has always been about politicians and bureaucrats abusing power we never should have given them.