A story of Boxers and Babies

I am a boxing fan.  Boxing is a brutal contact sport and over the years a handful of boxers have died in the ring.  These deaths were always the result of years of accumulated trauma.  Boxers who stayed in the ring long after they should have retired.  That’s what makes this recent death so odd.


German middle weight champion Musa Yamak collapsed not from head trauma but from a heart attack at the peak of his career.  Add him to the list of vaccinated young athletes in peak condition dying from a heart attack.

People are dying on camera in front of live audiences and we are still supposed to pretend that this is all normal or some big mystery.  Like this mysterious increase in newborn deaths.  From Boxers to babies the vaccine kills indiscriminately.  It is time to wake up and stop this.

A Pyric Victory for Albertans

Don’t raise a glass yet.  Getting rid of Jason Kenney is not the victory that it should be.

I voted for Jason Kenney.  It was the worst mistake I have ever made and I have lived long enough to make plenty of mistakes.  Jason Kenney was the wrong man, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.  He came along when Albertans were at a very low point.  Albertans had suffered through a series of poor premiers culminating with Rachel Notley, an old school communist who worked hard to destroy the economy with taxes and regulations.  At the time Jason looked like the answer to our prayers.

Jason won a huge majority and things looked bright but it did not take long for the honeymoon to end.  On the campaign Jason said all the right things but then as Premier he did none of them.  As a career politician Jason had all the right words but he did not understand any of them.  He promised to get rid of red tape but could not because he does not understand that red tape is excessive government regulation.  I am sure he is still stumbling around the province looking for physical red tape wrapped around Albertans that he can heroically remove.

Under normal circumstances Jason would have been just one more in a growing line of poor premiers, unfortunately 2020 was not normal circumstances.  In 2020 the left weaponized cold and flu season to usher in the great reset.  Alberta needed a leader and all we had was Jason Kenney.

Jason did not have the courage or intelligence to do the right thing.  Everyone was locking down and Deena Hinshaw was urging Jason to destroy the economy.  Jason followed the herd because politically it was the safe thing to do.  Then when people questioned how unemployment became such a potent antiviral, Jason did the only thing he is good at, he lied.  For the next 2 years as Albertan’s suffered Jason’s strategy did not change.  He alternated between Lying and hiding behind Deena Hinshaw’s skirt.  Hardly a good look for a leader.

To Jason’s dismay his strategy was not as safe as he thought it would be.  There are still too many independent thinkers in Alberta.  Lies and economic destruction proved to be popular everywhere in Canada except Alberta.  Even with the media’s help Jason could not convince Albertans that lives needed to be destroyed to fight a virus.  Jason tried to calm the waters by promising a leadership vote and that brings us to where we are today.

Jason won the vote by a small margin but promptly resigned before anyone could question the veracity of the mail in ballots.  Getting rid of this incompetent, evil, little man should be cause for celebration but it is not because he is not gone.  Jason is staying on as leader until a new leader can be appointed.  This is the worst possible outcome for Albertans.

With Jason Kenney in charge Albertan’s were headed to another disastrous Notley NDP government.  Communists might not be bright but they are loyal.  After 4 terribly destructive years Rachel Notley did not lose much support.  The people who support her did not lose their appetite for government handouts.  Jason only defeated Rachel because he was able to convince the majority to vote UCP rather than Wild Rose, the other conservative option.  Due to Jason’s inability to handle a fake emergency, conservative votes are leaking to the Wild Rose and Rachel Notley is again poised to come up the middle.  The future looks very dim for Albertans.

The only way for the UCP to avoid vote splitting is to pick a leader who will apologize to Albertans and admit the UCP were wrong.  How can that happen with Jason Kenney still in charge?  How can any candidate step forward and promise to hold people accountable for this farce when the man who caused it is still in power?  That candidate would be promising to punish the current Premier and leader of the party.

The best outcome would have been for Jason Kenney to have received so little support that he resigned immediately and slinked back to Ottawa where he belongs.  With Jason Kenney clearly out of the way and out of the province the UCP could turn this around.  There is no hope of that with Kenney still temporarily in charge.  Albertan’s just won a battle that leaves them unable to defeat Rachel Notley and the NDP.  Communism is on the horizon.  So are permanent lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations.

Or a virus either.

The Coronation of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Leslyn Lewis is one of the leading candidates to take over the leadership of the Canadian Conservative Party.  She is one of the pro-freedom candidates and the only one to take a strong stand against the WHO pandemic Response Treaty that Justin Trudeau has already signed.  The Treaty has not yet come in to effect because the final wording is still being drafted.  Remarkably most countries like Canada signed this treaty without knowing what would be in the final draft.  Like most crimes this was all done under the cover of darkness.  There has been very little media coverage of our government signing a blank piece of paper and handing it to the WHO to do with what they want.

As the deadline for the final draft looms finally people are starting to notice and question why an organization controlled by China should be able to override our governments.


It is good that people are starting to push back but this gentleman and Leslyn Lewis still don’t get it.  This treaty does not just allow the WHO to mandate injections that kill young people.  This treaty gives the WHO control of everything.  The COVID restrictions were never about a virus and the Pandemic response treaty is not about Pandemics.  With the left nothing is ever what it seems.  Things have different names and different stated objectives but those are always lies.  The objective is always the same; control and transfer of wealth.

So how does the WHO use a pandemic response treaty to control everything?  The answer to that is another question.  How do you define a pandemic?  Is a pandemic a public health emergency affecting multiple countries simultaneously?  The WHO certainly thinks so.  That is why last October the WHO declared climate change to be a public health emergency.

Climate change is the Holy Grail for the left because climate change is about energy consumption.  If you control energy you control everything.  You control travel, commerce, housing, and food production.  For the left climate change is the issue that gives them ultimate power to transfer your wealth into their bank accounts.  If climate change is a public health emergency then signing this treaty gives the WHO control of you and your bank account.

Climate change is about control and wealth transfer.  COVID is about control and wealth transfer.  The Pandemic response treaty is about control and wealth transfer.  Are you sensing a pattern yet?  This treaty is not about giving up control during a pandemic.  This treaty is about giving up democracy and rule of law.


Masks are not just Ineffective they are Harmful

I have posted multiple articles on Masks over the last 2 years.  The engineering on masks just does not work.  The virus and the fine aerosols that encapsulate it are too small to be caught in the course weave of a cloth or ear loop mask.  There is simply no way that masks can stop transmission and there are many good reasons to not wear a mask as this recent study points out.  The study correlated mask usage to COVID infections and fatalities for 35 European countries.  The plots below are from the study.

The researchers found increased mask usage resulted in higher infections and deaths.  The correlation on infections was not as good as the correlation on deaths.  When those two plots are considered together the result is that mask usage increased the infection fatality ratio.  So masks did not prevent infections and increased your chance of dying after infection.

These results are not that surprising.  While masks cannot stop a virus they do form an effective breathing barrier.  The increased pressure while exhaling and reduced pressure while inhaling causes CO2 to accumulate under the mask which reduces the amount of oxygen inhaled.  It causes a condition called Hypoxia which can lead to permanent organ damage.  Hypoxia weakens your body and your immune system.  The Terrain really does matter.

I have mentioned before that I work in the oil industry.  In my industry workers sometimes need to enter vessels or other confined spaces for inspections and repair.  When we prepare a space for entry the space is cleaned and well ventilated.  The atmosphere is then tested for toxins and oxygen content.  If toxins are present or if the oxygen content is less than 19% I cannot allow a worker to enter without supplied air.  I could be fined or imprisoned if I expose a worker to less than 19% oxygen for even a few minutes.

The oxygen content beneath a cloth or ear lop mask can easily fall below 19% and remain there for as long as the mask is worn.  So why is it criminal for a company to expose a worker to less than 19% oxygen for seconds but OK for the government to force that on children for 2 years?

Government tells us that they saved us with lockdowns, masks, and vaccines yet every one of those interventions has now been shown to increase the number of deaths.  Government has done nothing but destroy the economy, and cause rampant inflation while killing thousands of people.  In March of 2020 we would have been far better off if we had locked down government rather than the rest of society.

Incredibly, despite the government killing spree the world did not see a significant increase in deaths during this plandemic.  Watch this short video and ask yourself why we lost our minds over a normal cold and flu season.


People ask me how I so quickly determined this was a farce.  The answer is simple.  The numbers never indicated that we had a problem.  People may have been dying from COVID but the total number of people dying was never outside the bounds of what should be considered normal.  The only reason anyone thought we had a problem was because the media told us we had a problem.  We allowed the media to convince us we had a crisis when none existed.  Then we allowed government to impose restrictions on us that were 100% harmful.  Our blind obedience got others killed; we should be ashamed.



Vaccines and Baby Formula, 2 different Profit Margins, 2 Different Results

The wealthiest country the world in history has run out of Baby formula.  There are only 3 plants in the United States that produce baby formula.  One of them run by Abbott Nutrition was shut down by the FDA in February because 4 infants became ill.  The plant is still waiting on FDA approval to re-open.  It is worth noting that a whistle blower contact the FDA in October 2021 and the FDA took no action until Abbott voluntarily recalled some of their product.

For 3 months the FDA had reason to believe infants were being put at risk and they did nothing.  With the factory closure infants have also been at risk yet nothing has been done.  Even after another 3 months the company and the FDA have not found a way to make this factory compliant.  There seems to be no urgency to feeding infants in America.

So the FDA did not care if infants were at risk of illness before and they now don’t care if infants face starvation.  When it comes to infants the FDA does not care if they live or die.  Why is that?  Does the FDA’s ambivalence towards life always result in such a dysfunctional process?  It certainly didn’t when it came to the vaccines.

In 6 months the FDA has done nothing to address the baby formula shortage but it took them only 2 months to give emergency approve to 4 experimental vaccines.  Don’t staving babies constitute and emergency?  For baby formula the FDA is following every protocol.  Dotting every I and Crossing every T.  For the COVID vaccines all the rules were thrown out.  Pfizer got approved despite not following up on 85% of the suspected cases and having more deaths with vaccines than placebos.  Now we find out Moderna’s data was no better.  The caption below is from the linked article.


“The original Moderna clinical trial data, which should have been available to regulatory agencies at least since the Moderna package was presented for licensure, reveals that while 93% of unvaccinated controls produced the SARS-CoV-2 anti-nucleocapsid antibody after infection, only 40% of the vaccinated produced this antibody at detectable levels after infection.


That is doctor speech for natural infection produces a normal immune response 93% of the time.  Infection after a Moderna jab produces a normal immune response only 40% of the time.  Moderna’s own data shows their jab suppresses immune system response.

Operation warp speed applies to experimental vaccines but does not apply to proven industrial processes that just happen to keep babies alive.  Both problems pose a significant health risk to a large demographic.  COVID to seniors, baby formula to infants.  Why is there such a disparity between the 2 issues?  I think the headline from the linked Fortune article says it all.

America is running out of baby formula because 3 companies control the market and babies aren’t that profitable

The FDA really is unconcerned about human life.  It is all about the Benjamins.  The profit margins in COVID vaccines are absurd while Baby formula margins are slim.  Read in to this what you want but I know what this tells me.  No one at the FDA is getting rich off baby formula.  I can’t say that about COVID vaccines.

There are too few Adults in Canada

The government pandemic response was never about a virus it was always about control.  In short it was a small group of disgusting criminals doing disgusting things for their own benefit.  These people should never have been handed power yet almost every western country did hand them power.  In most countries the rot goes right to the top as it does in Canada.  It would be very difficult to find anyone more disgusting or least deserving of power than Justin Trudeau.  In this video the petulant man-child explains why it is crucial for Ukrainians to have freedoms that he denies to Canadians.


While in the Ukraine he also took time to let us know that he is unsafe around vaccinated people.

Or maybe that is safe to be around unvaccinated people as long as they are not Canadian.  The picture on the right is Trudeau in the Ukraine where almost no one is vaccinated, so he does not need a mask.  The picture on the left is Trudeau the next day in Canada where almost everyone is vaccinated, so a mask is essential.

Justin Trudeau is destined to be remembered as the worst mistake Canadians have ever made and he is just getting started.  His deal with Jagmeet allows him to stay in power long enough for the senate to pass bill C10.  Bill C-10 is an internet regulation bill.  Justin wants to censor people like me who point out that he is an unintelligent, willfully ignorant, narcissistic, perpetual adolescent.

Justin is not the only elected official desperate to conceal information of his crimes.  We are seeing similar behavior from all of the great reset crowd.  All of them are trying to convince us that we would be safer if they controlled the information just as we would be safer if they controlled COVID.  After 26 months of government control do you feel safer?  We do not need government to protect us from a virus or information.  People just need to grow up and turn on their bullshit detectors.


Bill Mahr is a hard core leftist and he lets his political bias show but he is not wrong about free speech.  A real adult is perfectly capable of dealing with speech; even speech that they do not agree with.  Just because our country is run by a child does not mean we must behave like children.


The Political Elite do not Value Lives other than their Own

4 days ago I posted information from a recent Danish study that showed the adenovirus vaccines had overall better health outcomes than the mRNA vaccines.  Before you run out to get your J&J or AstraZeneca vaccine there are still a couple things to consider.  The Study looked only at deaths and did not consider permanent injuries.  Unfortunately the COVID vaccines don’t just kill they also maim, something this woman found out the hard way.


She took the safer AstraZeneca option and is now dealing with neurological damage.  Her injury happened more than a year ago and there has been no improvement.  She now manages a serious, permanent, health condition.  This was her reward for obeying government.

The other thing to consider is that the study was for a defined period of time in which COVID was still epidemic.  COVID is now endemic and has mutated in to less lethal variants.  With time COVID will claim fewer lives while the vaccines will continue kill at the same rate.  A significant percentage of people who suffered heart damage will surely die over the next few years.

Even if we stop vaccinating, people will continue to die from injuries suffered at the hands of government.  Ultimately government with their mandates will kill more people than the virus.  In the UK the vaccines are already killing more people than they save while the insurance industry in the US is facing bankruptcy from all the young people dying.

If vaccinations were suspended today historians could be kind and describe they entire COVID period as a colossal, tragic mistake.  The problem is that the elite have no intentions of stopping.  Too many people are making far too much money off the suffering of others.  COVID will not be remembered as a mistake because it was very much intentional.  A handful of people who lust for power and profit have killed and injured millions.  They know what they are doing and they just don’t care.

Canadian Media Proving the World Does not need more Canada

For years the great reset crowd hid in plain sight.  The first meeting was held in 1971 and for 5 decades the media dutifully ignored them.  Then COVID came along and changed everything.  COVID pushed Klaus Schwab so close to his goal of returning to feudalism that he got cocky; he enthusiastically explained his agenda on camera.  He gleefully bragged about corrupting Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party of Canada.  Klaus was no longer worried about saying the silent part out loud.

Normally the media could still bury this by simply ignoring it.   Unfortunately for the media, that won’t work this time.  There are simply too many connecting threads and too many people who refuse to look away.  During the great COVID Tyranny independent thinkers noticed 2 damning pieces of evidence.

  1. The COVID restrictions made no sense. They seemed to be designed to make things worse.  Some had no possible medical applications but all of them led to economic destruction.
  2. The “leaders” who did the most damage were all closely associated with Klaus Schwab. Every press release from Ardern, Trudeau, Johnson, and Macron were just quotes lifted right out of Klaus Schwab’s books.

COVID restrictions were obviously not about a virus so Independent thinkers are asking the same uncomfortable question.  Why were Klaus Schwab’s greatest admirers so anxious to destroy wealth?

The Basis of the great reset is “you will own nothing and you will be happy”.  For the first time in human history poverty will somehow bring joyful bliss.  The thing about property, though, is that it will still exist.  Houses, cars, machinery, farms, businesses, all these things will still exist and someone will still own them, it just won’t be you.

That’s what makes the great reset a return to feudalism.  Everything will be owned by the ruling elite, the new royalty.  Ordinary people will be forced to rent everything from their local overload.  The stumbling block for Klaus has always been that a lot of property is owned by the wrong people.  Essentially you are the stumbling block because you already own the things that Klaus wants you to rent.  So how does Klaus transfer your wealth to his chosen elite?

Wealth can be stolen quickly through force or slowly through regulation, taxation, and inflation.  Stealing by force can lead to violent resistance and can be dangerous for the thief.  Strangulation by malicious regulation is far safer and certain.  The problem is that it takes time.  Time that Klaus may not have now that the Great Reset cat is out of the bag.  By jumping the gun and bragging before reaching the finish line Klaus has made things more difficult; which is why the media now must do damage control.

The great reset crowd has again enlisted the media to clean up their crime scene.  The Globe and mail was only too happy to oblige.  The playbook is the same one we have seen throughout the planedemic.  Do not believe your lying eyes.  The Great reset is a conspiracy theory.  Ignore all the Klaus Schwab interviews and books.  They never really happened.  Most importantly you must understand this; just because leaders are doing everything from the great reset playbook it does not mean that there is a great reset playbook.  It is all just one big coincidence.

The globe did throw in one new wrinkle however.  They are demanding recalcitrant politicians immediately toe the line.


But it’s time for politicians who have flirted with it – both Mr. Poilievre and fellow leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis have tweeted about the Great Reset – to say there is no such cabal. The distrust is already no small thing.


To the globe, it is simply unacceptable for public figures to flirt so dangerously with the truth.  The truth breeds distrust in government which as the Globe points out is no small thing.  The Globe’s ridiculous demand for conformity might work in Canada, but something tells me I won’t work with this guy.



Canadians smugly love to repeat “the world needs more Canada”.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Right now the world needs a lot less Canada.  Specifically the world needs far less Canadian politicians and media.

The FDA Admits it was never about Science

In March of 2020 politicians flipped a switch and turned the economy off.  We were told that it was necessary to keep the whole world from dying of COVID.  They simply had no choice but to “follow the science”.  The science never said that economic destruction was an effective antiviral.  Anyone who understood even basic science knew that science had nothing to do with what was happening.

The problem with our modern society is that almost no one understands science.  It is ironic that the application of good science is what makes this modern world possible but you need zero science knowledge to exist comfortably within it.  That is why it so easy for the government to lie.  Government can always find a person with the title of Doctor to appear on TV and say whatever government wants.  99% of the population would take everything the “expert” said at face value.  If Dr. Anthony Fauci went on TV and told people coronavirus in sewage means that butt plugs are the best way to prevent transmission, 99% of the population would not leave the house without one firmly in place.

For 2 years the government “followed the science” which remarkably made them more powerful and their friends more wealthy.  The fly in the ointment was the 1% of the population that understood science.  These people simply would not shut up.  Worse yet they spent their own money to force disclosure of documents the government would rather conceal.  Every new release of Pfizer documents shows how incredibly fraudulent and unscientific the vaccine trials were.  The latest release shows that one study group was completely fictitious and 96% of pregnancies failed.

Even non science types understand that fake people and dead babies are not good science.  In fact the only good science the government used was psychology.  Something people are also finally realizing.


Governments have a serious problem.  They can’t ride the “following the science” horse any longer.  Too many people realize they are lying.  I had hoped that when we got to this point the government would have no choice but to quit.  Boy was I naïve again.  All that happened is that the government simply stopped trying to hide.  The FDA has announced that the children’s vaccines will not need to clear the 50% efficacy threshold.

The threshold now is that the vaccines will be approved as long as the efficacy in children is similar efficacy in adults.  The efficacy in adults is negative so in effect the FDA just announced that the data does not matter.  The vaccine for children will be approved come hell or high water.  The government was hiding behind science, now they are simply hiding behind authority.  Even the people still wearing butt plugs are bound to notice that.

Another expert who won’t take the vaccine, even the best one

A friend sent me the link to this video interview of Dr. Christine Stabell Benn.  The study they are discussing I linked on my April 8th post.  Dr. Benn has been researching unexpected vaccine effects for years.  On October 25th 2021, I posted a Ted Talk she gave presenting her research.

Dr. Benn has discovered that all vaccines are not created equal.  Live virus vaccines have overall positive health benefits while dead virus  vaccines lead to overall negative health benefits.  With the advent of mRNA and adenovirus vaccines we have entered a new world.  Now we don’t even use a dead virus we just program your body to build a piece of the virus. In my post I asked this question.

 If a dead virus conditions a poor immune response what does a piece of a dead virus do?

Dr. Benn’s latest research attempts to answer that question.  What she found was that Adenovirus vaccines, which do use a live virus, just not a SARS COV 2 virus have much better outcomes than mRNA vaccines.

The most common Adenovirus vaccines are Astra Zeneca and Johnson and Johnson.  In the Interview Dr. Benn lumps both in to the same group but that does not do justice to the J&J vaccine.  As I detailed on April 8th the J&J vaccine is the clear winner.  The plot below is built from Dr. Benn’s data.

J&J had by far the best record for vaccine group deaths.  Incredibly, the plot actually makes Pfizer and Moderna look much better than they really are.  The same number of people died in both vaccine and placebo groups which makes the vaccines look simply ineffective.  Unfortunately all deaths might be tragic but they are not equal.  Both Pfizer and Moderna prevented some seniors from Dying of COVID at the cost of younger people dying from heart attacks.  In terms of years of life preserved Pfizer and Moderna were highly negative.

So if J&J has the best record why does the media work so hard to demonize them?  I think by now the answer to that is obvious.  The media does what the government tells them to do and the J&J vaccine has a couple attributes that make it completely unpalatable for government.

  1. J&J is not killing enough people.

Government has no desire to let COVID end.  Moderna and Pfizer produce many deaths that can be attributed to COVID and J&J does not.  If people stop dying it will be difficult for government to keep this farce going.

  1. J&J does not recommend boosters.

It is not just important to keep COVID going, it is important to keep people carrying vaccine passports.  If people don’t need periodic boosters there is no need for an app proving vaccinations are up to date.  This is especially problematic for politicians like Justin Trudeau who profit personally with every booster administered.


The interview is long but worth the time to view.  My favorite part is the end when Dr. Benn shares that she does not recommend even the J&J vaccines.  She quite rightly points out that both mRNA and Adenovirus vaccines are new technologies that have unknown long term effects.  Interesting that the people who know most about vaccines like Dr. Benn and Dr. Malone do not recommend these vaccines, isn’t it?