A Canadian COVID therapeutic that is not legal in Canada?

Do you remember when Donald Trump said this?


Trump was instantly mocked by the media for suggesting that we inject bleach.  Trump in his usual ineloquent way was not incorrect.  There are ways to get antivirals and other medications directly to the virus and a Canadian Company has now done this for COVID.


SaNOtize Research & Development Corp. has developed an antiviral that is administered via a nasal spray.  This allows the antiviral to attack the virus at the point of contact.  This spray helps with the fundamental problem common to all respiratory vaccines.

Traditional and mRNA vaccines start in the shoulder muscle and then move in to the blood stream.  The problem is that respiratory illnesses do not start in the blood stream.  Respiratory viruses are inhaled so the infection starts in the nasal cavity moves to the airways and then in to the lungs.  From the lungs the virus gets in to the blood stream were the vaccine is waiting for it.  The problem is that you can already have a very bad infection before your vaccine gets a chance to help you.  That is why there are so many “break-through” COVID infections.

This is also true of traditional influenzas vaccinations.  How many times has someone told you I got the flu shot and had the flu anyway?  In fact pharmaceutical companies are busy trying to develop inhaled influenzas vaccines to solve this problem.

To be clear this treatment is not a vaccine, but then neither are the COVID jabs.  This treatment is just another tool doctors can use to keep the infection in check while your immune system responds.  I would guess that if you combined this nasal spray with the established COVID protocols COVID deaths would be all but eliminated.

This should be great news for Canadians; a Canadian company has developed an effective therapeutic for COVID.  Too bad it is not legal to use in Canada.  2 years in to this “pandemic” and the only legal treatment in Canada is the Jabs.  The only choice offered to Canadians is to risk complications from COVID or risk complications from the vaccines.

Our government has consistently over emphasized the viral risk while intentionally concealing vaccine injuries.  The truth is that if you are under 70 and in good health your COVID risk is quite low and it is perfectly reasonable to weigh that against the vaccine risk.  The question is what is the vaccine risk?  The government wants you to believe that vaccine risk is almost nonexistent but with time we are finding that this is just another government lie.  A German Health insurance company has just released that vaccine injuries in Germany are quite common.  By their estimate about 5% of Germans have been treated for vaccine injures.


“probably 2.5-3 million people in Germany been under medical treatment because of vaccination side effects after [COVID-19] vaccination.”


I have stated this before.  Mandatory COVID vaccinations could be the largest crime of the century.