A Conspiracy to commit Murder

When the Vaccines first rolled out there was a media blitz to convince everyone to be jabbed.  One popular marketing trick was to film, then interview, doctors and nurses as they were vaccinated.  One young nurse caused quite a stir when she collapsed on camera after being vaccinated.  I remember reading the nurse blamed her fainting on excitement or some other innocuous reason.

I know doubt this interview ever happened.  It has just been released that the nurse died later the same day.  I sincerely doubt she gave a deathbed interview endorsing the vaccine.


This nurse was one of the first people in the world to be vaccinated.  She was injected and died Dec 17th 2020.  Her family was paid off and her death was covered up for nearly a year.  Governments and Pharma companies have known that this vaccine was deadly from the very beginning.  Instead of exercising caution Governments have since instituted vaccine mandates.  Mandates forcing everyone to take a potentially lethal treatment most do not need.

This might be forgivable if the vaccine was saving more lives than it was taking but that also is not the case.  One month ago I produced this plot showing using NIH data showing the vaccines increase your chance of getting COVID by 30%.

A Helpful friend has taken the most recent data and reproduced the same plot.

One month later every age group is worse off.  Vaccinated people are now 50 to 80% more likely to get infected.  Incidents of severe COVID in vaccinated people are also increasing.  The vaccine is making illness much more likely and the protection is quickly evaporating.

Governments are mandating a potentially lethal treatment that offers no protection from COVID.  They see all this data yet they persist.  We need to admit that from their perspective the jabs must be having the intended result.  Government wants you to fall ill and die.  There is no other explanation that fits the data.  They simply cannot be that stupid.  This is conspiracy to commit murder on a scale unseen in history.

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