Africa and COVID

My wife told me she saw a government minister from Rwanda speak at the WEF.  He bragged that Rwanda mandated vaccines and that is why they had such success.  When a politician claims success it either happened despite what they did or it is complete fiction.  I quickly pulled a comparison with Nigeria because I knew Nigeria had a very low vaccination rate.  Rwanda with their mandate achieved 68% while Nigeria was only 13%.  The comparison is below.

Rwanda does not compare very well with Nigeria but Nigeria could be the anomaly so I decided to take the time and look at every African country.  Africa is interesting because the populations is very young.  With or without vaccines Africa would not have much trouble with COVID.  Africa is also very poor and most countries could not afford to do large vaccination programs.  Burundi has vaccinated only 0.1% of their population while the Seychelles are at 86%.

I had to get the vaccinations from a different source than the cases and deaths so I put them together in an excel sheet.  I Plotted vaccination rate against cases and deaths and used excel to fit a trend line.  Here is what I got.

It seems pretty clear to me.  Increasing vaccination leads to increasing infections and deaths.  This is just COID deaths, it does not include vaccine deaths which as we have seen in the west can be as high as the COVID deaths.  Forcing people to be vaccinated is nothing to brag about unless your goal is to kill.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Great work Richard. It’s amazing how just a few hours work by one person shows that the government dictats killed. We could have saved millions of lives and tens of trillions of dollars just by not listening to government. And ironically, it’s all the government’s own data that proves the governments guilt. We need to spend the next few trillion building courts and prisons.

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