All Lives Matter

I am not sure when this interview took place but it perfectly illustrates the gulf between science and COVIDiots.  One person calmly and rationally explains that COVID vaccine mandates have no public health benefit and that people may have their own reasons for choosing not to be vaccinated.  The COVIDiot’s entire argument is that people died so no one should have rights anymore.  The sheer stupidity is stunning.


It is bizarre that anyone needs to say this but COVID deaths are not more important than other deaths.  People have died from the vaccine and from the lockdowns.  Why don’t those deaths every matter?  Why do COVIDiots see COVID deaths as somehow more tragic?

This incredible illogic has been with us since the beginning of this farce.  When I objected to the first lockdown pro-lockdown people used the argument “if it saves only one life”.  There is no evidence that lockdowns did anything other than increase the death toll yet we are going in to lockdown again in an effort to finally save that one life.  This is truly insane.

The same can be said for the COVID jabs.  Where is the evidence that the jabs have saved a single life?  2021 is on track to be just as deadly as 2020.

Sure officially less people have died of COVID, they are just dying of everything else, or to be more precise they are now dying from the jabs.  The Covidiots are demanding more jabs because in their demented hierarchy, jab deaths are less important than COVID deaths.

To a COVIDiot nothing trumps a COVID death.  The threat of a potential COVID death negates all logic.  Everyone must be jabbed with a vaccine that does not prevent transmission so that we can prevent transmission.

The way these Jabs work they cannot prevent infection or transmission.  They do prevent a lot of unnecessary testing which makes it look like they slow down transmission but they obviously don’t.  When you plot confirmed cases worldwide you cannot see any positive effect from the vaccines.

There is absolutely no public health benefit to a vaccine that does not prevent infection and transmission.  I can’t say it any better than this young writer.

The vaccine helps protect the vaccinated from dying, but it does not protect the vaccinated from either getting or spreading COVID. In other words, it seems clear to many of us that the vaccine is a personal health benefit, not a public health benefit. Therefore, whether to get vaccinated is a profoundly personal decision, not a public health decision. And not everyone is high-risk. There is a more than a thousand-fold difference in the risk of mortality between the old and young. The decision I am making as a healthy 36-year-old is different than the one Joe Biden should make as a 78-year-old. And low-risk Millennials like me comprise the largest generation in the broader U.S. labor force.

To jab or not to jab is a personal decision.  Hopefully when people make that decision they consider the risk/reward ratio.  Many people will not, however, and that is tragic since as Dr. Malone points out that ratio is greater than 1 for almost everyone.


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