Andrea Woo, certified COVIDiot.

Andrea Woo and the Globe and mail are colluding with the Trudeau liberals to justify mandatory vaccination.  How do I know that?  Well if they were not why would they publicize obvious Junk science?  Researchers have used a model to determine that allowing unvaccinated to mingle among vaccinated increases the risk to vaccinated people.  You do not need to read the study to know that this is junk science.  It is junks science for one very simple reason that all Canadian’s need to understand.  Computer Models are not science.

Computer models are engineering.  Engineering is the application of proven, repeatable science.  You cannot prove anything in science with a model.  That puts the cart before the horse.  The science must be well established before you can build the model.  Any model that cannot match existing or known conditions is not worth the electricity it takes to run the computer, and this model obviously does not match known conditions.

There is no way to get their result unless the model inputs assume that unvaccinated people are more likely to get infected and transmit the virus.  In effect the model starts with the assumption that the vaccines work.  Unfortunately there is very little data to support that assumption.  If the vaccines worked then why are vaccinated Britons 3 times more likely to die?  Or why are 3 jabbed in Ontario twice as likely to get infected and 3 jabbed Albertans increasing in hospitalizations while unvaccinated are falling?

The computer model is showing that unvaccinated are dangerous to the vaccinated because that is what it was designed to do.  The Trudeau government paid these dishonest academics to build a case for mandatory vaccination so they did.  The Globe and mail is a dishonest organization that takes tax money from the Trudeau government in return for publishing government propaganda.  Once again academia and media are doing exactly what Justin pays them to do.

That fact that something this false can get published in a national publication is a sad comment on the state of intellectual discourse in Canada.  Our public school system has been exceptionally successful cranking out people incapable of critical thought.  Seriously how can any rational person believe that a “safe and effective” vaccine can’t protect you if even a single person does not take it?  If the vaccines work then unvaccinated people are no danger to vaccinated people.  If vaccinated people are still at risk then the vaccines obviously don’t work.  It does not get any simpler than that.

This fake study is ominous.  As a friend pointed out this morning, it will be used to justify some very nasty things.  Hold on to your hats next winter, this is not over.  The threat from the SARS COV 2 virus may have diminished but the larger threat of government is ever present.