Another expert who won’t take the vaccine, even the best one

A friend sent me the link to this video interview of Dr. Christine Stabell Benn.  The study they are discussing I linked on my April 8th post.  Dr. Benn has been researching unexpected vaccine effects for years.  On October 25th 2021, I posted a Ted Talk she gave presenting her research.

Dr. Benn has discovered that all vaccines are not created equal.  Live virus vaccines have overall positive health benefits while dead virus  vaccines lead to overall negative health benefits.  With the advent of mRNA and adenovirus vaccines we have entered a new world.  Now we don’t even use a dead virus we just program your body to build a piece of the virus. In my post I asked this question.

 If a dead virus conditions a poor immune response what does a piece of a dead virus do?

Dr. Benn’s latest research attempts to answer that question.  What she found was that Adenovirus vaccines, which do use a live virus, just not a SARS COV 2 virus have much better outcomes than mRNA vaccines.

The most common Adenovirus vaccines are Astra Zeneca and Johnson and Johnson.  In the Interview Dr. Benn lumps both in to the same group but that does not do justice to the J&J vaccine.  As I detailed on April 8th the J&J vaccine is the clear winner.  The plot below is built from Dr. Benn’s data.

J&J had by far the best record for vaccine group deaths.  Incredibly, the plot actually makes Pfizer and Moderna look much better than they really are.  The same number of people died in both vaccine and placebo groups which makes the vaccines look simply ineffective.  Unfortunately all deaths might be tragic but they are not equal.  Both Pfizer and Moderna prevented some seniors from Dying of COVID at the cost of younger people dying from heart attacks.  In terms of years of life preserved Pfizer and Moderna were highly negative.

So if J&J has the best record why does the media work so hard to demonize them?  I think by now the answer to that is obvious.  The media does what the government tells them to do and the J&J vaccine has a couple attributes that make it completely unpalatable for government.

  1. J&J is not killing enough people.

Government has no desire to let COVID end.  Moderna and Pfizer produce many deaths that can be attributed to COVID and J&J does not.  If people stop dying it will be difficult for government to keep this farce going.

  1. J&J does not recommend boosters.

It is not just important to keep COVID going, it is important to keep people carrying vaccine passports.  If people don’t need periodic boosters there is no need for an app proving vaccinations are up to date.  This is especially problematic for politicians like Justin Trudeau who profit personally with every booster administered.


The interview is long but worth the time to view.  My favorite part is the end when Dr. Benn shares that she does not recommend even the J&J vaccines.  She quite rightly points out that both mRNA and Adenovirus vaccines are new technologies that have unknown long term effects.  Interesting that the people who know most about vaccines like Dr. Benn and Dr. Malone do not recommend these vaccines, isn’t it?