AOC is Right We Need Nuremberg Type Trials, Just not for Trump Supporters

The news this weekend was full of panic inducing stories about the alarming increase in Covid 19 cases in Canada.  The Media turned to their stable of fake experts to declare that Canada needs a nationwide lockdown again.  Lockdowns have not worked anywhere they have been tried and have led to more not fewer deaths.  The data on this is becoming clearer by the day, our Premier just admitted to it on camera.  Clamoring for a return to lockdowns is just the lunatic left reading from the only playbook they have.  For the left the answer to every problem is to do what did not work last time we tried it.  They refuse to believe their lunatic ideas just don’t work.  Instead they choose to believe their plan is divine and failed due to the slovenly efforts of imperfect humans.  To the left millions of unemployed and a 350 billion dollar deficit is clear evidence we did not try hard enough last time.

There is nothing going on right now that we should not have expected.  Cases are surging in Canada now for 2 reasons.

  1. It is fall and this is a seasonal virus. Sorry Jason your yellow tape and closed restaurants had nothing to do with low cases during the summer.
  2. Canada simply did not have enough cases during the initial outbreak.

I wrote this for our old discussion group on August 12 warning about just that


Yesterday I linked a video that showed Sweden has gotten back to normal.  I have no video of Belarus but since they never left normal, I suspect it would be easy to find video of packed streets in Belarus (especially now when protests against the president have broken out).  Sweden and Belarus had the courage to let nature take its course and let people get sick.  The reward for their courage is that they have not destroyed their economy and terrified their population.  Right now, Canada looks very much like Sweden and Belarus, except for the economic destruction we insisted on in Canada.  Infections and Deaths have been dropping for weeks and are now at very low levels.

 Here are the deaths in Sweden

And here are the deaths in Canada


 They look quite similar and they both look like the outbreak is over.  So why is everyone running around wearing masks in Canada?  There is one worrying caveat I must discuss before declaring Covid over in Canada.  Not enough Canadians have been exposed to the virus.  Things are over in Sweden and Belarus; here is how they compare with Canada for infections/million.

Sweden and Belarus have very similar cases per million.  It is hard to tell on a logarithmic plot, but Canada has less than ½ as many infections/capita.  Sweden has done less testing than Canada, but Belarus has done more so this is not simply a matter of testing.  I am sure that when Theresa Tam or Deena Hinshaw see this plot, they will tell you that is because the restrictions worked.  That is an easy conclusion to make until you look at the time frame.  Restrictions were imposed in Canada immediately.  Canada hit 10 cases per million on March 11.  Most provinces had imposed restrictions within one week of that date.  In Alberta, the restrictions started March 17th.  If you look at the plot Canada tracked right on top of Sweden for 50 days and restrictions were in place for 6 of the 7 weeks.  The virus has a 4 to 5-day incubation period and a 14 to 17-day total life cycle.  If the restrictions worked, we would have shown a departure from Sweden within the first 2 weeks, yet we followed them for 4 weeks after that.  The lower cases in Canada probably have more to do with the nature of how people are spread out through Canada than any silly government regulations.  Canada is the least densely populated country on earth.  We have immense distances between settlements and our cities are newer.  The younger cities in Canada are built around the automobile.  We have sprawling cities consisting of mostly single-family homes.  Cities in Europe were already large before automobiles were common, so they tend to be more densely populated and have fewer single-family homes.  Sweden by European standards has a low population density but is still 6 times more densely populated than Canada (Belarus is 11 times).  58% of swedes live in multifamily dwellings (apartments and condominiums) where only 46% of Canadians live in multifamily dwellings.  The city of Stockholm is 3 times more densely populated as Calgary.  Our Geography makes Canadians naturally socially distant.  We should expect a virus to move more slowly through Canada than Europe or the united states.

 Our Geography gives us a natural advantage that we should have exploited.  We did not have to shut down.  As the virus moved from place to place, we could have used hospital space and other resources from places that had not seen the virus yet or who were already done.  We could have cooperated, like we do on pipelines; wait a minute I now see a flaw in that plan.  Canadian’s do not have a great recent history of cooperation with other Canadians, we save our compassion for non-citizens who break our laws.  We do have a long history of wasting money without producing any measurable benefits.  From that perspective our current Prime Moron is the quintessential Canadian Prime minister and his Covid 19 response plan would have to be his crowning achievement.  It is hard to imagine how we could have spent more money to get less accomplished.

 It might be over in Canada, but I fear not enough Canadians have been exposed to the virus and this fall we will see a second wave.  Since our politicians seem to be incapable of admitting mistakes, they are unlikely to learn from them.  We could see a return to the ineffective destructive restrictions we have not even worked our way out of in the first place.  I hope not.  I hope this time our political masters will have the courage to ride it out and let people get sick.  That means more people will die.  Restrictions or no restrictions this is going to happen so we should be prepared for it.  So how many people will die?  Not as many as you think.  Remember when I quoted the doctor who said in 29 years, he had never seen someone die of influenza?  His point was that these types of respiratory viruses only kill people who were on death’s doorstep, so it is incorrect to blame the influenza instead of the condition that caused them to be near death anyway.  That got me wondering.  I showed this plot in a previous rant 

It is very easy to see the big spikes in the bad flu years.  So does a bad flu season turn in to a bad year; no not really.  See below

The blue bars are flu season (the first 4 months of the year) the orange bars are the year average.  You can see that there is a large variation in flu season from year to year but not much change in the overall year average.  You can’t die twice; if you die in flu season you can’t die again later in the year.  This makes the doctors argument.  Most of the people who die with influenza would have died later in the year had they not contracted influenzas.  So how many people actually die from influenzas?  We are starting to see the same thing with Covid 19.  I showed you this for Canada previously

We started the year with a very low influenzas spike.  We had a sharp covid spike and then immediately fell far below average.  We are seeing the same thing in less dramatic fashion in other countries.  

Like Canada, Sweden and Germany entered the year well below average, saw a Covid spike, and then fell below average.  Sweden entered the year so low that even with their covid spike of 5774 deaths they are only about 3000 deaths above average for the year.  Now that they are running well below average, they are likely to end out the year not significantly different than any other year.  97.2% of the Covid fatalities in Alberta had at least 1 serious health condition other than Covid.  73% had 3 or more underlying health conditions.  We need to ask ourselves how many people really die from Covid and not from other causes?  Only 6 people in Alberta have died with no pre-existing health condition.  I know every life is precious, but we have spent billions of dollars in a futile attempt to save 6 people.  To make it worse I am aware of at least 2 people who have died due to the lockdown.  We have spent billions of dollars to kill more people than the virus did.  Remember that the next time you see Jason Kenney, Justin Trudeau, Deena Hinshaw, and Theresa Tam step up to the microphone to congratulate themselves on what a stellar job they have done.


As I explained in August, you do not need government intervention to keep Canadians apart.  Our geography does that for us.  This summer People should have been encouraged to go back to normal and let the disease circulate through the healthy population when the Terrain was the strongest and the virus was the weakest.  Instead the government closed fitness centers, locked you at home, and forced a mask on you.  Our government did everything in its power to compromise your immune system and delay your exposure to the virus until winter when the virus is at its peak.  In short everything our government has done seems to have been designed to maximize the body count.  How is that not murder?

I looked up the definition of Manslaughter in Canadian law.  Here is what I found.

Manslaughter charges

Any “culpable homicide” that does not meet the definition of murder is said to be manslaughter. Culpable homicide is defined to include when a person causes the death of another human being by:

(a) by means of an unlawful act;

(b) by criminal negligence;

(c) by causing that human being, by threats or fear of violence or by deception, to do anything that causes his death; or

(d) by willfully frightening that human being, in the case of a child or sick person.


I want to take a minute to comment on A through D.

  1. By means of an unlawful act

In my opinion nothing any government I Canada has done in the last 9 months is lawful.  How was suspending our rights lawful?  Most governments enacted restrictions under their public health acts which are arguably unconstitutional.  Then these governments kept restrictions in place after the emergency declarations expired.  How is that lawful?  Some businesses were closed while other competing businesses offering the same products or services were allowed to stay open.  Where in Canadian law does it say that governments are allowed to discriminate between business owners?  Governments at every level in this country have been disregarding the law since March.


  1. Criminal negligence

It was not hard to see that the actions the governments were taking would lead to deaths.  Many people, legitimate experts, warned them of this.  The government chose to ignore the voices of sanity and listen exclusively to the sky is falling experts who have never in history been correct.  I am no legal expert but I don’t know how you describe the willful ignorance displayed by governments as anything other than negligence.


  1. Threats or fear of violence or deception

People were threatened with fines for not wearing masks, businesses were threaten with fines for opening.  We are constantly threatened with a return to lockdown if we do not show 100% obedience to our government and bureaucratic overlords.  There has not been a single day in the last 9 months when the government did not issue some sort of threat.


  1. Willfully frightening a human being.

The government has done nothing but issue panic porn since March.  Even after Admitting lockdowns had resulted in increased deaths Jason Kenney still could not resist adding that anything other than 100% compliance would kill seniors.  The media has also taken part in spreading panic.  Panic kills and there are thousands of politicians, bureaucrats and media personalities that have done nothing other than stoke panic for months now.


The Covid crisis has been almost entirely man made.  The Government and their helpers took a bad flu season and turned it in to a killing machine.  Thousands of people have actively participated in creating conditions that have increased the number of deaths.  How is that not manslaughter?  Some politicians are waking up to the realization that they may no get away with murder.  Politicians like Doug Ford in Ontario are starting to introduce legislation to prevent their own prosecution.

In the US, AOC (Justin Trudeau’s ideological soul mate) wants Nuremberg style trials to purge the US of Trump supporters.  I agree with AOC, crimes on the scale we are witnessing now call for Nuremberg type trials.  I do not agree with AOC on who should be on trial.  Trump supporters have not killed anyone, many of them have been victims of government crime.  We have seen too many unnecessary deaths to let this slide.  This went past incompetence and crossed the line into criminality a long time ago.  Governments and their enablers in the media need to be held accountable.


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