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Will this new Study be the Final nail in the COVID Vaccine Coffin?

4 months ago I posted a video by Dr. Ryan Cole. http://truthaboutcovid.ca/government-enforced-medical-neglect-kills-more-than-the-virus/ Dr. Cole was one of the first people to raise the issue of immune suppression by mRNA vaccines.  He was doing blood work that showed vaccinated people had lower than normal killer T cell and N antibody levels.  Dr.  Cole did not know […]

Vindicating Voltaire

I have used this quote from Voltaire before. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire said this in 1765.  In one simple sentence Voltaire described what we now know as mass formation psychosis.  257 years ago Voltaire recognized the existence and lethality of mass formation psychosis. In the last […]

Which side of the Stupidity Line is your country on?

We certainly live in interesting times.  There are fault lines opening all over the world because of COVID.  Some countries like Britain, the Czech Republic, and Japan are turning away from the vaccines.  They are joining countries like India who never placed much faith in the vaccines opting instead for proven therapeutics like Ivermectin.  Meanwhile […]

Canadian Politicians fear the growing lack of Fear.

Just yesterday I posted about how significant parts of the world are moving towards freedom while Canada continues to rush headfirst in to Tyranny.  Thankfully I am not the only Canadian who has noticed.  Here is Spenser Fernando’s latest column. https://www.nationalcitizens.ca/fernando_trudeau_fear_fades Franklin Roosevelt once famously said all we need to fear is fear itself.   This […]

Britain goes one way Canada goes another

Boris Johnson has now stood in front of parliament and pledged that Vaccine passports, masks, and working from home will end on Jan 27th. Boris Johnson has announced the easing of Covid 'Plan B' restrictions, including the mandatory wearing of masks and compulsory use of Covid passes. Read more: https://t.co/RgBE8XqkOA pic.twitter.com/rc3U01zIVv — ITV News (@itvnews) […]

Media outside Canada are distancing themselves from the COVID Narrative.

Pushback against COVID Tyranny is slowly building.  Shops and Restaurants are supposed to be closed in the Netherlands but business owners have had enough and did not comply. https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2022/01/more-shops-across-the-netherlands-opening-in-defiance-of-lockdown-rules/ Remarkably it looks like the police have chosen to stand down.  As of yet there are no videos of police charging restaurant patrons with batons. The […]

COVID is curable, Canada is not

I have said this many times.  There is something seriously wrong with Canada and Canadians.  A country that could elect Justin Trudeau once is misguided.  A country that elects him 3 times is incurably stupid. When Justin first entered politics I recognized immediately that he was a narcissistic, unintelligent, willfully ignorant, petulant child.  I knew […]