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There are too few Adults in Canada

The government pandemic response was never about a virus it was always about control.  In short it was a small group of disgusting criminals doing disgusting things for their own benefit.  These people should never have been handed power yet almost every western country did hand them power.  In most countries the rot goes right […]

The Political Elite do not Value Lives other than their Own

4 days ago I posted information from a recent Danish study that showed the adenovirus vaccines had overall better health outcomes than the mRNA vaccines.  Before you run out to get your J&J or AstraZeneca vaccine there are still a couple things to consider.  The Study looked only at deaths and did not consider permanent […]

Canadian Media Proving the World Does not need more Canada

For years the great reset crowd hid in plain sight.  The first meeting was held in 1971 and for 5 decades the media dutifully ignored them.  Then COVID came along and changed everything.  COVID pushed Klaus Schwab so close to his goal of returning to feudalism that he got cocky; he enthusiastically explained his agenda […]

The FDA Admits it was never about Science

In March of 2020 politicians flipped a switch and turned the economy off.  We were told that it was necessary to keep the whole world from dying of COVID.  They simply had no choice but to “follow the science”.  The science never said that economic destruction was an effective antiviral.  Anyone who understood even basic […]

Another expert who won’t take the vaccine, even the best one

A friend sent me the link to this video interview of Dr. Christine Stabell Benn.  The study they are discussing I linked on my April 8th post.  Dr. Benn has been researching unexpected vaccine effects for years.  On October 25th 2021, I posted a Ted Talk she gave presenting her research. Dr. Benn has discovered […]

On Mother’s Day everyone needs to listen to this Mother’s Story

When the lockdowns began any sane rational person knew lockdowns were cruel.  Forcing unemployment and financial difficulties on millions of young people would inevitably result in tragedy.  I could rant on about this for pages but I can’t tell a story more tragic than this.   Jason Kenney and Justin Trudeau pulled the rug out […]

Is it finally Time to Prosecute the Criminals?

On Sept 13th 2021 I published an article detailing 4 reasons why I choose not to be vaccinated.  Looking back 7 months later I think my 4 reasons have stood up well but I realize I missed one very important reason.  With the passage of time that reason has emerged as the primary factor why I […]

The CBC is Canada’s Ministry of Truth

Our governments have failed us.  Most people have not yet realized magnitude of failure is and the government is desperate to keep it that way.  That is why government is going to such extremes to control information.  If people have access to information eventually most will discover things government would rather keep hidden. Take inflation […]

In Canada the Communism clock is 4 minutes to Midnight

Communism and its evil twin socialism are the largest killers of the 20th century.  It is shameful that people flee communism only to arrive in the west and find it here.   Make no mistake we are closer to this than you think.  Canada has already signed the WEF “Agile Nations” agreement.  “Agile Nations” like Canada […]