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Are you Ready to Listen?

When the first lockdowns were imposed in March of 2020 I told everyone that we should oppose it.  I said “if we let them do it this time, they will do it again”.  Very few people were willing to listen to that message.  The consensus was that it really was just 2 weeks to flatten […]

Australia is Sifting Sewage to maintain the COVID Narrative.

In March 2020, when this farce started, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney could not wait to join the tyranny.  Businesses were closed and the entire population was locked down.  The justification of the suspension of the rule of law was the COVID Emergency.  When the Emergency was declared Alberta had 3 confirmed cases.  3 confirmed cases […]

The Best Explanation of COVID Vaccines that I have found.

I found this video on Tony Heller’s site.  It is the clearest and most simple explanation I have found about how the COVID vaccines work and why they will always fail.  There is nothing in this video from Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi that Byram Bridle has not said but it is way easier to understand.  When […]

Omicron should be the Final Nail in the COVID Narrative

The Omicron Variant has already been identified in multiple European countries. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/uk/covid-variant-omicron-spreads-to-more-countries-as-world-on-alert/articleshow/87957627.cms Politicians are scrambling to close their borders.  I doubt this will have any affect.  We have been to this movie before and we already know how it ends.  Over the next few weeks we will find out that it is already in every […]

The Variant Name Game, Moronic by any other name is just as Stupid

Variants for viruses, especially RNA viruses like SARS-CoV-2 are normal.  Viruses always mutate because they replicate inside millions of bodies and the replication is not always perfect.  That is what made the strategy of scaring people with variants so easy.  You are 100% guaranteed to constantly have new variants. When this strategy was first hatched […]

Are People Finally Waking Up?

My track record for predictions has been very good during the Pandemic.  Despite all the breathless reporting about some surprising new development most of what we have seen is entirely predictable.  Take this report for instance. https://archive.ph/H8kw7 Heart attacks are up 25% in Scotland but the reporter wants you to think the cause is a […]

Australian Aboriginals are the test case for complete Global Tyranny

Here are two short but important videos out of Australia.     🆘BREAKING NEWS🆘 Representatives of the Aboriginal Community in Australia issue International Plea for help over tyrannical Australian coercion & control. How much longer can the world just sit back and let this happen? pic.twitter.com/Arnd2teCLJ — UNN (@UnityNewsNet) November 24, 2021 Blacks in the […]

How can you argue the COVID Jabs are not a Bioweapon?

A few days ago I posted an interview with Dr. Byram Bridle.  It was an impromptu interview done on the street in front of interested bystanders.  At one point in the interview a spectator asked if the vaccines alter your DNA.  Dr. Bridle answered that it was theoretically possible but the he did not personally […]