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Government has always known the Spike Protein was a Killer

The documentary Died Suddenly has finally got people discussing what is causing the strange clots embalmers are finding.  I read an interesting opinion from a Doctor yesterday.  He believes the science has already been done that explains the clotting and even cites the paper.  The clots and fibrous material are caused by the spike proteins. This […]

Canada Tries out an Already Failed Narrative

The Canadian Government desperately wants everyone to take a COVID booster but they have a problem.  Canadian’s are just not sold on the need for boosters.  Our declining interest in COVID vaccinations is apparent in the plot below. Over 80% of Albertans were coerced in to taking the first Dose.  So far less than 20% […]

Media Obscuring Truth Again

I found this remarkable piece of “journalism” yesterday.  The “journalist” Jack Montgomery wanted to let us know how badly Russia was doing with their invasion. Recently mobilized Russian reservists are dying “in large numbers” in Ukraine, according to Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MoD). This seems to be very bad news for Russia and very good […]

Voters are responsible for Poor Leaders

The little weasel Fauci finally retired.  On his way out the door he urged Americans to line up for the latest experiment, bivalent boosters.  Why anyone would still listen to this evil little man is a mystery to me.  He has a perfect track record of being wrong 100% of the time yet somehow to […]

Pulling back from the Abyss

The first Lockdown in Alberta started March 17th 2020.  At the time there were only 3 reported cases but COVID outbreaks in China and Europe were already well underway.   The sheer number of cases and the speed that the virus was moving was proof that the virus was airborne.  An airborne virus can not be […]

The long slow death of science

The COVID vaccines did not result in fewer COVID cases or deaths.  They did however result in far more heart attacks and strokes.  The plot below shows the impact the Jabs had on heart attacks in Australia. Governments have a real problem on their hands.  It is getting very difficult to ignore vaccine injuries.  Vaccine […]

Danielle Smith, a Breath of Fresh air in our putrid Dominion

  This speech might seem ordinary but by Canadian Standards it is nothing short of miraculous.  To understand just how remarkable this speech is you must be a Canadian over 50 years old.  The politician she mentions, Ralph Klein, was Alberta Premier from 1993 to 2006 and the last Canadian politician that respected taxpayers. Even […]

Put the Inmates back in their Padded Cells

I can’t think of anything that encapsulates the COVID story better than this short clip from a Canadian Radio Talk show.  The Radio host tries to interview a doctor who is also a government official (school board trustee); the interview quickly spirals out of control.   Yikes. Dr. Nili GOES OFF on radio host @billcarrolltalk […]

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I suspect this Stew Peters documentary will be re-posted hundreds of times today.  The film deals with the dramatic rise in sudden death.  Even though I have already discussed most of the data on this blog there were still things that stunned me.  Things like; The Canadian Embalmer who stated 100% of the cadavers she […]