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The west can’t decide between Communism and Extinction

A few days ago I posted German data showing a significant drop in Births.  Now Taiwan, another highly vaccinated country, is showing the same thing. Most of the developed world has extinction level birth rates and Taiwan is no exception.  In fact Taiwan before the COVID Jabs already had the lowest birth rate in the […]

Boosters are not helping Australia

Summer has arrived and COVID is the last thing on most people’s minds.  Cases and deaths are down as they should be for a seasonal virus.  But it is not summer everywhere so I decided to take a look at Australia where it is the dead of winter.  What I found was very interesting.  The […]

Pfizer and Moderna won’t be happy until we all have Heart Damage

After 19 months and billions of administered doses all of the commonly used COVID vaccines are still being used under emergency use authorization.  Pfizer and Moderna have no interest in full approval until the FDA approves the vaccine for children.  This is because emergency use and child approved treatments come with blanket immunity; the manufacturer […]

History does more than just Rhyme

The average person is reluctant to compare our current leaders to Nazis but as Pam Popper pointed out at the start of the Plandemic the parallels are undeniable.   Wearing a mask is a sign of submission. Grow a spine… Do not comply. pic.twitter.com/mRSAYfeqzl — @Irish O Donnghaile (@Informative01) June 28, 2022 Western governments used […]

I can’t find a reason to celebrate Canada Day

Governments are sparing no expense and overlooking no details in preparation for Canada day.  Ottawa has been turn in to an armed camp and political prisoners are being rounded up in Alberta.  Tamara Lich was just arrested in Medicine Hat, how the hell did we come to this?  How did it become a criminal offence in […]

Low German Births should be a Wake Up Call

I have posted data several times indicating the COVID jabs have the potential to cause fertility issues.  The lipid Nano particles had a habit of accumulating in the ovaries and testes.  Many vaccinated women are experiencing abnormal menstrual cycles and sometime complete uterine shedding.  This should have been cause for alarm but the government and […]

Sudden Vaccine Death Syndrome is coming to a Toddler near you

The FDA approved COVID vaccines when both the Moderna and Pfizer data showed mRNA vaccines cause at least one death for every COVID death they prevent.  In terms of lives saved the vaccines were then neutral.  In terms of years of life preserved they were highly net negative.  COVID kills ill seniors while the vaccines […]

We are spectators to Mass Murder

A picture truly is worth a thousand words and this picture says volumes.  Is there any way to sum up the situation we find ourselves in better than this? In a post jab world it is perfectly normal for a young super fit athlete to faint and take a nap at the bottom of the […]

The steady March to Extinction

The only person in North America trying to hold any of the corrupt chief medical officers accountable is Senator Rand Paul.  Rand Paul is an MD and his favorite whipping boy is the lying weasel Anthony Fauci.  Here is Rand Paul grilling Fauci again about vaccinating children under 5.   We know this is not […]