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The Vaccines don’t work for COVID so what are they for?

Canadian governments would love to hold you down and shove a needle in your arm.  The only reason that has not happened is that it violates Canadian law.  Violating Canadian Law is not something our governments normally worry about but the stakes this time are just too high.  They do not want to take the […]

Vaccine Mandates are a Struggle we must win to Survive

Critical thinking is endemic in my family.  I have family members who send me interesting material all the time.  This video came to me from my sister in law.  The video is Dr. Christina Parks addressing some government body in Michigan.  Dr. Parks has a PHD in Microbiology and a definite distain for vaccine mandates. […]

Post COVID Canada May Or May not be Democratic

The western world has gone insane.  Nowhere is that insanity more evident than in Australia as this woman points out.   Whoa.. this lady is amazing 🔥❤️🔥 pic.twitter.com/FtpynxQfgd — Pelham (@Resist_05) August 25, 2021 The latest manifestations of that insanity are vaccine mandates and passports.  Thankfully, as this lawyer points out, Vaccine mandates are illegal […]

COVID Vaccines, Colossal Mistake, or Unpredictable Bioweapon?

A couple people have sent me this video now.  Dr. Ryan Cole is speaking at a conference.  His topic is autopsy results of people who die from the vaccine.  Anyone considering taking the clot shot should watch this 17 minute video first.  Sorry I can’t embed this video.  You need to follow the link. A […]

With the Pfizer Approval, Vaccine Mandates are Inevitable

The Province of British Columbia has become the second province in Canada to announce Vaccine passports.  Effective September 13th vaccine passports will be required for restaurants, bars, fitness centers, or any indoor gathering.  If you are not vaccinated you will not be allowed to attend weddings or funerals.  Ironic isn’t it.  If you have a […]

Yahoo News is Publishing Government Lockdown Propaganda.

And the prize for the most deceptive COVID article of 2021 goes to Aria Bendix https://news.yahoo.com/half-sweden-decided-not-lock-115500722.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=ma Lockdowns must be coming again.  The Government has sent their media lackeys like Aria Bendix out to convince people not accepting lockdowns will lead to certain death.  Once again Sweden is the whipping boy.  Aria Bendix found some “experts” […]

Covid Restrictions are part of a Larger Plan

This is not about a virus.  I don’t know how many times I have said that in the last 18 months.  I must confess I did not start there.  At first I thought this was stupid people doing stupid things out of fear.  Prior to 2019 I believed governments were more stupid than evil.  There […]

COVID Vaccines are not the Solution, They are just another Dangerous Government Lie.

There is a flood of information coming out now documenting how vaccine effectiveness falls off with time.  There is a new study out of Israel that you can find here. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.07.29.21261317v1.full.pdf The study followed over 1 million vaccinated people monitoring for breakthrough infections. This is what they found. People vaccinated in January had more than […]