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Vaccine Passports are Coming, Cleverly Disguised as Smart Phone Apps.

A friend made me aware of this new law in Oregon. https://www.oregonlive.com/coronavirus/2021/05/oregonians-can-go-maskless-outside-must-be-fully-vaccinated-to-forgo-masks-indoors-state-says.html There are many governments now discussing removing mask mandates for vaccinated individuals.  We will no doubt see much more of this.  Since this seems to be our future let’s just do a little logic exercise to determine the intent of this law. Unfortunately […]

In India Ivermectin Trumps the Vaccine

A few weeks ago we were inundated with stories of a terrible COVID outbreak in India.  The numbers certainly sounded scary.  India saw almost 400,000 new cases in a single day.  There were just a few things the Media neglected to tell you about India. India is the most populous nation on earth. 1.4 billion […]

Controlling the Narrative

I have posted a few times about the curious link between vaccinations and increasing infections.  The most startling example is the Seychelles.  The Seychelles is a small island nation.  They have the most aggressive vaccination program in the world.  In 2 months they vaccinated over 60% of their population. Before Vaccinations began the Seychelles had […]

The Infinite Cost Of Lockdowns

This article caught my attention this morning. https://gript.ie/decision-to-lockdown-caused-282-times-the-loss-of-years-of-life-says-economics-professor/ Lockdowns have been used by most governments around the world.  They are sold as effective and our only option.  We are constantly told the cost of not locking down is unacceptable.  This often repeated statement implies that governments have already done a rigorous cost benefit analysis of […]

Truth in the Time of COVID

In a Time of Universal Deceit — Telling the Truth Is a Revolutionary Act Dr. Scott Atlas is a revolutionary.  He was put on Trumps COVID task force a few months before the election.  Dr. Atlas was the only MD on the on the committee who understood the Hippocratic Oath, “first do no harm”.  This […]

Jason Kenney Goes Full Tyrant. Why Doesn’t This Bother More People?

Kevin Johnston was arrested in Calgary Saturday morning for attending an illegal gathering. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/calgary-mayoral-candidate-kevin-j-johnston-arrested-after-illegal-public-gathering-police/ar-BB1gMgOl Kevin Johnston is a candidate for Calgary Mayor.  He has made the news for being bombastic and promising to remove COVID restrictions.  He also promised to punish those who over stepped their authority imposing the restrictions.  Without a doubt, Johnston is […]

The Deadly Consequences of Government Lies.

Every time a true believer wants to convince me how wrong I am about COVID they tell me a story about a young healthy person dying.  Of course they do not know the “healthy” young person they are describing.  The information is coming from the news.  The media desperately searches for stories of young people […]

Governments are Moving to Crush Independent Thinkers

3 days ago in my post “The Madness of COVID Crowds” I discussed the techniques tyrants use to subdue the public.  These techniques have been used many times by many tyrants.  The reason they continue to be used is they are tried and true.  They will work on the majority of people.  They do not, […]

Vaccines, Cases, and Variants all go Hand in Hand

Geert Vanden Bossche is a European virologist.  He believes that the Vaccination programs are enabling the formation of variants.  Here is an excerpt from his open letter to the WHO. As mass vaccination campaigns have started in the vulnerable population, not only vaccinated subjects but also not yet vaccinated younger age groups will become a […]