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Masks the Enduring Lie.

I have previously posted about the strength of lies.  One of the most persistent lies during this farce has been masks.  Masks have been tested and studied to death.  The data is very clear masks are ineffective against airborne respiratory viruses yet somehow they have become the primary tool during the pandemic.  I am posting […]

We need to stop Vaccinating before our Luck runs out.

The phrase going to the well too often is meant to be a warning about depleting a precious resource.  It is also used to warn against relying on luck.  After all luck is a very scarce commodity.  Counting on it is foolish.  We got lucky with Omicron, it is a very mild vaccine resistant strain.  […]

We already know Boosters are not the Answer.

Before Christmas 3 people who know a lot of vaccines and viruses issued stark warnings about the COVID Vaccines. First we have the inventor of mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone.  Sorry, I misfiled the copy I had that could be embedded.  This is the only other one I have found and you will need to […]

Reasons for Hope this Christmas.

Christmas has always been about hope.  A time to celebrate with family.  I must admit last Christmas was not very hopeful.  The evil people in government were doing their best to destroy all hope and last year they largely succeeded.  This year it feels different.  Government is still up to their old tricks but fewer […]

Omicron Fear is Waning faster than the Vaccines

Once again the SARS COV 2 virus has refused to cooperate with government.  The plan was to have a final dangerous new variant for Christmas to justify complete lockdowns and usher in the great reset.  Unfortunately the tyrants are finding out that Omicron is simply not that variant. With each passing day it becomes clearer […]

It is Deja Vu all over Again.

Yesterday the western premiers got together and decided to announce the same restrictions on the same day but, please, don’t mistake this for a conspiracy.  If it was a conspiracy they would have gotten together and decided to announce the same restrictions on the same day. Surprisingly, now that the cold weather has hit, we […]

All Lives Matter

I am not sure when this interview took place but it perfectly illustrates the gulf between science and COVIDiots.  One person calmly and rationally explains that COVID vaccine mandates have no public health benefit and that people may have their own reasons for choosing not to be vaccinated.  The COVIDiot’s entire argument is that people […]

Canada is Screwed if Dr. Stephen Ellis is the Best we have to Offer.

A friend sent me this video.  The video is a brief interview that Dr. Stephen Ellis gave. Dr. Ellis is a Conservative minister of parliament from Nova Scotia.  My friend thought this was very hopeful because of his final question to Canadians; “is this how you want to spend the rest of your life”? https://www.facebook.com/DrSDEllis/videos/canadians-are-following-the-rules-they-need-some-hope-so-we-must-ask-ourselves-w/239966264887010/ […]

A Vaccine that does not work to fix a Pandemic that did not Happen.

The latest data out of Scotland shows that since august the vaccines have had absolutely no effect on the most important variable; deaths. 80% of scots are vaccinated and 85% of COVID deaths are people who were fully vaccinated.  The vaccines have made no difference.  Billions of dollars were spent on vaccines that provided limited […]