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The Real Viruses

A couple days ago Rant team member Chad sent me this Tucker Carlson interviews a Chinese virologist who claims she can prove that the virus was manmade, and she believes the Chinese government released it on purpose.  I have read several sources that make the same claims.  I have not commented on them for a […]

How to Benefit from a Fake Pandemic

2 days ago, Rant team member Trevor asked the question what was Ontario afraid of?  The Covid numbers were certainly nothing to be afraid of.  Ontario did have some people die from Covid but it is over now and if they would simply stop testing they could get back to normal.  So why don’t they?  […]

It is going to take a long time to deal with the guilty

As expected Covid 19 has become one of the central issues in the US presidential election.  The Democrats are hoping to convince voters that Donald Trump’s past actions led to higher deaths and that his current actions are ineffective.  Joe Biden claimed that if Trump had acted just one week earlier no one in the […]

More media hijinks, Could this all just be about US politics?

I was reading the newspaper on Sunday.  There were 5 pages dedicated to covid 19.  The lead editorial lamented that we were in a second wave because people were ignoring health regulations.  Another Column went to Neil Ferguson for comment on the increasing cases in the UK.  I don’t know why I keep hoping to […]

The Danger of Secondary Infections

On Monday one of our fellow rant team members, Giles,  told me a story about his granddaughters first 2 weeks in Kindergrten.   She had been enjoying kindergarten immensely but one day last week she told her teacher her tummy was sore.  Her teacher sprinted to the front of the class to hit the big red […]

Dr. Scott Atlas possibly the most import person on earth right now

In past Rants, we have discussed Deena Hinshaw, Theresa Tam, Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, Robert R. Redfield (CDC director), and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus  (WHO Director).  These are some of the highest public health officials in the world and over the last 6 months of this fake pandemic they have shown themselves to be incompetent and/or […]

Quebec really needs a new song sheet to sing from

Quebec iis closing businesses again.  The Quebec public is being told that the restrictions are only necessary for 28 days.  Do the politicians really think anyone will believe that?  Restrictions were first put in place in Quebec on March 24th  for “14 days to flatten the curve”  6 months later some of those restrictions still […]

The Cost Of lock downs in Human lives

A month ago, rant team member Gary brought to my attention new data from the CDC that showed only 6% of Covid deaths in the US had no comorbidities.  That would seem to indicate that we can only say for certain that 6% of the 150,000 plus Covid deaths (the data was only complete until […]

PCR Tests – The Perfect Government Program

The sheer number of covid tests has always bothered me.   As an engineer I know that nothing is perfect and the more times data gets handled the more suspect it is.  Alberta is now doing more than 15,000 tests every day; that number has been steadily increasing since the beginning of this farce.  More tests […]