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The left is playing a Dangerous Game

From the very beginning of COVID there was a distinct right/left split.  The further left the politician the more ridiculous the regulations were.  Science was never a significant factor it was, and is still, all about politics.  Right wing politicians are just not as anxious to weaponized cold and flu season as left wing politicians […]

The Dumb ages encapsulated in one Photo

We are living in what I am certain will become known as the dumb ages.  An age where logic and reason were eschewed for ignorance and empty virtue signaling. 100 years from now when historians try to explain why Canada so completely succumbed to the dumb ages every one of them will use this picture. […]

Ignoring the Bodies, hiding the Cause

It really is getting difficult to hide the bodies.  Excess deaths in 2022 are outpacing excess deaths in 2020 which was the peak of the pandemic.  The main stream media that breathlessly reported every COVID death can’t find a problem right now but thankfully, unlike the main stream media, independent journalists don’t take their marching […]

COVID policies only ever benefit Government

The European Parliament just held hearings where Pfizer admitted the vaccine was never tested to ensure that it would prevent transmission.  There is good reason why Pfizer did not investigate the effect on transmission.  It is impossible for these treatments to prevent infection or transmission and Pfizer damn well knows that.  There is no reason […]

More stage managed “Democracy” in Canada.

Yesterday I posted about the long history of controlled public participation in Canada.  Politicians get caught breaking the law and an inquiry is held.  The inquiry carefully avoids the question of illegality and instead just allows witnesses to come in and describe how they feel.  The media plays their part in the whole charade by […]

Truth won’t stay hidden forever

The FDA is withholding autopsy results of people suspected of dying from the COVID vaccines.  This is science in 2022.  Science for centuries involved collecting, analyzing, and preserving data.  Theories were developed and test against the data.  In 2022 theories are just adopted as fact and then data is hidden, obscured, changed, or simply manufactured […]

Politicians, the most deadly of all Toxins

In the 1500s Paracelsus said; “What is there that is not poison? All things are poison and nothing is without poison. Solely the dose determines that a thing is not a poison.”  Even water can kill if you drink too much while very toxic chemicals can be survived at very low doses.  So what does […]

Rule of Law slowly returns everywhere but Canada

Almost everything western Governments have done for the last 31 months has been illegal.  Western Voters found out the hard way that laws are for the little people.  Our current crop of politicians and government Bureaucrats do not believe that their actions should ever be constrained by law.  Their deluded sense of moral superiority makes […]

Canadian Media will do anything to defend the Status Quo

Daniel Smith has the media in full tizzy mode.  Since becoming Alberta Premier only a few days ago Smith has definitely been swimming against the COVID narrative current.  Smith has apologized to unvaccinated, denounced lockdowns, and called out health bureaucrats behind the destructive lockdown and vaccine policies.  All of this has Canadian media very upset. […]

Is Sanity returning?

For decades I have watched western society slide slowly into stupidity.  It did not matter who we elected the slide continued.  Under some leaders we slid slower than under others but the direction never changed it was always to increasing stupidity. To me everything was falling apart quickly but to the political class it was […]