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Our descent into Stupidity is Accelerating

CUPE local 4400 just lost their fight with the Toronto District school Board in arbitration.  The Union was fighting mandatory vaccination.  The Union argued that the mandates violate the charter of rights and are unnecessary because unvaccinated staff can simply be tested with rapid antigen tests.  Below are the Arbiters reasons for ruling against the […]

The media and Fake “Experts” will never let this go

The COVID media fear porn continues.   According to this “expert” now we even need to fear mild cases and the best way to avoid the sniffles is to shut down the economy again.  There is a small problem with his plan though.  Even the media is starting to notice that lockdowns do not work. […]

There is no polite way to say I Told You So

A wealthy French businessman died recently from the COVID vaccine.  Like most wealthy people this man had a large life insurance policy to protect his family so it came as a great shock to the family when the insurance company refused to pay. The insurance company would not pay because the vaccines are experimental therefore […]

The slow death of Science.

I found this March 10th paper published in the medical journal Lancet.  I cannot think of a better example of how science has been perverted for money.  This is the conclusion. The full impact of the pandemic has been much greater than what is indicated by reported deaths due to COVID-19 alone.  The study looked […]

Fake Emergencies never end

Government wants you to think that COVID is over.  The restrictions have been relaxed and some officials are acting like the last 2 years never happened.   Dan Wootton: Covid amnesia syndrome seems to be spreading faster than Omicron Subscribe to the GB News YouTube channel: https://t.co/Wa58gYGZwF pic.twitter.com/82j09Sfc09 — GB News (@GBNEWS) March 28, 2022 […]

Minority Report is no longer Fiction

More than once in the last 2 years I have commented that we are now living in some sort of dystopian science fiction movie.  Usually the movie closest to reality is I am Legend.  In that movie society is destroyed my government vaccine mandates.  Vaccinated people turn in to monsters who hunt down and annihilate […]

The losing streak for Albertans is not over

The Demonic Dwarf is facing a leadership review in 12 days and he is rightfully concerned.  The Convention was set for a hotel in Red Deer.  They expected up to 3,000 people to register but got more than 15,000.  Almost half of that 15,000 had bought their party membership in the last 6 months.  I […]

Jacinda all but admits this was never about a Virus.

Jacinda Ardern is a tyrannical lunatic.  She used COVID as an excuse to turn New Zealand into an island prison.  Yesterday Jacinda announced that New Zealand would drop most COVID restrictions By April 4th.  New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere so Jacinda is dropping restrictions just in time for cold and flu season.  Her […]

It will be over after you submit to Serfdom

18 months ago I started this blog because, quite frankly, government and media just were not telling the truth about COVID.  This is and always has been a completely manufactured crisis.  I naively believed that I could present accurate information and people would get over their fear and just say no to government.  I was […]

Justin sets the stage for more Tyranny

For the first year of the great COVID plague I did not even know anyone who had it.  The media assured me that COVID was highly contagious and deadly but that was hard to reconcile with my own observations.  Fast forward one year and I now know several people who have had COVID, almost all […]