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It is Almost Like the Whole Thing was Fake

Within one hour of Joe Biden getting sworn in The WHO has released new guidance on how to use the PCR test. Andy Swan on Twitter: “literally one hour after Biden takes the oath, the WHO admits that PCR testing at high amplification rates alters the predictive value of the tests and results in a […]

More on the Scientific Method

Yesterday I wrote about the scientific method.  After that, a friend sent me the following video.  The Video is of a famous Physicist Dr. Richard Feynman discussing science and the scientific method.  The Video is very Good.  Dr. Feynman discusses science in a simple and humorous way.  This is something I have noticed before.  People […]

The Scientific Method, the Easiest Way to Follow the Science

A few days ago my wife said to me that she is not surprised that people are so confused about Covid.  Most people just don’t understand science well enough to make up their own mind so they defer to the authorities.  My response to my wife was that you don’t have to understand science you […]

Vaccination Mathematics

In a previous post I mentioned that I had a group of likeminded friends have been helping me uncover pertinent data.  The video below is from one of them.  It is very good but very long.  If you want to skip ahead to the good parts Jason (my likeminded friend) has provided a guide to […]

It is Time to Grow Up and Acknowledge Reality

I linked this article yesterday while discussing the absolute incompetence of one of the highest government bureaucrats in Alberta. Alberta’s COVID-19 cases dropping, but restrictions could stay longer if rules ignored | Edmonton Journal I want to go back to this article because there is more to discuss than Deena’s inability to count and the […]

Deena Hinshaw Redefining Incompetence One Press Conference at a Time

On Wednesday Deena Hinshaw did her now too familiar routine of stepping to the podium and desperately wringing her well sanitized hands.  Deena told everyone that Tuesday January 12th was the deadliest day for Albertans so far in this apocalyptic pandemic.  Deena brushed back a tear as she reported 38 people had died.  This was […]

Modern Journalism. The Non Essential, Essential Service

My wife brought my attention to this article https://edmontonjournal.com/opinion/columnists/opinion-media-coverage-of-covid-is-failing-albertans-and-its-not-the-medias-fault I don’t have to even read the article to get triggered.  The headline does that on its own.  If the media coverage is failing how can that not be the fault of the media?  That’s like saying the firemen who stood around smoking are not at […]

Integrity and Irony. Two Words the Media Can’t Even Spell

I read the Calgary Herald yesterday.  This is not something I do often since I know longer expect to find anything truthful in the paper.  I do have to light my wood stove however and the Herald newsprint is at least good for that.  Once again I got what I expected from the herald.  ½ […]