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Monkey pox or COVID whatever it takes for the Great Reset

Theresa Tam is staying in shape this summer by quarantining people who do not have monkey pox to protect the country from monkey pox.  She needs to stay in shape because she is certain COVID will be back.  Dr. Tam is warning that Canadians need to be prepared for the 7th wave of COVID. By prepared […]

The very definition of Insanity

I saw this headline today. If I could make a suggestion to the Israelis it would be that while you “consider” the 5th Jab you should consider the results of the first 4. Every vaccination program coincided with a surge in COVID deaths.  Not only that, there were more deaths per dose administered with each […]

Life Imitating Art

I have stated multiple times that since March of 2020 we have been living in some sort of dystopian science fiction novel.  I was a little off the mark.  It is actually an Xfiles episode.   Four and a half minutes of pure predictive programming. Brought to you by a well oiled, well armed, multinational […]

Qui bono?

A few days ago I posted that the Uvalde shooter did not act alone.  Someone obviously gave him the money to purchase all of the equipment.  This mysterious financing has been noted by multiple internet contributors but mainstream media and the FBI are strangely oblivious to it.  The external financing source proves this was not […]

Unleashing a Bomb for Profit

Giving everyone on earth, including children, and experimental treatment that does not prevent either infection or transmission is an enormously bad idea, yet we did it anyway.  Now we have a virus that will not go away and thousands of people suffering and dying from vaccine injuries.   A clip from our full interview with […]

The Precautionary Principle facilitates Government Oppression

In this short Video an Oxford professor explains the inversion of the precautionary principle.  We employed lockdowns we knew were enormously harmful to stop a virus that might be harmful.   "We inverted precautionary principle of trying to minimize harm by doing the one thing that we knew would cause harm: lockdowns.. What we do […]

Vaccine Fraud in Europe

An investigation has uncovered over 2000 Wealthy Europeans possess fraudulent vaccine passports.  Frankly I am not surprised by this and I am sure the number is much higher. I sincerely doubt that any senior government ministers or Davos elite are vaccinated.  Why would they subject themselves to their own conspiracy?  Of course I have no […]

It is time to Rename Canada Day

People are finally starting to wake up to the fact that the vaccines do not work.  This gentlemen uses Irish government data to ask some very uncomfortable questions about the vaccines.   Unreal – layperson's update from Irish Government Statistics data just released – dunno who this guy is, but he translates pretty straight! pic.twitter.com/buavIhLLDf […]

Africa and COVID

My wife told me she saw a government minister from Rwanda speak at the WEF.  He bragged that Rwanda mandated vaccines and that is why they had such success.  When a politician claims success it either happened despite what they did or it is complete fiction.  I quickly pulled a comparison with Nigeria because I […]

You can Run but you can’t Hide

In Previous post I have discussed how small island states that can control their borders had success controlling infections.  Unfortunately their success can only ever be temporary.  There simply is no way to keep an airborne virus out.  That was the case with New Zealand and now we are seeing the same thing in Taiwan […]