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Wake up and smell the Obvious

Even when the Media does not hide the truth they still find a way to skew it.  This New York Times columnist makes 2 very important observations.  More seniors died of Omicron than Delta   And in 2021 younger people began to die from COVID more frequently.  “In 2021, you see the mortality impact of […]

Poilievre has Canadian Liberal Media in a tizzy

Pierre Poilievre has the liberal establishment in Canada running scared.  The Media in Canada were hopelessly left wing even before Justin Trudeau started paying them.  It is normal for Canadian media to attack politicians that fall right of Karl Marx but I have never seen this level of fear from them before.  There is a […]

Boris the Ripper

In previous posts I have noted how, thanks to the vaccines, rare medical conditions are no longer rare.  This morning I found another one.  In the past 109 years there have only been 40 cases of decidual cast shedding documented.  In a 7.5 month period during 2021 there were 292; 127,000% more than normal.  Decidual cast […]

A Lone Gunman who was not really Alone

Yesterday I discussed how politicians whip up useful idiots to build fake support for a fake issue.  This was certainly the case with COVID and it is also the case with gun control.  Placing restrictions on healthy people will have absolutely no effect on the transmission of a virus.  Placing restrictions on gun owners who […]

At the front of every Parade you will find a Politician

The left in Canada is very threatened by Pierre Poilievre.  Since the left can’t defend their positions with logic or data when they feel threatened they lash out often through their friends in the media.  The liberal brain trust got together and decided to brand Poilievre as a Populist stoking the fears of a fringe […]

The age of Imaginary Rights

In Canada we have a charter of rights.  The charter “guarantees” the fundamental rights of movement, association, and speech.  Unfortunately the last 2 years has shown that it does not matter what the charter says, none of those rights exist in Canada.  Not to worry though our charter rights have been replaced by more modern […]

Evolution has taken care of climate change

Shingles is dormant chicken pox.  The varicella zoster virus is tricky.  When your body fights off the disease the virus is not completely gone.  Some of it hides waiting for the right time to come back.  Then we call it shingles.  The excerpt below is from the CDC’s website. Shingles is caused by varicella zoster […]

Where is the Accountability?

Another day another athlete drops dead.  Two in fact.  How much longer can we keep denying that we have a problem?  Two more people have died either because they were foolish enough to trust government or they had no choice but to comply.  Who will stand trial for these deaths? What we are witnessing is criminal.  […]

Thanks to Government Herd Immunity is no longer Possible

In his last comment Tyrel linked the video at the end of this post.  It is an interview with Geert Vanden Bossche and I admit I have not watched the whole thing.  I watched for about 40 minutes and then tuned out because I found it repetitive.  Geert was finding different ways to explain the […]

Monkey Pox is COVID by another Name

Governments in Canada are very worried about the most recent COVID development; People just are not afraid of COVID anymore.  The Stanley cup playoffs are on and people are congregating in large crowds parting like it is 2019.  These large crowds are extremely dangerous for government and not because hospitals will be overrun with COVID […]