Be Careful to Blame the Right Unvaccinated People.

I watched TV last night, just long enough to see 2 commercial breaks.  The same add appeared in both commercial breaks.  It was sponsored by the Alberta government and featured people waiting for various medical procedures, some of them quite critical.  The advertisement closed by stating this is what happens when hospitals are full of COVID patients and told people to be vaccinated.  The message was clear.  You are endangering others by not getting vaccinated.  This has been a constant theme for almost 2 years.  Anything but blind obedience to government makes you a murderer.  Ironically blind obedience to government does not disassociate you from murder.  It just makes you the victim rather than the fall guy.

If the people were actors this add is disgusting.  Just more government lies.  If the people were real this add is even more disgusting.  The Government is using people that they are depriving of medical services as propaganda tools.  Let me be clear, unvaccinated people are not preventing anyone from receiving medical treatment, the government is.  These services have been delayed for one reason, to make vaccinated people angry at unvaccinated people.  How is that any different than Nazis stoking anger towards Jews?

But the Jews were not clogging the hospitals, right?  Well I would argue that neither are the unvaccinated.  Why do we even bother admitting COVID patients to hospital?  Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating withholding medical care from COVID patients, vaccinated or unvaccinated.  I don’t need to, the government is already doing that.

The standard of care for a COVID patient in Canada is to do nothing.  We put them in a hospital bed until they need the ICU.  Then, in the ICU, we give them oxygen and watch to see if they die.  Why the hell do we bother?  We could send these people home with an oxygen tank, web cam, and a skip the dishes gift card.  The standard of care would be exactly the same and the food would be better.  At least the person could die at home surrounded by family.  Family that are not allowed in the hospital under the COVID restrictions.

It is not 100% correct to say that unvaccinated people are preventing vaccinated people from accessing medical care.  There is a very small subset of unvaccinated people behind this.  This crime is being perpetrated by the most senior politicians and health bureaucrats in the country.  I know that all of these people claim to be vaccinated but why would we believe such habitual liars?  These people have not told the truth once in the last 2 years.  Why would they tell us the truth about their vaccination status?

I have a very low opinion of people in the highest levels of government.  Most are just clever enough to be dangerous to others.  While none of these people are particularly smart they do hire people who are.  Those people have access to any data they want.  None of that data makes vaccination look like a good idea.  Take the latest data from Scotland.

I took the time to plot it here.

In Scotland you are far more likely to die of COVID if you have been vaccinated.  It is true that older people are vaccinated and many younger people are not so this might not be a fair comparison.  The report tries to age adjust the data but even the age adjusted data shows the same thing.  The difference is not as great but you are still more likely to die of COVID if you have been jabbed.  The COVID jabs have replaced obesity as the number one comorbidity.

There is no way that The Premiers and chief medical officers have not seen this data.  They even have people to explain it to them.  If you think any of these people have subjected themselves to the vaccine you are kidding yourself.