Blindness willful and otherwise

A few days ago a saw an article about Ashton Kutcher; it seems that Ashton is dealing with a rare autoimmune disorder.  There seem to be a lot of celebrities dealing with “rare” disorders.  I was thinking that this could be a great game show.  Celebrities could come on the show describe their symptoms and then the contestants could guess the date of the star’s last booster dose.

Of course the article is very careful not to link his problems with the vaccination and truthfully I do not know if he is vaccinated but what are the odds that he is not?  Most celebrities got jabbed so they could continue to globe trot and virtue signal on Tiktok.

This could be unrelated to the Jabs and the article indicates the condition pre-dates the jabs.  In Ashton’s words:

“Like two years ago, I had this weird, super rare form of vasculitis that, like, knocked out my vision, it knocked out my hearing, it knocked out, like, all my equilibrium.”

Ashton has never struck me as particularly bright but still I have a hard time believing that he cannot pin down the day he went blind any more closely than “like two years ago”.  I am not exactly sure what the error bar is on “like two years ago” and it is suspicious that the first jabs were available “like two years ago”.  Maybe this has nothing to do with the jabs but the intentionally vague timeline on a life altering event struck me as a case of willful blindness covering the origins of actual blindness.

Blindness willful or otherwise seems to be endemic in our society now.  We prefer blindness and we get upset when anyone tries to remove our blindfolds.  So upset that we punish anyone who tries.  An Ottawa police detective has been suspended since February for trying to determine in the Jabs caused a spate of mysterious infant deaths.

The reason she was suspended is that these were not her cases.  The Ottawa police are very selective when it comes to assigning cases.  Unexplained child deaths will only be assigned to detectives who will not embarrass Justin Trudeau or Doug Ford.  Of course this decision is primarily a budgetary one.  If the Ottawa police spend time investigating murders, officers won’t have time to trample protesters with horses.