Britain goes one way Canada goes another

Boris Johnson has now stood in front of parliament and pledged that Vaccine passports, masks, and working from home will end on Jan 27th.

This is very encouraging but it would have been much more encouraging if he announced everything was done immediately.  Why wait a week?  What is going to change before now and then?  It is almost as if Boris is hoping something will happen over the next 7 days that will allow him to back out.

Europe is going in 2 different opposite directions.  Britain and the Czech Republic are going to end vaccine mandates and passports while Austria is set to fine unvaccinated people.  This is not that surprising.  Britain is the birthplace of freedom while Austria gave birth to one of the biggest tyrants in history.  This will soon play out all over the world.  Countries will choose between freedom and tyranny.  In Canada the politicians have chosen tyranny.

Quebec is set to charge an additional health care fee for unvaccinated people and not a single premier has spoken out against it.  A couple Premiers have made statements that they will not impose a vaccine mandate.  Big deal; Quebec doesn’t officially have a vaccine mandate either.  You can remain unvaccinated if you are willing to pay.  Quebec is simply punishing people who don’t agree with government.  No Canadian politician has a problem with that, they just won’t say it out loud.

Canada is destined to join the tyrannical half of the world because Canadian Adults won’t stand up and say no.  Maybe the kids can save us, although I don’t know why they would want to.




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