Canada is Discussing COVID Passports While Israel is Eliminating them

This is great news the first country in the world to use vaccination passports is already eliminating them.

The article credits the vaccines but as I posted on February 27th, infections were dropping rapidly before vaccination began.

The drop in infections in Israel was likely natural Herd immunity and not the Vaccines.  Of course, their government will never admit to that.  Taking credit for saving the country is always more fun than admitting you cannot command nature.  Today that does not matter for Israelis.  Freedom is being restored.

When I saw this article my spirits were lifted.  Then I sat down and came back to Canadian reality.  Every time we have seen cracks form and freedom pour through it is not in Canada.  In fact, positive international news it is almost always followed by more restrictions in Canada.  When will Canadians wake up and smell the fraud?

The fascists are concerned people are waking up.  It is a shame they don’t have to worry about Canadians.

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