Canadian Media Proving the World Does not need more Canada

For years the great reset crowd hid in plain sight.  The first meeting was held in 1971 and for 5 decades the media dutifully ignored them.  Then COVID came along and changed everything.  COVID pushed Klaus Schwab so close to his goal of returning to feudalism that he got cocky; he enthusiastically explained his agenda on camera.  He gleefully bragged about corrupting Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party of Canada.  Klaus was no longer worried about saying the silent part out loud.

Normally the media could still bury this by simply ignoring it.   Unfortunately for the media, that won’t work this time.  There are simply too many connecting threads and too many people who refuse to look away.  During the great COVID Tyranny independent thinkers noticed 2 damning pieces of evidence.

  1. The COVID restrictions made no sense. They seemed to be designed to make things worse.  Some had no possible medical applications but all of them led to economic destruction.
  2. The “leaders” who did the most damage were all closely associated with Klaus Schwab. Every press release from Ardern, Trudeau, Johnson, and Macron were just quotes lifted right out of Klaus Schwab’s books.

COVID restrictions were obviously not about a virus so Independent thinkers are asking the same uncomfortable question.  Why were Klaus Schwab’s greatest admirers so anxious to destroy wealth?

The Basis of the great reset is “you will own nothing and you will be happy”.  For the first time in human history poverty will somehow bring joyful bliss.  The thing about property, though, is that it will still exist.  Houses, cars, machinery, farms, businesses, all these things will still exist and someone will still own them, it just won’t be you.

That’s what makes the great reset a return to feudalism.  Everything will be owned by the ruling elite, the new royalty.  Ordinary people will be forced to rent everything from their local overload.  The stumbling block for Klaus has always been that a lot of property is owned by the wrong people.  Essentially you are the stumbling block because you already own the things that Klaus wants you to rent.  So how does Klaus transfer your wealth to his chosen elite?

Wealth can be stolen quickly through force or slowly through regulation, taxation, and inflation.  Stealing by force can lead to violent resistance and can be dangerous for the thief.  Strangulation by malicious regulation is far safer and certain.  The problem is that it takes time.  Time that Klaus may not have now that the Great Reset cat is out of the bag.  By jumping the gun and bragging before reaching the finish line Klaus has made things more difficult; which is why the media now must do damage control.

The great reset crowd has again enlisted the media to clean up their crime scene.  The Globe and mail was only too happy to oblige.  The playbook is the same one we have seen throughout the planedemic.  Do not believe your lying eyes.  The Great reset is a conspiracy theory.  Ignore all the Klaus Schwab interviews and books.  They never really happened.  Most importantly you must understand this; just because leaders are doing everything from the great reset playbook it does not mean that there is a great reset playbook.  It is all just one big coincidence.

The globe did throw in one new wrinkle however.  They are demanding recalcitrant politicians immediately toe the line.


But it’s time for politicians who have flirted with it – both Mr. Poilievre and fellow leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis have tweeted about the Great Reset – to say there is no such cabal. The distrust is already no small thing.


To the globe, it is simply unacceptable for public figures to flirt so dangerously with the truth.  The truth breeds distrust in government which as the Globe points out is no small thing.  The Globe’s ridiculous demand for conformity might work in Canada, but something tells me I won’t work with this guy.



Canadians smugly love to repeat “the world needs more Canada”.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Right now the world needs a lot less Canada.  Specifically the world needs far less Canadian politicians and media.