Canadian Politicians fear the growing lack of Fear.

Just yesterday I posted about how significant parts of the world are moving towards freedom while Canada continues to rush headfirst in to Tyranny.  Thankfully I am not the only Canadian who has noticed.  Here is Spenser Fernando’s latest column.

Franklin Roosevelt once famously said all we need to fear is fear itself.   This applies to citizens but does not apply to modern governments.  As Spenser points out, what Canadian government needs to fear is the absence of fear.  Fear provokes a fight or flight response.  You are ready for action not deep contemplation.  When you are afraid you simply cannot think straight.  That makes fear the most powerful tool in the government toolbox.  If they can keep us afraid, controlling us is a piece of cake.  They can get us to accept any ridiculous restriction in the name of safety.  Politicians promise safety while really stoking fear.

Right now Canadian governments are fearful that not enough Canadians are still afraid.  They know that if the fear subsides people will begin to think.  There is no way to think about what government has done without concluding almost every Canadian politician needs to be in prison.  The COVID house of cards is collapsing around the world and that is bad news for Canadian politicians.

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