Changing the Definition of Disease

A Friend sent me an article yesterday.  This Article discusses the criteria that the CDC uses to define a breakthrough Covid Case.  A Breakthrough COVID case is a vaccinated person who still gets COVID.  I know, I am just as shocked as you to find out vaccinated people still get COVID.

Do you find it a little odd that the CDC had to issue guidance on what should be considered a breakthrough COVID case?  We have already gone through 2 seasons of COVID.  How did we know what was causing the pandemic if we did not even know what a covid case is?  Isn’t the definition of a breakthrough case the same as a regular case?  Spoiler alert, it is not.

Here are the two different criteria.

  Regular COVID Breakthrough COVID
Vaccination status ·         Patient must be unvaccinated. ·         Only applies to vaccinated patients.
PCR Cycle threshold ·         Any cycle threshold.

·         Any missing or contaminated test is considered positive.

·         <28
Symptoms ·         Non necessary with a positive PCR test

·         In the absence of a positive test.  flu like symptoms is enough for a COVID diagnosis

·         Severe symptoms only.  If the patient does not require hospitalization, it is NOT considered a breakthrough case.
Death certification ·         All deaths with COVID are deaths from COVID.  COVID is always the primary cause of death never secondary.  Even in the event of gunshots

·         A positive COVID diagnosis is not necessary to classify a death as COVID.  The doctor only needs to believe that contact with a COVID case was likely.

·         COVID must clearly be the Primary cause of death.


The Bar for a breakthrough case is much higher than a regular case.  It is even higher to certify a breakthrough COVID death.  Curious, isn’t it?

Before this farce started Doctors used symptoms to determine if you had the disease.  If you had the virus but no symptoms you did not have the disease.  There was a difference between being HIV positive and having AIDs.  The minute Governments wanted to strip us of our rights the definition of disease changed.  You were assumed sick unless a doctor decided you were not sick.

Now that politicians want us to get jabbed the definition has changed again, but only for those who are part of the experiment.  If you have consented to be a human Guinee pig you are now not sick until you fill out your hospital admission form.

If we had used this criterion for a COVID classification the whole time we would have saved billions in testing.  We would have only tested people who showed up at hospital with serious flu like symptoms.  Alberta has performed 4,739,182 tests, impressive for a jurisdiction with only 4,400,000 people.  If we had tested only those showing up in hospital, we would have needed only 9,648 tests.  At an estimated $300/test we would have saved over $1.4 billion.  To a politician that might not seem like much, but I am sure taxpayers would have appreciated the fiscal restraint.

The savings in testing is just the tip of the iceberg.  With the new definition less than 10,000 people in Alberta had COVID.  We shut down the entire province for a disease that after 2 full seasons affected only 0.2% of the population.  Incredibly, the CDC has just admitted that PCR tests are unreliable and that almost no one got COVID.  This leaves me with only one question.  When will the politicians and bureaucrats be jailed for the damage they have done?