Christian Persecution contitues in the Banana Republic of Canada

Throughout this fake pandemic, The Demonic Dwarf in Alberta has made Christian persecution his top priority.  Obviously he feels the quickest way to eliminate COVID is to eliminate Christians.  He has apparently modified an old Nazis policy.  The Nazis thought they could eliminate all problems if they could just eliminate those pesky Jews.  Recently, New Brunswick Premier, Blaine Higgs, has also added Christian persecution to his pandemic response plan.

The data right now is very clear.  There is an easily identified special interest group responsible for nearly all viral transmission.  It is not Christians although many Christians are also part of this group.  The Group causing the problem right now are people who have been jabbed.  Our pin cushion brethren are gleefully spreading COVID everywhere they go yet I have not seen a single news article about the arrest of any of their leaders.  Maybe that is because the leaders are the guys persecuting Christians right now.

This has never been about a virus or public safety.  This is just a few evil people imposing their ideology and beliefs on us.  What they believe is that we are unimportant and our natural role is to be subservient to them.  To add insult to injury these evil bastards are using resources that we pay for to subjugate us.  Resources like the police and now even the courts.

Alberta’s most famous persecuted Christian has just been sentenced to a lifetime of spreading government propaganda.  Free speech is supposed to be a protected right in Canada.  This ruling should dispel that myth forever.  Canada is now a nation of compelled speech.

It is easy to determine this judge’s background and political affiliations from his ruling.  He was a failed Liberal candidate rewarded for his loyalty with an appointment to the bench he did not deserve.  On paper Canada is a nation of laws.  In practice it is not.  Appointments to the bench are patronage appointments.  The only qualification that is considered is reliability.  Specifically whether you be relied on to ignore the law to advance a liberal/progressive agenda.

This did not start with COVID.  This has been going on for a very long time and the average Canadian is oblivious to it.  A few years ago in Calgary there was an anti-Israel protest.  A small group of Jews organized a counter protest.  They stood across the street quietly holding pro-Israel signs.  A group of Muslim men ran across the street and beat the Jews.  The assault was captured on camera in full view of police who were present.  No one was arrested until Calgary’s progressive, Muslim, mayor was shamed in to action.  I tried to follow up to see what happened to the perpetrators.  I could find no evidence that any of them were tried or sentenced.  The charges appear to have been dropped.  They were arrested for the cameras and then released without any media coverage.

That is just one example of the selective application of law in Canada.  I could fill pages with more.  If your politics or ideology lines up with the current political leadership, the law does not apply to you.  Politicians will order the police to turn a blind eye.  If you do anything that displeases the government, some partisan judge will twist the law in to a pretzel to persecute you.

Canada is the coldest banana republic on earth.  Laws are selectively applied based on the whims of those in charge.  That is precisely why the evil bastards sitting in the Premiers’ chairs have been able to get away with what they have done.  Nothing that they have done for 2 years now has been legal, yet not a single court or police department has opposed them.  Canada is a corrupt and morally bankrupt nation.

Canadian’s used to arrogantly claim that the world needs more Canada.  I think the world has more than enough tyranny right now.  Since Canada has nothing more to offer, the world most definitely does not need more Canada.  Canadians need a lot less Canada right now.

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