COVID is far less Deadly than the Cancer of Government.

Omicron is certainly making things interesting.  It seems to be selectively targeting vaccinated people.  As this article points out we now have a “pandemic of the vaccinated”.

If I follow the previous logic for vaccine passports I come to the conclusion that for everyone’s safety vaccinated people should be excluded from public activities.  Restaurants and shops should now insist that you prove you are unvaccinated before gaining entry to their establishments.  This would be karma for all the business owners that supported evil vaccine passports in the first place.

I don’t know how many business owners actually supported vaccine passports, but I bet the ones that did are suffering from buyer’s remorse.  Since implementation of the passports business is down all over the country.

Not to worry though the solution is simple; government subsidies.  There is something truly wrong with Canadians.  Ask the average Canadian how to solve a problem and you get the same answer for every conceivable problem; the solution is always more government intervention.  This is not just stupid it is evil.  How can anyone think that it is right to tax unvaccinated people to support businesses that they are not allowed to use?

The people proposing this solution are morons incapable of simple logic.  Unvaccinated people are not the cause of their loss in business.  The Government COVID restrictions are.  The obvious and inexpensive solution to these problems is to drop the vaccine passports.  Businesses in Canada are struggling because of massive government intrusion in the economy.  More government intrusion will not solve the problem.

Of course the government will jump at this proposed “solution”.  This is how government grows, piling “solutions” on “solutions”.  Governments bring in regulations to deal with some imaginary problem they use the media to create.  Then they hire an army of bureaucrats to enforce the regulations.  When the regulations cause a real problem the government creates more regulations to combat the problem that they created with the first regulations.  Of course the new regulation require their own army of bureaucrats to enforce.

This is how Government in Canada has become such a suffocating behemoth.  Government spreads like a virus but its effects are more cancerous than viral.  Viruses eventually fade, something that has been completely forgotten in the past 2 years.  Government will never fade, like any cancer it will grow and if left untreated will kill us.  It is time for us to cut the cancer out.


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  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    Yes. The government is not your friend. They wish to subjugate you. Your wealth, your labour becomes theirs. They despise free will.

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