COVID Vaccines are not the Solution

Israel got hit quite hard by COVID, 9% of their population has tested positive.  Their COVID deaths were not as bad.  Per capita Israelis deaths are the same as Canadian even thought they had twice as many cases per capita.  Still the large number of Cases spooked the Israelis into an aggressive vaccination program.  A very high percentage of their population has been fully vaccinated.

Recently Israel has seen a small increase in Infections.

After seeing 10,000 cases a day 130 per day right now is not a very big deal.  It would not be interesting at all if it were not for one detail; vaccines made no difference.  Here are the numbers.

If Vaccines prevented infection, then most of the new cases should have been unvaccinated people.  That was not the case.  Vaccines made absolutely no difference.  In each age group the % in new infections in vaccinated people exactly matched their percentage in the general population.

This will be surprising for people who still believe these treatments are vaccines.  This cannot be stated often enough.  COVID vaccines are not vaccines.  They are treatments that are designed to give your immune system a temporary boost.  The treatments do not prevent you from getting infected or even sick.  They are designed to help you get less sick.

This Temporary, marginal increase in protection comes at a cost.  A small percentage of people will be permanently harmed or killed by the treatments.  That seems reasonable enough until you realize this is to protect you from a virus that only a small percentage of people will be harmed by.

There is one other treatment cost no one seems to be talking about.  I have discussed this once before.  The Red Cross will no longer allow vaccinated people to donate convalescent plasma.  The Red Cross did not make this decision lightly.  They do not normally turn away donors.  This decision was made because the vaccine seems to destroy natural immunity.  This could lead to a disastrous 21/22 winter season.

Every virus starts as an epidemic.  At first it moves rapidly through a population because few people have any resistance to it.  Eventually herd immunity is hit and the virus becomes endemic.  It is still there but it does not cause many problems because most people are immune.

COVID moved very quickly from epidemic to endemic because of cross T cell immunity.  Multiple studies have shown that previous exposure to other corona virus caused at least partial immunity to the SARs CoV-2 virus.  Here is another study that was just published.

This study found that 13/20 (65%) blood samples had T cells necessary for COVID protection.  These were old samples that were re-analyzed.  They were taken in 2019 before the first recorded COVID case.  Before COVID emerged, most people were already immune.  The government just changed all of that with their “vaccines”.

Despite the hysterical reporting COVID was a non-event.  Most countries like Canada saw nothing more than a heavy flu season in 2019/20.  2020/21 was even lighter.  As a nation we obviously had a high level of pre-existing immunity.  That was then this is now.  The government has blundered in with “vaccines” to eliminate natural immunity and substitute it with temporary partial protection.

Once again Governments have succeeded in turning a small problem in to a big problem.  COVID “vaccines” are not the solution they are part of the problem.  We should have let nature run its course.  We have sat back for 17 months and watched government make things worse at every turn.  Vaccinations are a continuation of that trend, and now they are becoming mandatory.

Why do people put so much trust in government?  Can you remember a time when Government has done anything that benefitted you?  Why would you let these incompetent, dishonest, evil people inject you with chemicals?  People really need to wake up.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    The tweet at the end hits home the point with a sledgehammer. The whole anti-GMO food crusade must have collapsed this year now that all the crusaders are GMO themselves.

    I have mused in the past that in the future it may be illegal to use too much atmospheric CO2 because we will have removed too much and life on earth will begin to die.
    Similarly, someday it may be illegal to do certain things if you have had these “vaccines”. If blood donation is not safe, then organ donation won’t be either.

  2. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    Many weather forecasters have pointed towards this winter to be a particular cold one throughout the world. On average. We are coming through a solar minimum. Meaning less output from the sun. This will only add fuel to the fire if they are correct. Typically in cold winters we get a worse flu season to begin with.

    I have been traveling through the states past couple weeks. Refreshing to talk to more conservative people. Most I have talked to share discussions we have on this blog in the conservative states. When they here I’m from Canada I am asked the same question…What is going on in Canada??

    They can see they have a mess in their country but at least certain parts pushed back and know what the problem is. The lunatic left the media and the politicians.


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