COVID Won’t kill us but Stupidity Surely Will

When I was young, satirical publications were quite popular.  People used to love poking fun at the absurdity around them.  I remember once almost 40 years ago I saw a mock newspaper.  On one side of the page there was an article about the impending ice age.  On the other was an article about rising sea levels due to global warming.  People thought this was hilarious.  Everyone understood this was satire.  It was taken for granted that no one would be stupid enough to publish both stories side by side without noticing the obvious contradictions.

Yesterday while reading the news online this is what I found.

Unchecked Illegal immigration is the Zenith of social mixing.  Right now governments are exerting complete control over their own citizens while ceding control of their borders to non-citizens.  It would seem that new variants can only spread among people with the same passports.

I know why I don’t see satirical publications any more.  Who can tell what is and is not satire anymore?  I heard one researcher explain that in cases of Long COVID the virus passes through the blood brain barrier.  That explains a lot.  The longer this goes on the less intelligent we become.  If this goes on any longer we could all wind up speaking and acting like Justin Trudeau.  Black face will be chic again.

It is tempting to think that we don’t need to worry.  After all, the average reporter was not that bright to begin with.  We can’t use their low cognitive state as proof of any decline.  They could have done this before COVID.  While that might be true, it is not the reporters I am worried about.  This irrational COVID mindset is appearing everywhere.

A young friend of mine just got a job offer.  The company was clear that if he was not vaccinated, he must wear a mask in the office at all times.  I am starting to hear the same thing from several sources.  As companies transition back in to their offices, they are demanding unvaccinated people wear masks.  Who do they think they are saving?

I discussed this in my post yesterday.  If you believe the vaccines work then how can you believe that your unvaccinated employees pose a risk to your vaccinated employees?  If you don’t believe the vaccines work then why are you insisting that everyone get vaccinated?  The HR people that wrote this policy missed their calling.  They should obviously be working in media.

Yesterday I came across the most ridiculous example of this convoluted logic.  This is the head of the make a wish foundation explaining how they will operate in a post pandemic world.

Make a wish will not grant wishes to terminally ill children unless they are vaccinated.  On the advice of several agencies make a wish has determined that it is too risky to take an unvaccinated dying child to Disney Land.  Who the hell do they think they are protecting?  Anyone that child contacts will have been vaccinated or chosen not to be vaccinated.  Are they afraid an unvaccinated terminally ill child will contract COVID and then, you know, die?

At first I did not know what to think about this story.  Should I feel angry at the cruelty shown a dying child?  Or, should I be despondent about the impending extinction of humans?  After all, this level of stupidity is terminal.  This morning I realized this story should bring me relief.  The fact that I can recognize the absurdity confirms I do not suffer from Long COVID.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    It is becoming apparent to me that there must be a virus indeed spreading in the population. One that causes severe brain damage. How else to explain the bizarre things people are doing and saying? I agree that this level of stupidity points in a bad direction for the human race. I’m not sure people this stupid can even claim to be human anymore.

    I weep for humanity.

    The really good news is that there is a sizable chunk of people that seem to be totally immune to this virus. In the end, maybe Darwin will prevail.

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