Curing COVID Zombies

When you own someone in an argument you don’t need to punctuate the victory with a punch in the face.  That is a tactic a loser might resort to.  So how badly did this guy lose the argument for vaccine mandates?

If this guy could put together a coherent argument in support of vaccine mandates he would not be mowing people down with his car.  This is a fundamental problem with COVID zombies.  They have done everything the government dictated on faith.  No thought was involved.  When confronted with facts that require thought, some will lash out.

It is a long road back for the COVID zombies.  Most are incapable of independent thought.  They are only able to follow the hoard.  There are cures for COVID but none for stupidity.  Some within the hoard are capable of thought but they are constrained by another equally powerful force; embarrassment.

I know some intelligent people who are part of the hoard.  Sooner or later they will start thinking again.  Many may have already done so.  They could start steering the hoard a different direction but that will only happen after they overcome their embarrassment.  How do you admit to yourself that you allowed the government and media to deceive you for 2 years?

The sentient members of the hoard have seen the same news articles we have.  Every day there are articles about outbreaks among vaccinated people like this hockey team.

Or this Health club,

This navy vessel.

Or any of these cruise ships.

There are some members of the hoard that know they can’t make an argument for mandates when the vaccine does not stop the virus.  They just are not ready to make an argument against mandates yet.  That is where we come in.  If you know a zombie who is wavering, pull them out of their embarrassment and start steering them back to freedom.  The rest of the hoard will follow.


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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Ok, so everyone on that last ship was doubly vaxxed AND had a negative test before being allowed on the ship. They had two people become infected with Covid, but both had no symptoms.

    First, NOBODY got sick, or even had symptoms, so what’s the news here?
    Second, if nobody got sick, how did they know they were infected?

    They are now making up news where no news exists at all. Literally nothing was wrong. Nobody died, nobody was treated. Nobody had ANY symptoms! How much more can they do to milk this thing? What’s next on the agenda? All of these reports are of groups that were 100% vaxxed.

    I can’t understand how their sickness could come from an unvaxxed person who was NOT sick and was NOT even present. I really must be stupid. Or have been transported to some alternative universe.

  2. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    Who likes to admit when they were wrong? I’ve talked to people about their holiday timeshares. I think they are terrible. You’re locked in, almost can’t get out, you never make any money on your investment because no one wants to buy them once they’ve been into them once. But you’re left on the hook when something goes wrong with the complex. Yet people who are into them just ignore all that information and say they’ve been coming here for years and that’s about it. If they would’ve bought something 20 years ago they would’ve have made big. Or still rented in any place they wanted to go for the same price with no headaches or their limited time slots.

    I think Covid compares in many ways to timeshares. Lots of people advertising to sell. And once you get in your too pigheaded to admit you were wrong and cut your loses because you have to pay to get out.

    Basically none of them will admit that it was a bad decision.

  3. Tim
    Tim says:

    I agree Tyrel. This is why the covidiots ( or anyone on the left) shout us down or attack us in packs the minute we try to counter their point. They’re so afraid of being proven wrong in front of their peers they instantly resort to shouting and ultimately violence. As Richards article started out with the story of the old geezer in the car who was angry, the old guy really didn’t prove anything other than he is an idiot with no intellect to prove his point. Oh how I’d love to do physical damage to many of those on the left but then who looks like the bigger fool? As I once heard “ Did you cut out the mans tongue to prove he was a liar or did you cut it because you feared what he would say?” Any civil unrest or civil war will most likely be started by those type, including government who are afraid of what we might say.

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