Destroying Young Minds, one Virtual Lecture at a Time

Anthony Fauci just delivered a virtual lecture to the students of McGill University in Canada.  There was one very important message the high priest of COVID had for these students.


“There comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision for the greater good of society.”


Presumably this lying little weasel wants you to give up your rights to the government and permanent bureaucracy.  In a democracy the government serves the people.  The people decide and the government carries out their wishes.  If people hand over decision making to the government you no longer have a democracy.  You have stepped back hundreds of years into feudalism.  The king will decide what is best for the king, and the rest of us will obey.

With the decline in educational standards I doubt any of the McGill students will notice this very important point, so I will be more direct.  If you give up your decision rights to government you will be giving them up to the people who fired this doctor for trying to help his patients.

You know the same people forcing unknown chemicals in your arm.  Jabs for the “greater good” that correlate to deaths spike all over the world.


Giving up your rights means allowing the government to choose who lives and who dies.  Go ahead if you want.  Just pray the sociopaths holding your rights don’t put you on their To Die list.