Don’t Double Down on Vaccine Madness

The world’s most famous liar just gave us great news.  If enough people get vaccinated the virus will just disappear.

He is not sure what percentage of people need to be vaccinated to achieve this.  But rest assured, if we hold down and inject enough people at gun point we will surely get there.

So what is the number?  How many people do we need to forcibly inject so that we can all be safe?  As an Engineer I am always interested in whether we might already have data that we can use.  There are some countries that have very high vaccination rates.  Countries like Iceland that is over 80% vaccinated.  Surely at 80% the virus will disappear right?  See the active cases below.

So 80% is not enough.  What about Gibraltar then?  They are almost 100% Vaccinated.

Even small island nations with high vaccination rates have not seen the virus disappear.  As Dr. Scott pointed out, no virus with an animal reservoir ever disappears.  Fauci knows he is lying but he has a problem.  If he stops lying the media will stop interviewing him.  I need a little help from my readers.  What is Anthony Fauci’s least desirable quality?  Is it the dishonesty or the pathetic attention seeking?  Seriously how can any sane person believe anything that little weasel says?

Vaccines are failing all over the world.  The longer this goes on the more apparent this will become.  Thanks to their fish heavy diet Icelanders had very little trouble with COVID.  They did not need vaccines but they decided to use them anyway.  Iceland aggressively vaccinated people and now they have an explosion of cases in the middle of summer.  Last summer with no vaccinations Iceland had about 100 active cases.  This summer they have 13 times as many.  What will the winter look like?

Iceland went hard for Vaccines and they failed.  Recently their Chief medical officers mused that Iceland must learn to live with the virus.  He expressed doubt that they would recommend booster shots.  He must be very new to government.  An experienced bureaucrat like Fauci would never make such a rookie mistake.  Fauci knows the best way to succeed at government.  Do something destructive and later do more of it.  Smear anyone who disagrees as a right wing extremist or science denier.

We really are at a crossroads.  The Vaccines are not working.  We can abandon them or double down on stupid.  Since our country is infested with career bureaucrats like Fauci I know where we are headed.  Vaccine mandates and yearly boosters until enough people die.  Now quit squirming you science denying right wing extremist while I jam this needle in your arm.

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  1. Erica
    Erica says:


    We will be at every rally, every protest in NYC.

    That video about the mass psychosis….does that sum it up. Too many people are still acting like children hoping daddy government will get it right when it’s overwhelmingly obvious government is making everything worse, the lies are told blatantly, with no accountability or explanation for prior missteps.

    I will die before I submit to this obvious attempt to dehumanize and destroy the free world

  2. Erica
    Erica says:

    And it’s hard to get people to hear you when you point out the obvious or sound the alarm. It goes over their head/don’t want to hear. Because the implications are terrifying. They are. But better to be terrified now than in chains tomorrow

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