Fake Solutions to Fake Emergencies

When the Vaccines were first rolled out they were heralded as a miraculous gift that would quickly get us back to normal.  Governments and their media henchmen led everyone to believe that with just 2 shots COVID would be eradicated.  That did not happen and anyone inclined to logic knew that would not happen.

High school science told me that the effects would be temporary and that the jabs would not prevent infection.  All that the Jabs were designed to do was give you a head start on recovery in the event that you got infected.  Not a single manufacturer claimed that the jabs would prevent infection only mitigate symptoms.  Yet somehow the government convinced everyone that the jabs were a cure all.  There is also no doubt the pharma companies knew the effects would be temporary.  They just stayed quiet while governments oversold their products for them.

Not even a fraction of what the government said was true.  The vaccines slow fall from grace is illustrated effectively in this short video.


Instead of just getting out of the way and allowing Doctors to treat our way out of this, governments are doubling down on stupid.  Most countries are starting boosters.  Remarkable they are telling the same lies about the boosters.  Even more remarkable is how many people are eager to believe those old tired lies.  I cannot fathom how naïve you must be to believe that the 3rd shot will somehow do all the things the first 2 shots failed to do.  Things the shots were never designed to do in the first place.

The canary in the coal mine is Israel.  Millions of Israelis have now taken their third shot.  The results are not good.  The 3rd shot is proving to be even less “effective” than the first 2.  By now thought the Israelis government is painfully aware that the eyes of the world are on them.  When researchers used the government published data to determine the booster’s poor effectiveness, the government promptly changed the data.


This is another dangerous step down the junk science highway.  If the data does not fit the conclusions don’t change the conclusions just change the data.  That is way easier and a lot less messy than real science.  The Global warming crowd has been doing that with temperature records for more than a decade now.  They have corrupted so many data bases that you can draw any imaginary conclusion you want from their imaginary data.

When the government controls the data they control the narrative.  Separating fact from fiction is increasingly more difficult.  30 years ago we had 10 years to save the planet yet somehow the planet is still here.  In Alberta we go through wave after wave of COVID that somehow does not affect our ICU utilization.  Are you starting to get the Picture now?  Fake emergencies are way easier for politicians to deal with that real emergencies.  Real emergencies require real concrete solutions.  Fake emergencies just require regular booster shots.

Maybe it is time to “just” stop complying.



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