Fat, Evil, and Stupid is No Way to go Through Life Chrystia

If you have not seen this you need to.  This is the most powerful woman in our country.  The most powerful woman our country has ever had.  She is the finance minister and the defacto prime minister.  Listen to what she says.

Pierre Poilievre – Folks, lock away your money. | Facebook

If you are a little hazy on what a pre-loaded stimulus is I will clear it up for you.  Chrystia Freeland defines pre-loaded stimulus as your bank account.  Isn’t Covid interesting?  Covid 1984 is the first virus in history that doesn’t take your life it just destroys it.  Your house now belongs to Jason Kenney and your Bank account belongs to Chrystia Freeland.  Next week, I guess, I will find out who owns my clothing.  Klaus Schwab was half right when he said in the future you would not own anything and you would be happy about it.

Chrystia is very clear she thinks that it should be her job to spend your money because you have not.  She has come to the startling revelation that when no one spends money the economy suffers.  You would think she needed to understand this before being made finance minister.  Now she is looking for Ideas on how to get people spending again.  Here is an idea Chystia, why don’t you and the rest of your merry band of morons resign and get the hell out of the way.  That would work swimmingly.

Back in March the Trudeau/Freeland government threatened the provinces; shut down your economies or the liberals will declare a national emergency and do it for you.  All of the Premiers fell in line even Alberta’s tough talking pretender Jason Kenney. To please their federal overloads the provincial governments shut down stores, travel, and restaurants.  They shut down everything but nursing homes to combat a virus that only kills people in nursing homes.

The hospitality industry was hit harder than any other single industry.  Chrystia forced the provinces to destroy the hospitality industry and now she wants access to your bank account to save the hospitality industry.  Why is it with politicians that I always find myself asking the same question; is she that stupid or that evil?

Donald Trump may or may not be on his way out in the US.  Love him or hate him you have to admit he had the American economy on fire.  All it took was cutting regulations and taxes.  In short Trump succeeded by allowing people to keep more of their money and making it easier to spend.  Chrystia thinks she can boost the economy by making it impossible for you to spend your money and then taking it from you.  Evil or stupid you decide.