Following a Well-trodden Path

I saw guest editorial on the CBCs website.  The writer was questioning the need for vaccine passports when nearly 50% of hospitalizations in Ontario were vaccinated people.  I was shocked.  For those of you unfamiliar with Canada the CBC is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  The CBC is lavishly tax payer funded and the largest purveyor of left wing misinformation in Canada.  It was absolutely remarkable that they would publish anything that questioned the Trudeau Liberals narrative.  I never thought I would see a lie too big for CBC to parrot.

Of course the article was not written by a regular CBC staffer.  There is not one of them that would not choke to death on the truth.  Still it was remarkable that they would even print it.  I looked up the data the article referenced on the Ontario Governments website.  This is the situation as of December 3rd.

45% of non ICU patients are now vaccinated.  We see similar numbers in Alberta where 39.4% of non ICU patients are vaccinated.  The numbers are better for serious (ICU) cases so the vaccines are still providing some protection but not for long.

The article references this new paper in the Lancet.

The article shows data from Germany seen on this plot.

In July the percentage of symptomatic COVID cases was very low.  Unfortunately that percentage increased each week and shows no signs of stopping.  By the end of October 50% of symptomatic cases were vaccinated people.  It won’t be long before 100% of the cases in Germany will be vaccinated just as we see now in England where 96.6% Of COVID cases are vaccinated

For the UK. Between week 39 and 42, a total of 100.160 COVID-19 cases were reported among citizens of 60 years or older. 89.821 occurred among the fully vaccinated (89.7%), 3.395 among the unvaccinated (3.4%)

So why is England worse than Germany who is worse than Canada?  One reason and one reason only, timing.  On the vaccination merry-go round England is one month ahead of Germany who is one month ahead of Canada.

We are following a trail already blazed by other countries.  Within the next 2 months it will be obvious to Canadians that the vaccines have failed.  At that point we need to decide.  Stay on the vaccine merry-go round or try common sense for once.  The Merry-go round is more of what has already failed; twice yearly boosters.  This is what England and Germany have chosen.  Common sense is herd immunity through natural infection coupled with effective patient care.  Japan has taken this path with resounding success.  Will we choose the less trodden path to success or will we follow, like sheep, down the well-trodden path to tyranny?