Freedom will never return as long as Justin Trudeau holds Power

Justin Trudeau has relented to pressure and dropped the vaccine mandates for travel.  This amounts to only a partial victory for Canadians that had the sense not to trust Justin and take part in his disgusting experiment; unvaccinated Canadians are still subject to quarantine.  Justin also wants Canadians to understand that vaccine mandates could be back at a moment’s notice.


“If the situation takes a turn for the worse, we are prepared to bring back the policies necessary to protect Canadians. We don’t regret at all being cautious when it comes to a virus that has tragically killed tens of thousands of Canadians and millions of people around the world.”


It is no secret that Justin does not want to do this.  He is only reacting to the pressure from Pierre Poilievre’s surging popularity.  Justin is trying to take the wind out of Poilievre’s sails in the hope that Jean Charest can win the Conservative leadership.  When the conservative leadership is settled the mandates will be back along with a new definition of fully vaccinated.  Currently fully vaccinated means 2 doses.  Instead of defining fully vaccinated by the number of doses vaccine passports will now carry the designation “of up to date”.


“Although two doses still protects significantly well against severe disease and death, two doses are not enough now to protect against infection and transmission. That is why we are transitioning now to an ‘up-to-date’ vaccination definition


So now it does not matter how many doses you have had.  What matters is how long since your last dose.  The first 2 doses provide no protection after 6 months so to be up to date you must have been injected less than 6 months ago.  Countries that have already used boosters find that boosters provide even less than 6 months of protection.  It is now endless in Canada.  Theresa Tam can set the time limit at whatever she wants.  Soon to be considered “up to date” in Canada you will need to be injected monthly.

Don’t let this brief reprieve fool you, as far as Justin Trudeau is concerned this is not over.  Not only is it not over the worst is yet to come.