Good News and Bad News for Britons after their Fake Freedom Day.

Yesterday was “Freedom” day in the United Kingdom.  I am a little confused by that.  Wasn’t freedom day for Britons over 800 years ago?  The Magna Carta was signed June 15th, 1215.  The Magna Carta restricted the ability of the King (the government) to capriciously arrest and persecute the citizenry.  How can July 19th 2021 be freedom day when Brits have been free (at least on paper) for over 800 years?  Obviously Boris Johnson and I have differing opinions.  One of us needs to brush up on history.

800 years ago Europeans began to believe that rules are not just for the little people.  Government actions also need to be constrained by law.  Until 2019 this was seen as an important advancement for human civilization.  COVID changed all of that.  There are no more rules for Government.  In one year 800 years of progress was wiped out.  Our new royal class can once again do whatever they want.  It is shocking how easily we accepted this.

In the interest of accuracy then, yesterday cannot be called Freedom Day.  Yesterday for Britons was really a temporary reprieve from total tyranny.  That does not roll off the tongue like “Freedom day” so I am open to suggestions.  Whatever it was, it had nothing to do with Freedom.

Even this brief respite almost did not happen.  There was much talk of postponing fake “freedom Day”.  Because of the recent surge in cases.

6 weeks ago cases started surging and Boris the Tyrannical wanted to use this as a reason to continue to kill peasants.  How can this be happening?  Briton has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world.  Weren’t Vaccines supposed to end all of this?  The simple answer is, no, they were not.

Remember these treatments are not vaccines.  You will not get immunity.  The COVID “vaccines” only produce a temporary boost in antibodies.  They do not prevent infection they just give you a head start to recovery.  Increase in cases would only be alarming if there was also an increase in deaths.  That is not happening in the UK.

Deaths should have started increasing 4 weeks ago but they did not.  This indicates one or both of the following.

  1. The “cases”, once again, are nothing more than false positives. More PCR pandemic than real pandemic.
  2. The “Vaccines” are working exactly as designed.

The good news is that Briton does not have a problem with COVID.  If you survive getting injected the vaccines might actually work. The bad news is that Boris Johnson is still the Prime Minister.  The really Bad news is that most Britons are ignorant of their own history and the significance of the Magna Carta.


Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.  Winston Churchill.


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