Government and Media, Different Shades of the Same Evil

In the US politicians are closet thespians, they love to perform for the camera by having hearings.  These hearings can at times be quite contentious.  No action ever seems to come out of these hearings, so it is easy to dismiss them as a waste of time.  That would be a mistake.  There is one very important thing that comes out of these hearings, information the lunatic left does not want you to have.

I found this covid hearing on Jo Nova’s site.  Sorry I did not find the original, so you must go to Jo Nova’s site.  You can find it here.

A US doctor discussed a cheap readily available drug called Invermectin.  He discussed a trial where over 400 health care workers were given ivermectin; not one of them became infected.  Health care workers are obviously the highest risk group for infection because they treat infected people daily.  58% of the health care workers in the control group that received a placebo instead of Invermectin, got infected.  58 to zero is quite a success.  Have you heard on the news about this fabulous result?  Is the news full of stories about how a vaccine might not be necessary?

When Canadians watch these hearings, they seem like a circus to us.  We feel so superior to our southern neighbor because we know a circus like this would never happen in Canada.  That is the fundamental problem with our country; we are too comfortable with ignorance.

The US seems so raucous to us because all their dirty laundry is in plain sight.  That never happens in Canada, not because we have no dirty laundry but because Canada surrendered to the lunatic left decades ago.  The left which includes 100% of the political parties in Canada and 95% of all journalists carefully control information.  This makes Canadians the most ill-informed population on earth.  Don’t believe me; just step outside and count the number of people wearing masks while they drive alone in their own car.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound?  If a journalist does not cover a story did it really happen?  Our Prime Minister was caught funneling tax money through a charity and back into his family’s bank accounts. How many times have you seen that in the news?  What is the ratio of Covid 19 stories to the Prime Minister of Canada is a criminal story?

But Covid 19 is much more important than the Prime Minister stealing tax money, right?  After all isn’t Covid 19 the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu?  You might be surprised to find out that the current pandemic has a body count equivalent to a bad flu year.  See the plot below.

Covid 19 is not even worse than 4 of the last 10 flu seasons.  Yesterday I showed a plot of deaths in Sweden going back 170 years and Covid 19 looks like an ordinary year.  This data is publicly available it took me less than 1 hour to produce this plot.  How many news stories have you read that showed this data?  How many news stories have seen that told you not to panic this is just a bad flu?

The Covid Spike is sharper than the seasonal flu spikes, so it accounts for less deaths.  In fact the spike you see on the plot only accounts for about half of the official Covid death total.  Half of the people that we say have died of Covid in Canada really died from something else and we just called it covid.  Why did we do that?   Well, if the news reported the real number it would not be very scary.  If you are not scared the media cannot get you to accept this from their leftist government compatriots.

You see the government needs a way to identify those of us who are not 100% compliant.  I guess they discussed forcing us to sew a yellow star on our clothing or tattooing us.  I am sure our Prime Moron favored those ideas until he found out they had been done before.  Our prime minister is nothing if not fashionable so there was no way he could go with something so 1940s.  The high-tech solution was more his style.

This is all about the virus, right?  Yes if the virus in Question is tyrannical left wing governments.