How can you make an Argument for Vaccine Mandates when you can’t make an Argument for Vaccines?

In March of 2020 there were a few cases of a new virus in a handful of countries.  This information was used to shut down the world.  The situation now is completely different.  There are excess deaths all over the world and we are doing nothing to stop it.  In fact we are forcing the likely cause on millions of people.  Airborne viruses are almost impossible to stop.  We spent trillions pretending that we could bend the virus to our will.  Vaccine related deaths are 100% preventable.  We don’t need to spend a penny to stop them so why don’t we?

They COVID jabs are not just the most deadly vaccines in history.  They are one of the most deadly products in history.  In less than 1 year they are responsible for thousands of deaths and millions of injuries.  Forget about vaccines, can you think of any product with this track record that would not already have been banned?  If ATVs produced this carnage the government would have banned them.  They certainly would not have supplied one and forced you to use it.

But it is better than the alternative right?  The lesser of 2 evils?  We are trading higher COVID deaths for fewer vaccine deaths, right?  Well tell that to the people in Taiwan.

The vaccines have killed more people than the virus.  A virus that we now know does not kill anyone as long as treatment is started within the first 7 days.

Unfortunately deaths from adverse reactions are just the tip of the iceberg.  These jabs kill in many other ways.  One of those ways is by facilitating the disease we were told they prevented.  Yesterday I showed data from Scotland that showed you are more likely to die of COVID if you have been jabbed.

The shocking thing is that these toxic jabs don’t just increase your likelihood of dying from COVID.  They increase your chance of dying of just about anything.  In the past few weeks I have done multiple posts of excess deaths in highly vaccinated countries.  These deaths are not just vaccine reactions and COVID.  Here is recent data from Ireland showing excess deaths since May have been greater than the official COVID totals.

Ireland, like most western countries, over reports COVID deaths to keep public paranoia high.  During the winter the official COVID totals are much higher than the actual excess deaths.  So despite chronic over reporting of COVID, the Irish authorities can’t explain the excess deaths since vaccinations started.

Today we have Scottish data showing excess deaths in each age group start when Vaccinations start for that age group.


These are not just deaths from adverse reactions.  If they were the lines would not be straight.  They would flatten as vaccinations are finished for each age group.  They are also not COVID deaths because they are happening in the summer when Official COVID totals are low as they were in the Irish example.


Every day the picture becomes clearer.  The COVID Vaccines

  • Accelerate the spread of the virus by turning vaccinated people in to asymptomatic super spreaders.
  • After they wane, Increase your likelihood of catching and dying from COVID.
  • Increase medical emergencies and mysterious sudden medical events.
  • Continue causing deaths long after vaccination.


Forget about destroying the argument for vaccine mandates.  The track record destroys the argument for vaccination.  There is only one reason governments are forcing people to take a treatment that increases deaths.  Spoiler alert, it is not their great concern for your general health and welfare.  Wake up.  The government is not your friend.    Quite the contrary, they are obviously your enemy.  Perhaps the biggest enemy we have ever faced.  Stop complying before you become another statistic.