I am on the road to confront Castro’s Bastard


I won’t be posting for a few days.  I leave for Ottawa tomorrow.  Justin Trudeau needs to be convinced to resign and retire to Cuba with his father’s family.  I have been threatening to do this for a few days but have not done it because I absolutely hate driving.  It will be 4 days of driving to get to Ottawa.  Castro’s bastard and Pierre’s step son is the only person in the world who could motivate me to do this.  Unfortunately my tablet decided to die today so posting from the road will not be possible.

If you can please get in your car and head to Ottawa.

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  1. Erica
    Erica says:

    Thank you making the journey Richard. I really mean that. Who knew Canadians would be at the frontlines against this madness. Safe travels and hope you post about this at a later date.

  2. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Hi everyone,
    I would like to call out to everyone who has enjoyed Richard’s blogging and depended upon it to help keep themselves informed about Covid. And to keep themselves sane.

    Here is an opportunity to support the cause of freedom by helping to pay for his fuel for getting to Ottawa. Most other ways of donating to the cause have been shut down by our tyrannical government. He is donating his time and truck to help stop the tyranny, it is incumbent on us to help out. To those that can, I challenge you to offer your financial support.

    Thank you for listening,

  3. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Richard has not provided a public email, but he can be reached by commenting here as your email is required to post. He can make contact with you for any moral support you wish to provide.

    As he mentioned, he may be out of contact for a few days while he is on his sightseeing tour of Canada.

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