I hope the Swamp in Italy is not as Deep as it is in Canada or the US

Yesterday the Federal Liberals announced that remaining COVID travel Restrictions will be removed on Friday.  As I mentioned in a previous post Trudeau was asked about this only 3 days ago.  On Friday Trudeau would not say what restrictions would be removed or when it would happen.  He also did not say that there would be an announcement on Monday or that the cabinet was working all weekend on this issue.  From this I can only conclude one thing; Justin Trudeau had nothing at all to do with this decision.

On Friday the Prime Moron would not give any details because he could not give any details.  He had no idea if, or when, any of the rules would change.  He found out what was happening at the time of the press release the same as everyone else.

We live in a bizarre time.  It seems every day there is a news article about how some nominally right wing politician is a threat to democracy.  I really would like one of the talking heads on TV to take the time to explain how a populist politician threatens Democracy.  By definition a populist politician is following the wishes of the people.  That is democracy.  Of even more interest to me is an explanation of how they threaten democracy when we no longer appear to have democracy anyway.

Increasingly we see that elected officials are not the people in charge.  Joe Biden has admitted on camera, multiple times, that he is told what to do and say.  Joe doesn’t even try to hide that he is not in charge.  If Joe is not in charge who is and why doesn’t anyone want to know who is?

It is not that surprising to discover that neither Justin nor Joe is in charge.  Neither man is very bright.  Their value to the process is that they are smart enough to read the teleprompter, too stupid to understand the words, and too narcissistic to care.  Some other person or group is in charge and they have been for a long time, which is why nothing ever improves.  The general direction is always down.  They are dismantling western society one brick at a time.

Voters in some places have tried to push back.  The US elected Donald Trump and the permanent bureaucracy impeded him at every turn and then rigged an election to get rid of him.  Now Italians have turned to a populist that has pledged to defend Italy and the Italian people.


I wish Giorgia Meloni all the luck in the world.  She is going to need it.