If Governments really did Care They would stop the COVID Vaccines

We have to stop the vaccine campaign”.

Those are not my words.  That is the answer Dr. Robert Malone gave when an interviewer asked what should be done to address a recently confirmed COVID Vaccine problem.  I have posted about Dr. Malone before.  He is currently the biggest threat to the COVID vaccine narrative.  Dr. Malone has spent his entire career developing vaccines.  He is the inventor of mRNA vaccines.  In short no one on earth is more qualified to speak about Vaccines than Dr. Malone and he does not think we should be using this one.

This has made Dr. Malone very much in demand with independent journalists.  If you want a junk science, narrative supporting lie, you interview Anthony Fauci.  If, instead, you seek the Truth Dr.  Malone is your man.  That is why you only see him on independent podcasts and not the nightly news.

Independent truth seekers have kept Dr. Malone very busy lately.  I don’t know when the man has time to sleep.  A Friend sent me a panel discussion he just participated in.  I have not gotten to it because I am only ½ way through another interview I have found.  This morning I found this 10 minute easy to digest interview.  The Problem discussed is one I have mentioned a lot lately, Antibody Dependent Enhancement.  He also takes time to remind you that Anthony Fauci is a liar.

Sorry, I can’t find the original video to embed so you must go here to see it.

As predicted in this space for over a year: “The vaccine causes the virus to be more dangerous”

This was completely predictable.  All previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines failed because of ADE.  There is now proof that ADE is happening with the COVID vaccines.  Blood samples show vaccinated people have higher viral loads than unvaccinated people.  The problem starts when the treatment starts to wear off.  That is why it showed up first with Pfizer.  Their vaccine uses a smaller dose and therefor wears off more quickly.

This will happen with all of the COVID vaccines because as I have been pointing out for months they are all temporary.  Protection those vaccinated in Q1 is waning and they are in the danger zone for ADE.  In time every vaccinated person will get there.  That is why we are seeing the desperate push to get a needle in every arm and start a program of booster shots.  They know they have caused a huge problem and they are trying to cover it up.

Of course we will never be told that the boosters are needed to prevent a vaccine problem the government should have anticipated.  Instead we will be told the boosters are for added protection against the variant du jour.  Governments will make boosters mandatory because they “care” about our safety.  Unfortunately what Governments say they care about and what they actually care about are never the same thing.

Canadians have just entered the season of government caring.  An election has been called so over the next 6 weeks Canadians will learn just how much government cares.  Canadians will learn that every political party cares deeply about;

  • The environment
  • Aboriginals
  • Seniors
  • Children
  • Women
  • Minorities
  • Health care
  • Education

They care and care and care and care.  You name it they care about it, deeply.

These are, of course, lies.  The government does care, just not about any of the above.  The list of things government cares about is quite short.  Governments care about

  • Achieving and maintain power
  • Having unfettered access to taxpayer’s money.

Notice that you are not on that rather short list.  Government does not care about you or your safety.  They never have, they never will.  Think about that next time some politician tells you the COVID vaccines, boosters, and regulations are for your safety.

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