If you want to keep the Lockdowns just keep Vaccinating

When the lockdowns were first announced in March of 2020 I was immediately critical.  It was obvious none of the restrictions were based on science.  Not a single person “following the science” had even the most basic understanding of science.  I started an email distribution group pointing out the distinct lack of science that eventually mutated in to this blog.


A computer savvy friend picked and registered the domain name for me.  “Truth About COVID” is a very specific name for a blog and friends asked me what I would write about when COVID was over and whether I would rename my blog.  At the time I had not answer for that question and currently that question is moot.  It seems I will be writing about COVID forever because governments have no intention of giving up the power they took in the name of COVID.

When I started, I too thought my blog would have a short life.  After all normally a virus passes from epidemic to endemic in one or 2 seasons.  The only virus that does not do that is government.  Epidemics of government always get worse with time.  If it was not for our rampant infestation of government COVID would be gone right now.  It has not because governments have found a way to keep COVID in the epidemic stage.

Yesterday I posted that there is no evidence that the COVID vaccines have prevented a single COVID death; far from it in fact.  The plot shows below that your chance of dying increases by being vaccinated.  At no time have the vaccinated had lower mortality than the unvaccinated.

From the public’s perspective that is proof that the vaccines have failed but the public perspective is not the government perspective.  As far as governments are concerned the vaccines have been a rip roaring success because they keep the virus circulating and mutating endlessly.

The vaccines don’t just increase your chance of infection they also increase your chance of re-infection.  The following data is from Australia.  Your chance of getting COVID increases with every shot.  If you extrapolate this trend it indicates everyone will get COVID eventually, it is simply a matter of how many shots you have taken.

Clearly the vaccines are prolonging the epidemic which suits government just fine.  If there is no end to the pandemic there is no end to their power.

If getting COVID were the only side effects of the Jabs it would be bad but survivable because contrary to the hyperbolic reporting by the media COVID is very survivable.  Unfortunately, as seen from the above plot, the vaccines don’t just make people sick they also kill.  The latest numbers out of the UK shows that all-cause mortality in young people has doubled.  Heart attacks for that group are up 67% and getting worse with each passing week.

Plots from Euromomo show the same thing.  2022 is set to surpass both 2020 and 2021 in excess deaths.

As long as we let Government continue to make ridiculous rules and invoke vaccine mandates this will not end.  Compliance has never defeated tyranny.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    You are absolutely correct that people who “follow the science” know nothing about science. Here is one famous quote from one of the most eminent scientists to live….

    “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts”
    Richard Feynman

    Therefore if you were “following the science” you would be questioning every single statement by the government “experts”. Asking for proof or at least evidence. “Following the science” means to NOT question. This is Orwellian doublespeak that could have come out of 1984.

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