Is it finally Time to Prosecute the Criminals?

On Sept 13th 2021 I published an article detailing 4 reasons why I choose not to be vaccinated.  Looking back 7 months later I think my 4 reasons have stood up well but I realize I missed one very important reason.  With the passage of time that reason has emerged as the primary factor why I still choose to be unvaccinated.

  1. I refuse to play along with my government’s disgusting agenda and allow them to continue pretending any of this was necessary.

If everyone gets vaccinated the evil bastards in our government can declare vindication.  They will claim COVID was a great plague stamped out by their lockdowns and vaccinations.  If I knuckle under those criminals will get away with their crimes.  They will get away with murder.

I have presented data many times that clearly illustrates that there was no emergency.  There was a new respiratory virus but there are always new respiratory viruses; especially now when sociopaths like Anthony Fauci build and release them.  A new virus does not automatically constitute an emergency and COVID was definitely not an emergency.  Canada saw only 1 bad flu season comparable to the 2017/18 flu season.  One bad flu season is an ordinary occurrence it is not an emergency.

Canada is not the only country where there was no emergency.  Almost every country saw death totals around or even below normal and as I have shown numerous times, less fanatical restrictions resulted in fewer deaths.  I am not the only person who has noticed this.  Ivor Cummins has produced another superb video showing, again, any place that was able to reign in politicians really did not have a problem.


The data Ivor presents from Japan clearly illustrated lack of a problem is not due to the lack of a virus.  The same thing can be seen in this study out of the US indicating 2 out of every 3 children has had COVID, most of them without ever knowing they were infected.

For 2 years we have not had a problem with COVID, the problem as always was politicians and bureaucrats.  Government may not be the root of all evil but they surely are the source of most of it.  Government mandates increased the death count.  Lockdowns killed and so do the vaccines.  Dropping the mandates is not enough though, this will not be over until the guilty are punished.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have been advocating criminal prosecution for Politicians and senior bureaucrats for months but there seems to be no appetite for justice in Canada.  Some politicians are now against mandates but their opposition is tepid at best.  Most of the candidates vying for the conservative leadership want mandates dropped.  Unfortunately their positions are all the same, mandates should be dropped because they are no longer necessary.  That implies they believe at one time mandates were necessary.  Not a single one of them has the intelligence or balls to state mandates were never necessary.

For the longest time I was just a voice in the wilderness.  It looked like politicians would get away with their crimes.  Recently, however, there is reason for hope.  Dr. Naomi Wolf is calling for criminal prosecution and Malcom Roberts Just went scorched earth in Australia.  Senator Roberts made no bones about it; laws were broken and he will not rest until the criminals are punished.  His short statement is the best thing I have seen or heard in more than 2 years.


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  1. Erica
    Erica says:

    I never considered taking the vaccine because I distrusted operation warp speed and simply felt it wasn’t necessary for me. I became alarmed in the late winter, when serious side effects emerged POST mass-rollout, and minimizing such serious side effects AND suppressing early treatment protocols. The truth was right there, you just had to LOOK.
    So many times, my sense of reality was tested while people around me (NYC) just kept “going along” and not questioning anything! 2021 was the most bizarre, soul-awakening year of my life. Nothing will ever be the same.
    Like you, my resolve was hardened when by late spring 2021 when I was being subjected to near constant propaganda, bribing, threats and medical coercion. I felt just like you–like I had a duty to resist.
    These are fantastic links, thank you. You are a voice in the wilderness I have been hearing for almost a year now and thank you for that too. Did you know Naomi Wolf has a book coming out soon called The Bodies of Others?

    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      No I did not know that Naomi Wolf has a new book coming out. To be honest I don’t know a lot about her other than she is hard core left. I doubt her and I share very many opinions so I find it interesting that she shares my bloodlust when it comes to politicians. Some people might describe me as hard right but in reality I am more libertarian than anything. I have just never seen anything that any government has touched that they did not make worse. I just want government to leave me alone. The government that governs least governs best. Ironically, despite my visceral hate for politicians I have thought about becoming one for a brief time. If Jason Kenney does not cheat enough to retain power I might throw my hat in the ring just to have one pro-freedom candidate on the ballot. I doubt I would receive many votes because I really suck at telling people what they want to hear. My goal would just be to cause a small crack that truth might pour through.

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